The worst

Trump.  The worst president ever.  AND one of the worst human beings.  Clearly, the most sniveling, slime-ball, manipulating con-man to ever stink up the oval office and somehow, even the TV screen.  What a disgusting exploiter of everyone for his own sake.  What a classic shyster!

I could go on (and on) but I won’t.  I will write this short blog only to point out what the pundits, commentators and opinion-writers have failed (so far) to say.  Trump is evilly manipulative and exploitative and shamelessly so.  He is blatantly and shallowly self serving in everything he does and says.  He disgusts me.

From riding the fake-love/sympathy for a little girl with cancer to aligning himself with first responders who acted heroically, from celebrating victory with old veterans over Hitler in WW2 to the release of unfairly incarcerated black people, from applauding ICE officials who deport traffic offenders to empathizing with a little boy picked on because his last name is Trump, the Donald found every which way to ‘reach’ the emotions of Americans and then do a quick ‘switch’ back to him that made him associated with the victim, the hero, the ill and the persecuted.  “I am just like them!”   Trump rode their story to give him attention.  Trump exploited their pain to make him look human.  Trump told their story to be the hero.  Trump told their story to tell HIS story and did so ruthlessly.

He couldn’t have cared less about them.

He stands for everything I despise.  There is nothing about Trump I respect.  There is nothing I recognize as decent, right, or even human.  He is a pig.  Orwell had it: the pigs are in power.  But this revolting pig is more evil than most.

“Dave!  Aren’t you just a bit over the top?”

No.  He is worse than I have stated.  I am so repulsed that just thinking about him makes me mad.  I have, as they say, Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Like Robert DeNiro, I would take the opportunity to punch him in the face.  And, if I had time to do it twice, I would.  All the time I was punching him, I would be praying for more time.

Con-men tell people lies but read and feel the room, read and feel the mood, read and feel the people as they do it.  They are like surfers who can catch even the smallest of waves and then move with that.  They are like comedians who, with a slight inflection, a tone, a facial expression can convey their point – but comics do it to make the audience laugh.  Trump does it to build rapport and trust, like a con-man.  It is why he so often goes off-script – if he sensed a moment, felt a communication, saw a connection, he will build on it to gain support.  He’ll say anything to get what he wants.  He’ll use anyone to get what he wants.  He’ll exploit anything to get what he wants.  And it was all exposed and revealed on high definition TV last night.  He posed.  He pandered.  He lied.  He danced and he pranced.  And he said the things that people wanted to hear. And he meant none of it.

He’d shoot a person on Fifth Avenue, jail children, ignore victims of catastrophe, destroy the planet, offend his allies and claim accomplishments not his.  He is the deplorable-in-chief, the head of a family that makes the Corleones look good.  He is the worst.


17 thoughts on “The worst

  1. Trump made several threats during his State of the Union address, sadly this snake oil salesman will be believed by some. Trump is a toddler prone to temper tantrums. Trump cried himself to sleep every night of the shutdown. Trump is fixated on goals that he can not achieve.


    • Well, it is all that and more. AND the house just announced they are investigating Trump’s finances, taxes and all. Today! So the house of Trump is going to be sacked. What I do not understand is how it could get this bad?! The GOP are obviously complicit and corrupt and they aided and abetted this orange demon of deceipt but, seriously…? This long? This bad? This evil? Where are the checks and balances? They are coming but this doofus will stay in power til his term ends. That means the USA is vulnerable to sabotage for the whole of a president’s term. Whether he was a Russian agent or just an imbecile, it means the checks are balances are too slow.
      A Chinese friend (in China) recently wrote to ask: “Is China’s ascendancy not obviously inevitable?” I answered that “I think it will be. And I think China will become the next First-rung Superpower. But the US was a super-power that stood head and shoulders above the rest – even Russia – since WW2. They have roots. They have a legacy. The next generation of ‘influencers’ will be more ‘equal’. If China is a ten, the USA will be 9.5 and so on….this will be an equalization of power spread over a larger number of players” That’s what I said….but, after Trump has puked over everyone’s shoes for another two years, it seems like the USA might fall a bit further and that might also mean China rises a bit faster.


      • Speaker Ryan did little oversight to curb the urges and proclivities of the White House. With the Republicans controlling the Congress, the Senate and the White House, still Trump’s wall was not fully funded but what else was done to bell the cat? Mostly cave to the craven bully. The emotional vampire will continue to try to suck up all the oxygen but with his mob being indicted, the spiral downward continues. I’m reminded of what Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


  2. He sounds like a politician, sure enuff. They are all scum. And that’s probably assessing them a bit too high.

    Trump seems different because he did not grow up in a political milieu, or as a member of a political dynasty and he lacks the ability to be scummy with finesse. That takes time to cultivate.


    • I am not so sure they are ALL scum but they do seem to share the traits, characteristics, mindsets of each other. Just as a con man has to ‘read’ his audience, so do all successful politicians. They have to manipulate and exploit people for their own ends. They have already ‘sold out’ to the party that sponsors them. You can likely be a good politician but you share a lot of traits with car salesmen and con men. It’s a skill-set thing. I should know….I have a bit of it, myself. I remember hearing some old guy years ago say that I ‘had the gift of gab’ and he did not mean it as a compliment. I was embarrassed. I cannot honestly say I curbed that gift. I used it. I conned Sal, didn’t I? But, today, blunt and to-the-point is valued higher. I like ‘yup’ and ‘nope’. I still ‘sell’ my ideas to get support but I am aware of it. I try to curb it. I know that it is a two-edged blade. Trump does not. He is unconsciously ‘selling’ alla time.


  3. My fear is he will be re-elected. He may be scum but he’s god’s choice. Americans will be applying for political asylum next. There you go, Dave. The premise for your next novel. As an ally, this will put my country in a bit of a political bind. Still if the asylum seekers are white, got some money and travel on a tourist visa, authorities may turn a blind eye to them over-staying their visas. But god forbid you are are a saudi girl/woman seeking sanctuary.


    • Getting close enough to Trump to have him sign it would put me close enough to punch him. Punching him might wreck his signature. Then there’s the blood. It doesn’t sound like it could work out for you. Or him. Or me. Jus’ sayin’…..


  4. “A Chinese friend (in China) recently wrote to ask: “Is China’s ascendancy not obviously inevitable?”

    No, but their arrogance certainly is.
    I watch China’s new Foreign Aid programs with interest.
    Africa where they buy vast tracts of land to grow food for….China.
    Or they “loan” billions to build infrastructure and then send their own workers to build it.
    China’s hegemony is just more blatant than the US and it will probably bankrupt them faster than America.
    Trying to reclaim their world dominance after 1000 years of obscurity.
    They should be careful what they wish for.
    Becoming the new “World Leader” has its draw backs especially when they have to get involved in every brush war on the planet to protect “their interests”.

    We’ll see how popular they are when the chips are down in a escalating conflict ( South China Sea and their ridiculous claims that its “theirs”?)
    I fully expect a major military confrontation in that area which could rapidly escalate beyond all comprehension in mere days.
    They haven’t built all those shiny new ships for show.
    The Aircraft Carrier may have been the “game changer” in WW2.
    Not anymore.
    It will be uncannily accurate guided missles and drones that will render most military equipment obsolete in the next conflict.

    As Albert Einstein once quoted when asked, “I dont know what type of weapons will be used in WW3….. but mankind will be using sticks and stones in WW4.”

    Sending the “best and the brightest” off to die in a foreign war may be great for flag waving and chest thumping, but China is beginning a rapid population decline and bizarrely enough…..may run out of people…


    • I agree that they may very well be manifesting their perceived destiny in the South China Sea area – China has always felt that they were the inner Kingdom to a vaster one around them. And so it was all theirs. Mostly. Kinda. But I see them less inclined to fight after that. Influence, yes. Fight….meh.
      I also do not care that they run great farms and build great infrastructure in Africa. Shades of Cecil Rhodes. Things don’t last in Africa. It is a vast great pool of resources with a black hole vortex in the middle. If it ain’t tribal war or apathy in the extreme, it is malaria and ebola that wins out. See Nigeria.
      The real challenge for Chinese Imperialism is that they do not offer any of the goodies that paved the way for the USA kind. No eternally hyped sugar products, no bigger-than-life action heroes and no capitalistic popular fast food. No one likes Congee. See Chinese movies…if you can. Ya gotta appeal to the ‘international’ appetite to win the hearts and stomachs of the great unwashed. The US had Marilyn Monroe, Corvettes, the Beach Boys, burgers, shakes, fries, rock and roll and the best of all, cars blowing up in action movies. PLUS Star Trek and Star Wars. The Chinese may have a battle ship but that’s nothing compared to Arnold as the Terminator.


      • I agree with you 100% Dave. If the pacific fleet stays away from South China Sea and the Taiwan strait, there will never be a WWIII. It’s like I drive all the way from Richmond Hill to a guy who lives in Mississauga and tell him to stay away from his backyard. China wants to do business, and perhaps spreading its influence while doing so, with money, perhaps, it sure beats fire and hell.


      • The problem, of course, is that the US has ‘allies’. They were chosen to be a buffer against the USSR but now,with China flexing, they may be called to stand up for their allies. I don’t think they want to. They don’t care about Malaysia or the Philippines or even Vietnam. I doubt they care that much about Taiwan. But they care a lot about Japan. And so Japan and Taiwan and South Korea are going to be the issue. If China was smart – and they are – they would drop the military aspect of their imperialism and continue to do it ‘the Chinese way’ by simply becoming the economic power in those areas. Military power posturing is stupid. BUT it is ALL the US has. They love fighting. They love flags. They love to spend on guns and bullets. Get tattoos. China? Not so much. So, why not pick an easier game – one that China is good at? I hope they do.


  5. The People’s Republic has amassed a great deal of America currency and have invested and loaned money to build infrastructure in Africa including airports, ports, bridges, railways, and many other items. The Chinese are playing a long game to facilitate Chinese commercial ventures in Africa. The door remains open for American capital to flow into African nations.


    • Total agreement with you and Dave.
      Africa is a money pit.
      China is in for the long game, 50, 100 years, what ever it takes.

      However, claiming a “historical right” to the South China Sea is a tad bizarre and goes against International Treaty’s and Law.

      I would recommend an excellent book by Bill Hayton called The South China Sea ( ISBN 978-0-300-18683-3).
      Its very well researched and hammers each arguement, point by point.

      Whats next for China to claim?
      The Antarctic?
      The Moon?

      All these areas(oceans, seas, Antarctic, the Moon)have been agreed to be free for all but claimed by no one by international treaty.

      Chinas conversion of a submerged reef into a man made island hardly gives them the right to claim an entire sea.
      I’m sure once they start harassing Vietnamese, Phillipino, Malay, etc fishermen things might heat up.
      Nothing like watching Chinese fishboats stripmine your historical fishing ground to motivate you to protest
      Then there is the Malacca Straits which handles 25% of the world oil shipments….
      China gets to restrict that because …..”Its their Sea”?

      Lets face it,
      China blows a gasket every time another country recognizes Taiwan as a “country”.
      It could get real ugly real fast if an American Aircraft Carrier decides to sail the Strait between China and Taiwan.
      As is their right in International waters.
      God forbid Chinese Leaders “lose face” with an American Aircraft Carrier in “:their” sea .
      That anachronistic posturing that leaves zero room for rational negotiation and objective thought.

      I think India’s 20+ submarines along with several other Allied nations might put a dent in China’s “blue water” navy…..but not without a great loss of life and serious consequences .


  6. If a deeply flawed and evil person cut taxes by over a trillion dollars, I wonder how many recipients of this tax cut windfall fall would say, “No thanks I’ll give my windfall to charity.”


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