Coming home to a baby Octopus

Sal and I went south to see our grandson and to celebrate Sally’s mother’s 91st birthday.  It was all good.  Tiring.  Expensive.  But all good.  Our grandson is the cutest child to have ever walked the planet and – gasp – he is getting cuter every day!  It would be unbelievable if his grandmother (Sally) had not already been born with the same traits.  She, too…cuter every day!  It runs on that side of the family.

Sadly, I am the yang to her yin.  I seem to be getting uglier every day, I guess.  Mind you, I am old.  White.  Male.  And that contingent are not held in much regard at the best of times these days so I am OK adjusting to my increasing undesirability.  I still have some dregs of self esteem although, according to most women, I should not.  Still, a young female woofer was watching me rather closely last week when a group of us were working on the beach clean-up.  I could see that she was interested.  So, feeling a little frisky, I went over to chat her up.  But when she saw me approaching, she ran to a group of older women and pointed at me.  They reassured her that I was a community member and basically OK but they advised her to keep her distance, just in case.

Like I said…I am yang.  I should wear a bell.

Speaking of yang……I have a lot to say about Trump and Trudeau as you might have guessed but I will spare you.  I will only say that, maybe, to some extent, the system’s built-in checks and balances augmented by special investigations and Trump’s deteriorating brain have combined to neuter him enough and, of course, Trudeau didn’t need even that – no brain to worry about, his feet stuck firmly in his mouth all the time, his true colours showing through and his desire for the cameras have pretty much stalled Trudeaumania.  Which is good.

But Ipsos pollsters just revealed that 48% of Canadians are living within $200 of their monthly income.  They are ‘existing’ paycheque to paycheque and it’s getting worse.  One big car repair and they are insolvent and having to borrow…..having to borrow on top of already being under record debt loads.  (And, lets be honest; nothing can be repaired on a car for $200.  Those folks are fully enslaved to a system that is keeping them alive JUST to work).  

This fact has to show up….and it is.  Seems there is a minor urban exodus happening amongst Millenials who have ‘given up’ finding a place to be, live and work in the city.  They are heading OUT.  Small towns are seeing a bit of an influx.

I think that is good, too.

“So, Dave…you sayin’ all is good?  You sayin’ that you haven’t written much because you are so busy and all is right with your view of the world?”

Not quite…not THAT rosy….there are still problems I have to comment on.  BIG problems.  I know that.  But, I confess that having some sunshine, some projects that need gettin’-to and a calendar virtually half-full all the way to October already is keeping my mind off the BIG topics.  Plus – my own path in the bigger scheme of things is increasingly clear.  I am an OTG’er and I really gotta keep my head in that game.

Reading a summary of Jared Diamond’s new book helped.  His latest, UPHEAVAL – Turning Points for Nations in Crisis, is his take on the change/shift/mood/transitioning/rebellion-thing I have been musing over for the last year.  Not quite the same…but similar.  Same but different.  Jared sees big change, too.

Oh yeah…the Octopus!

……my neighbour is a fabulous grandfather.  He and his partner often host their grandchildren and, of course, no cell phones, no TV.  Fishing, hiking, climbing, fort-building and all the ‘old’ kid activities come to fill their stay and they absolutely revel in it.  They are GREAT kids doing great KIDS things.  They are 13 and 11.  It’s lovely to see.  Yesterday, when we arrived at the dock (sinking under a great load in a small boat) they were there with their new aquarium.  New to them.  Partner had picked it up at a thrift store and brought it to the cabin and a battery pump water source was employed to fill it with sea water.  Rocks and such were gathered for interior design purposes.  The glass box was two feet by two feet by one foot and it soon accommodated three prawns, a starfish with a clam firmly in it’s grasp, several small urchins, a crab and – the star of the show – a baby Octopus.  The little guy – all spread out – wouldn’t reach the edge of a dinner plate.

It was fascinating.   And the kids were busy.  And…well, I envied them.  All that fun.  All that learning.  All that natural beauty and a baby Octopus.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Yeah…I know…pictures….I didn’t take any but the kids mom did and promised to send some….



14 thoughts on “Coming home to a baby Octopus

  1. A baby octopus!
    How did they catch it?

    It probably has more financial acumen ( what with 8 legs) than most Canadians…


  2. Octopi like to eat either prawn bait or prawns. As a result, they are sometimes brought up with a prawn trap pull. But most of the ones weve seen so far are of moderate size, like, say, as around as an umbrella. But this little guy is 1/4 that. Really small. Changed colours to blend in with his new condo, too. The kids left today and so the whole modern family aquatic will be released.


  3. The exodus from Urban Mania is in full swing! And not just millenials. There is virtually nothing to rent on Quadra Island and very little to buy. I see a lot of them posting on Facebook with comments like; ” we have decided to move to Quadra Island and will be arriving there next month after we find a place”! Well I guarantee you it won’t be next month or even the month after. Even locals who are being booted out of seasonal rentals can’t find a place. I’m starting to get really annoyed at people who do the air bnb thing instead of doing year round rentals. (It’s not a bnb by the way. All you’re buying is a bed) They seem to think they can make more money doing it that way, but I beg to differ. Not to mention all that extra work, plus the fact that you can’t leave. We had to buy the place we are staying in because the owner wanted out and there was nothing on the market. And there won’t be any time soon.


    • Good question. Most OTGs i know are of a similar political mind but recoil at discussing it. Exception: Trump. They hate him and don’t hesitate to say it. Trudeau? Meh. Brexit? What’s that…..? But Trump gets ’em riled. Most are well read, well traveled and have deeper-than-common knowledge on a lot of topics. Blank spots, for sure, but we all do. Most are extremely knowledgeable in one or two areas, good all round knowledge on a lot of things but very reluctant to get into much of a discussion…..its almost as if they are one step past giving a flying…..

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      • I see. But. In the words of the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller who was imprisoned by the Nazis, he said ‘First they came for the socialists. I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a socialist. Then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Catholic. Then they came for me and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.’

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      • The most common trait i can find amongst OTGs is a strong streak of independence. That can and does translate into non-groupism, non group-think. They act. They act and ask for support maybe once. Then they act. Two of the most talented in BC live just down the way. They are renowned filmmakers and photographers – all for the environment. But they just do it. No committees. We have a dedicated eco guy and he lives, eats and breathes it but rarely does he and his wife organize meetings or ask for donations. They just do what needs doing. Not much talking. And that makes sense because everyone is basically on the same page values-wise but they are also all busy all the time. OTG is a pretty demanding and absorbing lifestyle. If they are sitting around, chores aren’t getting done. And they all know it.


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