I blame Trump

…because I am now so disinclined to write.  About anything.  It’s all his fault.  He ruined it for me.  It sounds silly but let me explain:

I write because I have to.  It’s in me.  I have to get it out.  It’s cathartic, therapeutic and freeing to let the demons out.  To let the anger out.  “If I unburden myself, I will remain sane.  If I bottle it up, I will go insane”.  So the personal logic is clear: ‘SPILL’.

Spill for health!

But, of course, there is an obvious ‘condition’ or caveat to that stress-release mechanism and that ‘catch’ is that the rant or expression has to be true.  At least it has to be MY truth.  Why?  Because all therapies are about getting to the truth about things.  This is my truth and I am telling you like (I think) it is.  Screaming truth is the goal.  Finding the truth is the work.

But Trump has turned all that on it’s head.  He blatantly lies, threatens and commits acts of madness without any kind of normal-level retribution.  NO work involved in finding that truth but there are surprisingly NO CONSEQUENCES for him!  People are basically just TAKING IT!

But this is NOT really about Trump.  It is about me.  And, going back to my truth-seeking, it seems I am weak.  Or at least confused.  I am so gobsmacked by the lunacy, the idiocy, the corruption, the illogical and the blatant violation of all that is good and decent, I am literally struck dumb.  “How can this be?”

You can imagine what the election of Jason Kenney and Doug Ford added to the mental and moral violation I feel of all that is right.  You can imagine what Alabama’s new abortion law does.  Imagine William Barr playing hide and seek with the Mueller report.  There has been quite a sequence of insane, inexplicable events these past few years.

And Trudeau and Norman didn’t help.  Trudeau and Alberta didn’t help.  Trudeau and his mother’s one-act stage play doesn’t help either (shades of The Persecution and Assassination of Jean Paul Marat……).  It’s as if NOWHERE IS SANE!!!

It’s mystifying.  It’s almost as if the majority of people can’t speak up to it either.  It’s as if they are going along with it even tho they KNOW better…. as when the naked Emperor paraded around in invisible clothes and everyone pretended he was clothed.  “Why is this happening?”

Seriously…why isn’t there a gunman on a grassy knoll somewhere?  Several, in fact?

There are a lot of answers, of course.  We’ve all taken a run at trying to figure it out…“Hmmm…why are bigots and deplorables getting so much air time?”  “Why are they so angry at brown skin when the collective violation they feel was so clearly executed by white CEOs..?” “How can they see a hero in such a liar, pig and con-man?”  And on and on and on…..

So…bottom line, I am not writing while I remain confused.  I do NOT have a grasp on truth, mine or any other.  I simply do NOT get it.  Why is this happening? is the question and I do not know is currently my answer.

And, of course, it is NOT just Trump or Ford or Trudeau.  It is T-F-T in the time of Cholera or, better put, in the time of climate change, saber-rattling with China, economic chaos, growing societal degeneration and loss of natural habitat with the added and tragic loss of 80% of the earth’s animals and creatures.  We are dying in front of our own eyes and killing all the innocent bystanders at the same time!  And the band plays on while the naked king plays golf.  This is as close to a Nero fiddling and Caligula cavorting as one can imagine in the 21st Century.

This is nuts!

Ravens and whales are good.  Chores getting done.  First of the visitors looming.  Sal still perfect-in-every-way.

But I’m a bit ticked…..


20 thoughts on “I blame Trump

  1. You are still alive!

    Dont let the Trump vortex swallow you.
    The political pendulum is swinging wildly Left to Right.
    I fully expect this populist, xenophobic stupidity to eventually end.
    People cant be voting with anger forever..
    I blame the corruption of the entire democratic political process.
    Lobbyists pumping millions if not billions to get their voices heard.above the voting electorate….ban it
    We will have more of “The People” are mad as hell and not going to take it any more.
    And if that means electing a Clown (Italy) or a Comedian(Ukraine) or a Liar (US)
    Then thats what it takes to kick the democratic “process” right in the goolies.

    So be it.

    Turn off the news…..and
    Try and enjoy the summer.


    • Well, if you are not the voice of reason you are definitely the voice of friendship. I’ll try to relax. Its not easy when nothing makes any sense and, when it does, its just normal criminals doing normal crime.


  2. Good to read your post. The current attraction to many Americans is jobs not Trump. Trump’s stuff is exposed but for his base they do not care as long as they get paid.


  3. Interesting point but, but, but the poor are being made MORE poor. They bailed out the banks in 2008. They pay for the tax cuts. Their Obama-care is being pulled, the debt has gone up by trillions, Trump contributes nothing and the middle class is disappearing! Jobs? Really? What good is an inadequately paid menial job when your cost of living is outstripping the income from two full time workers? Those idiots don’t see how they are just further enslaved. They are not even being conned. They are too stupid to need conning….being in the red every month should tell them enough…..and that isn’t sinking in….they are truly beyond hope. America, land of lunacy, home of the ignorant. .


  4. Yeah, right….what she said………a joke. Right. Just a joke. No one wants to see a hollow-point blow up any politicians head. That would be crazy. We are all against that.. Of course. On the other hand……if you could get them ALL…….no….hahaha…..just more joking…..really….just joking…..hahaha……
    Listeners? Hahaha. ……jus’ jokin’…….


  5. In the war on Truth that has been long being waged by: Media, Academia, and Govern(de)mentia, many are befuddled by drinking their kool-aid. The cure is objective Truth-Seeking.
    Be ESPECIALLY suspect of information that comes from the above sources.
    Take particular notice and question why when free speech is called a “crime”. Watch for the whistle blowers being declared “politically incorrect” or “racists” or “Hate Crime Speakers”. Those whose power is threatened are attempting the re-molding of culture and society with censorship and widely distributed lies.

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
    -George Orwell


      • Kev doesn’t trust any mainstream media for anything. Fair enough. I don’t trust even half and then only 20% of the time. But Kev DOES trust ‘out there/alt sources’ and I dont trust them at all. So, it boils down to trust. He has very little. And I have very little. But our lack of trust is in different places.
        Not really a big difference. The real problem is ‘the system’ and the system is simply no longer trusted…..our differences amount to nothing. The people have lost the required faith and, if they havent, they will soon enough unless they are in the .0001%.


  6. It is definitely a time of deceit. We can all agree on that. The pollsters told me that…… But still…….if everyone is lying and spinning and untrustworthy, is there anyone left to discern truth? And, if there were a contingent of truth-tellers, how do I know who they are? Maybe the Iranians or the North Koreans are honest? Maybe I can trust the Kardashians or Bill Maher? I mean, I know enough to know a liar and a con-man imbecile when I see one but identifying liars and thieves is NOT the same as knowing who is honest.. Diogenes spent his whole life in search of an honest man…..does that mean Diogenes was honest?
    I will tell the truth but what do I say when I DON’T KNOW the truth? Or the truth changes? Or everything I learn, I discover is a lie?
    Bear in mind, we all know we are living in various deep, deep lies. But, when we all agree to believe it, it becomes a pseudo truth by majority rule. Religion, celebrity, culture, even economic systems are all contrived and those constructions serve some bastards well….but it was all made up. Very little of what we all accept and believe to be true is anything but agreements in fantasy…..

    Finding truth is difficult in the best of times and this is NOT the best of times.


  7. We still vote in the States but it seems ours isn’t making the difference needed. Such demoralizing times. Coming home next week. We’ve spent too much time down here this year. – Margy


  8. Today Mueller stated that Trump had not been exonerated. That AG Barr had mislead Americans in his summary of the “Mueller Report.” Mueller said he could not indict a sitting president, on federal crimes but once Trump leaves office indictments are possible. My report speaks for itself said Mueller.


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