Three days in the life…..

We came home Thursday night kinda late from the library.  9:00 pm.  It was cold, it was wet and and it was foggy but all in all, not too bad.  Boat ran well.  Car ran well.  The evening was a success.  It was our first ‘live’ book reading.  People actually came!!!??

Mind you, there were three other local authors there and there could have been more.  I know of three others who write and publish.  It’s a veritable mosh pit of writing out here and the somewhat frequent ‘author’s nights’ are well attended.  Well, out here, 17 is considered damn good turnout.  We did boffo – selling two books!

Mind you, we also gave away two books and promised a third…but it is NOT about money. 

The first guy wrote a great story (true) and he took half an hour.  Well worth listening to.  The second guy has published several books, he took half an hour and I am sure it was good because people clapped.  But he was soft spoken and my hearing is fading so I just clapped not really knowing why.  I was on my best behaviour (and Sal nudged me at the appropriate time).

Then Sal and me.  We both spoke and it was like a typical husband and wife team….finishing each other’s sentences, suggestions: ‘tell them about….’, and nano-bickering.  “No. It didn’t happen that way, that was in the other book!”  Apparently our book reviews are not so great but out tag-team presentation was much appreciated.

The next day a friend of mine and I installed an ‘illegal’ emergency ‘call-box’ on the approach to the community dock.  Technically, it is illegal because it is a vhf radio and they are SUPPOSED to be only on boats.  But that is not REALLY applicable to us as we do not have cell service out here and everyone, boating or in front of their living room fire, uses the vhf if they need to.  Key word: NEED.

Also, a couple of years back we witnessed a horrific runaway car crash at the hill leading to the dock and, as we had our boat-radios with us, we called out to the ambulance by way of the Coast Guard.  They knew that we were technically on land but I mentioned that ‘If I took two giant steps, the second one would be in the water!’

“Close enough!”

But we (inadvertently) chose the day before the local government officials came out to inspect things.  But they saw it.  They heard the rationale from a surprised-to-see-it-local who was taking them around.  They chose to ignore the unit, not take notes, not say anything….which, for us, is good.  We take silence as acceptance.  So, we are good-to-go on that and someday, some poor sap is gonna be glad it is there.

Sal worked the busiest day of her post office career on Friday.  “It was crazy!  Non-stop the whole day!”  And, at the end of her shift she collected the four cases of wine we had flown in and brought them and some other stuff back home.

And today, She just picked up a journalist from the ferry on the other island (two hours, half on logging roads).  Meagan Campbell is spending a week out here to try and ‘get it’.  Why do people live off the grid?

And, to give her an unbiased perspective on the topic, we (several neighbours and us) are going to swap her around.  She is gonna work the area like a woofer.  She’ll also be a bright spark in an otherwise grey and wet beginning to winter.  She’s going to ‘do the rounds’ with our home support worker.  THAT should be illuminating.

Damn otters are back.  Under the boatshed.  Gonna have to get some chlorine pool-pucks or maybe some urinal cakes.  That usually sends them away but we’ve done it once already….we’ll see.  And, in the meantime (over the past few days), I have built a boat roof-cum-grab rail for our boat.  It (and a tarp) will keep the rain out and we’ll be able to rely less on the always-failing bilge pumps.  That chore required welding and such and such – finding stuff to make it work.  All good but NOT fancy.

So, there you have it….three or four days in the life of feral seniors.


10 thoughts on “Three days in the life…..

    • The library is on the more populous island next door…..across the water….down a logging road….it has two stores, two doctors offices, a garage and a couple of cafes. It has become ‘town’.
      To be fair, ‘town’ is also Campbell River yet another ferry away. Nanaimo is now considered a city. Victoria is madness and Vancouver is HELL!!
      Our perspective has changed.
      Do we have a site plan? For what? Siting?
      No. Not really. We do not have a site plan now but, if the community planing committee prevails (and they will) our island will have ‘planning’ and site plans……May God have mercy on our souls…..
      There is, of course, nothing wrong with planning and the inevitable site plans derived therefrom….but..well….some doofus will inevitably reject a common sense project soon enough and ENFORCE the OFFICIAL Community Plan sometime in the future and we will be rigid about it. Petty tyranny is the first by-product of community plans.


  1. Glad you had a good book reading. I always check the shelf at Heriot Bay to see if they have your books in stock. We’ve made our way all the way down to Los Angeles. Had more rain than sun on the way, but will get a week’s work before we put the RV in storage and fly back north. This trip will be in three parts. Could stay away from home for a really long trip all at once. I get homesick for that OTG life at the cabin. You can read all about it at my Margy Meanders Blog if you like. – Margy


  2. “Otters under the shed”

    I had raccoons under the shed and called the local wildlife shelter for a “non harmful” way to get them to move….

    ‘Put a gallon of bleach with a hole in the cap under the shed to let the fumes out.
    Put a light bulb under the shed , turn it on 24/7.
    And last but not least…..
    Put a small radio under the shed with ‘talk radio” on 24/7.
    “really, can you recommend a channel that will work?”
    “Anything religious……”

    The raccoons were gone in three days….never came back.


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