By now you will have guessed….

….I am trying to ‘get back into’ the blog.  I kinda wound down a few months ago….maybe a year….because, well, it didn’t seem to be ‘going anywhere’………

“Where did you expect it to GO?”

That’s just it – I had no expectations in the beginning.  But then, well, we wrote books and people responded to them and it was kinda nice to ‘meet’ people this way.  Still is, actually.  They seemed interested in our new life out in the boonies.  And I could keep them interested simply because I, myself, was so interested in all that we were learning.  And we are still learning!  So, in theory anyway, I could keep writing.

Gimme a storm-at-sea, a raven or a pod of Orcas and I could write.  You know, like Dumbo needed a feather to fly? 

But then….I kinda went sideways.  Seduced by the stench of accelerating societal rot, I went off OTG.  I have always found politics fascinating in that slo-mo ‘train-wreck’ kinda way.  “What chaos have those bozos gotten us into now?”  And, with Trump, I was enticed into the Golden Age of criticism, outrage and disgust……hard to resist THAT colossal, mind-blowing, walking ego in day-glo orange.  So, I went with it.

‘Course, once on the dark side, many more paths of evil open up. Learning started to mean looking into government corruption instead of 2×6 construction.  It came to mean witnessing a sea change in social morality, decency and humanity instead of small craft warnings. Trump took the White House into the gutter and 63 million Americans went into the sewer in their haste to follow.  I think some 5 million cretin-Canadians joined them.  Bizarre!

Taking a lesson in the classroom of the devil (Fox/Brietbart, etc. media) was both revealing and abhorrent.  What is wrong with Kelly Anne Conway, anyway?

Also, somewhat surprising… (Fox or otherwise) do not tell the truth.  Duh.  But, as the madness of the right wing lunatics took flight, along with any semblance of truth or honesty, so, it seemed did the lack of REAL substantial messaging show up in conventional mainstream media.  Fox lying sounded very much like CNN reporting.  Or was that CNN lying?  Who knows who is telling the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH?

I really only took away one clear lesson:  I probably can never get far enough off-the-madding-grid.

When you add to that confusing mass-messaging the insane, politically-correct moralizing by way of tweets and Facebook, the primary message is: The world has gone mad.  Like in a zombie movie, where everywhere you look there are hungry brain eaters coming your way, your greatest fear is not any ONE zombie but rather is there anywhere safe left to run?  Have the zombies already taken over and I am the last to know?

So….anyway….where does that leave me and my blog?  What do I write about?  Toxic Trump and the Trudeau Rat-pack?  How to Profit From Climate Change?  Investment Opportunities in Exporting Garbage?  The Uber-satisfying Cruelty of the Ultra Rich?

Or back to Sally Sunshine and the Ravens?

I am trying to come back but, right now, I am a conflicted man.

9 thoughts on “By now you will have guessed….

  1. I know where you are coming from. This particular blog is exactly the sort of blog I enjoy reading, that is one that discusses life’s ironies. Currently people are looking for hope. Many feel helpless. Most people go about their day to day lives dealing with their challenges. Their various deficiencies not enough sleep, general societal anxiety, powerlessness, not enough money, inadequate personal resources to deal with one’s personal circumstances. In this society there are endless choices available to an individual that might end badly or be unattainable. Choice is often equated with freedom but freedom does not guarantee fulfillment of one’s choices.


  2. Dave, I don’t blame you for not wanting to travel through the USA right now. It seems the United Nations is currently recruiting paramilitary staff to carry out plans for disarming the civilian population of America. In their own words:

    “Key components of DDR as defined by the UN include disarming the civilian population and “the development of responsible arms management programmes” and the implementation of mass detainment camps:”

    Read the whole article, with more from the UN here:

    In the UN’s words this is being implemented as one of their “Department of Peace Operations”
    (an oxymoron if ever there was one!!).
    I’m not sure how they figure it would be a “peace operation” for UN troops to act militarily within
    Continental USA to disarm US citizens and put many of us into concentration, er, mass detainment/reorientation camps!! It sounds like the Globalist’s world governance group, the UN, really is planning to foment civil unrest within America.

    I’ve just recently heard about this. I’ll be following it and sharing here whatever else develops.
    I agree and think you’re wise to stick close to home right now Dave.



  3. Have a look at “Peacekeeping which explains where DDR operations are under way in places in Africa such a South Sudan, Mali, Democratic Republic of the Congo and others where undemocratic rebel militias are being disarmed where possible. United Nations troops come from democratic nations and the UN lacks the resources to enter North America and carry out DDR. The UN has no standing army, no navy, no airforce, zero! Canada sent a military group to Mali tasked with setting up a military hospital and transporting wounded to care. Remember the colalition that fought in Iraq during the Gulf War? Do you see a similar colalition coming to Utah to enter a Preper’s bunker?
    The ARA would nix that.


    • Anonymous is right, Kev. The UN does NOT have the capacity even if they had the intent. Hell, there are more guns in Texas than there are in the entire UN. I have worked at the UN (Refugee resettlement) and efficiency and competence are NOT part of their program. Neither are they decisive or strong. Read Romeo Dallare’s ‘SHAKE HANDS WITH the DEVIL.’ You will have no choice but to look for a better conspiracy than anything to do the UN.


  4. I’ll tell you straight up, Dave…I love the OTG stuff. It doesn’t matter what the topic is or how trivial it is in your mind, I’m going to love it. I’m too old to try OTG myself so I soak it up vicariously through you and a few other writers.

    But in the end you have to write what makes you happy or at least what reduces your discomfort. Write what you have to write. To heck with what others want to read. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

    Maybe you should have two blogs – one for OTG and one for politics/economics/philosophy etc. One blog just isn’t enough to contain your wide-ranging interests.

    What do you think?



    • Thanks, Ted. I really appreciate indiscriminate readers. Thats why I only have 7. Still, a minority or not, you are all appreciated.


  5. These are conflicting times for sure. We just got back from our RV trip from Washington State to Los Angeles. On the street level, things don’t seem much different than before. People were friendly, even on military bases where we stayed quite often in well appointed RV parks. Wayne being a veteran we were able to take advantage of those. Even though the balance of political power in the States seems to be askew, there are glimmers of normalcy. Maybe we can turn the tide and get back on a more even keel. – Margy

    p.s. Blogging has become harder for me too without being at home in our cabin as often. No OTG, no new OTG stories to share. I really miss that part of my life.


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