Even colder!

But, really?  Who wants to read about the weather?  Not many.  It is what it is.  And it is colder today than what it was by a significant margin.  We sit/quilt with our coats on now, the fire jus’ a hummin’, pounding through the woodshed and carrying buckets of water….sorta like the OTG’ers did in the old days.  The biggest difference for us today is the snow.  Now I trudge through snow to get to the wood and water.  Oh, well…..

Nothing lasts forever.  This, too, shall pass.  And we can then go about our normal everyday business like normal everyday people.   Mostly.  Kinda.  (Sal can be a bit weird now and then).  And what, exactly, will that be?

Good question.  When we live ‘our way of life’ out here, a great deal of energy and interest shows up in doing the chores.  There are the dull chores, of course, and no one likes the dull chores (laundry, dishes, cleaning up, etc).  Then there are the ‘everyday’ chores like wood-getting, fixing, repairing, improving (docks and ramps, doors and windows, decks and such).  Those are the feel alive chores.   And then there are the interesting projects….like boat improvements, engine repairs, and new buildings.  I like the projects.  But Sal has put the kibosh on any more non-quilting projects.

In this climate, however, the discussion is moot.  So, I vacuum, do the dishes, pour the wine and generally try to avoid anything quilting.  So, I have downtime.  Lots of it.

And therein lies the point of this blog: downtime.  D-o-w-n-t-i-m-e.  We NEVER have downtime!  There is ALWAYS something to do.  Guests.  Shopping.  Community.  And, I suppose, there still is something somewhere…but no one is gonna do it….. ’cause it is too cold to even stay outside for more than 20 minutes.

At times like these I normally turn my attention to politics but I won’t.  I am following everything, of course, but, really?  They gonna get ‘im?  I doubt it.  He gonna GET got sometime?  I think so.  No second term, I think.  The Trumps gonna try to field a future dynasty with Ivanka and/or Donald Jr?  I think so.  They are kinda sick that way (well, in every way, actually) and feel entitled.  I think we see more of Don Jr.

But I am ahead of myself.  I have a comment on Harry and Meg.  I understand them wanting out of the palace.  I get that.  And I understand them choosing Vancouver Island.  Good choice.  I would have no problem them even skipping the line to claim Canadian citizenship – ’cause no one is gonna deny them so save us all the sham show.

What I do NOT get is why Canada will pick up their security costs?  Makes no sense to me.  Not even politically.  The Royals can afford it all by themselves.  Missing Indigenous women were invisible to the RCMP for decades, they still get kicked out of hotels and get arrested trying to open bank accounts and Meg gets a security detail to go shopping?  Optics ain’t good, there, Justin.  We are not all equal.  Not in any way.  Just rammin’ it down our throats……and it’s shameful.

Anyway, it is a cold day in paradise and it is just getting colder…….


15 thoughts on “Even colder!

  1. The \Commonwealth countries all have some sort of agreement when the “host” country (us) will look after the “guest ” (them).

    As for the estimated 10 million per year….
    Chicken feed compared to the free publicity that BC and Canada will get.

    -5c in Burnaby windchill -15c

    NONE of the roads were plowed at 5:30 am this morn.
    5 inches of snow and people with crappy little cars and even worse tires were stuck turning corners on just about every intersection.
    The best was the road going up steep Royal Oak….6 cars stuck half way up blocking every thing.
    Made for an interesting commute.

    Its snowing like a banshee right now….big wind tonight.


  2. Seventy-three percent of Canadians according to recent polls do not want to pay the security costs for Prince Harry, his wife Meghan and infant son. Their security is projected to cost about two million dollars a year. A mere pittance in the minds of some. I think informed self-interest might suggest that We, Canadians might want to appear to have a generous heart. This issue might be a moot point in that not offering them protection might not be an option. Dignitaries visiting Canada are afforded security regardless of the views of some Canadian to the contrary.


  3. I am guessing that, by your use of the word, ‘commonwealth’, you are not just a smidge south us but, rather, very much south….in OZ?

    Most ‘Mericans don’t know commonwealth in the historic or even social sense. Of course, some do…….but very few.

    Harry and Meg are reportedly worth at least $30M. Plus, plus, plus (inheritance, properties, easy appearance money)…..and an RCMP officer costs the taxpayer (all in) $Can 250,000 per annum (salary, car, support staff, benefits, pensions, etc). So, what? Three on a detail, times 3 shifts per day, times 365 days….? Plus, plus plus? $4M to $5M?

    Do I really care? Compared to the vast waste of money by our elected officials, no I don’t care that much……..just another Canadian government fiasco of illogic and unfairness. Too common……


  4. Not only do I not think we should pay a dime for their security, we should not let ’em in. Maybe they should have to claim refugee status.

    Just because the Brits are foolish enough to put up with that sorry lot does not mean we have to give them the time of day. I vehemently protest them infecting our land with scum who will look down miles of nose at us and call us “commoners”. Just who the $#@& do they think they are?
    Yet the Brits accept that crap. We don’t need it here.


    • A lot of people love em……and, it seems, we have a few who don’t. I am ambivalent except for the part where they are people and deserve to be treated equally until there are indications to do otherwise. I do not think they are scum. Nor do I think they are special. They are ‘just folks’ seemingly trying to get out from under the system they were born into. I can relate.
      DG, you might cut ’em a little slack ……..?😆


  5. Heads of constitutional governments, shall they be elected to or inherit their position ? I suspect that some elected leaders of nations with a constitutions are deeply flawed one of whom is Putin. while others might include the POTUS in this list. But some might argue that certain countries require a strongman with sweeping powers to manage competing rivalries and provide stability. Canada manages these these rivalries in part though a constitutional democratically elected parliamentary monarchy. The monarch has very limited circumscribed powers and duties. Some see constructional monarchies as a very stable form of government. Police states, dictatorships, totalitarian regimes also provide a form of stability but with constrained individual freedoms.


  6. I did it! I circumvented the useless WordPress login and managed to leave a brief comment.
    Don’t know how I managed to do it, but persistence pays off! YEA!


  7. Site C has a long history of court challenges, trampling on FN rights, the proposed flooding of prime agricultural lands and potential costs of at least over 8 billion dollars. By comparison the protection of Prince Harry and family are what estimated as high as 10 million?


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