To panic or NOT to panic…that seems to be the question

According to highly paid professionals who are quoted ad nauseam saying painfully obvious things that we already know, we do not have to panic over Covid 19.  Not yet, anyway.  And, if we eventually choose to panic and freak out sometime later, how do we most colourfully manifest that hysteria?  What insanity-de-jour is best for you and your family?

Answer: hoard toilet paper. Then hide in a closet.  Stay home.  Don’t talk to anyone closer than a meter away in distance….and, if that meter-rule is broken, run.  Run like hell.  Return to the closet and wait 14 – 28 days (the incubation period is changing) and then, well, spend a lot of time cleaning that wretched closet afterwards.

According to the same ‘experts’, we will all eventually get Covid-19 anyway.  50% is the low estimate and 70% is the high.  Half the population will eventually contract the Coronavirus. 

“So, if that is true, why is panic not an appropriate response?”

Answer: C-19 is NOT Ebola.  It is not a flu but it is very flu-like.  Seems like it is really just a really bad ‘cold’.  It is highly contagious and it carries a higher-than-normal fatality factor but that is primarily aimed at the elderly and those with respiratory problems. C-19 is bad but, gee, it is not THAT bad and anyway, you are gonna get it whether you take precautions or not.  If not this year, then next.

“Geez, Dave, you seem pretty cool about all this.  You feeling invincible?”

On the contrary.  I am reading the tea leaves and listening to professionals.  And, they say, I am very likely gonna ‘get it’.  I hope I do not get it this year (so much to do) and I really hope I am one of the 50% who doesn’t get it at all.  But, like, I have had dozens of flus and colds and even a few ‘real diseases’ like Chicken Pox and it’s offspring, Shingles.  I’ve been sick before.  I’ll get sick again.  It’s the way of things.  Put bluntly, Covid will eventually get me but I will suffer through it and carry on.

“So, why write?”

Because I can get sick, get better and then carry on as I have if – and only if – there is a world in which to carry on in.  If the world has shut down, then it is the shut-down that will cause me more problems.  The disease is a novel bummer, the world shutting down is a major problem – and more than just a small surprise.  Our response to Covid-19 is showing up to be more disruptive than if the disease simply tore through the population taking it’s toll as those diseases are wont to do.

“You saying you are not taking precautions?” 

No.  Not saying that.  Altho, to be fair, I am not taking many precautions.  Within a block of a hospital, I will don a hazmat suit but, generally speaking, I am carrying on as normal.  AND I am saying that precautions won’t help.  Not in the long run, anyway.  Experts say we will all get it eventually.  We simply have to deal with this as if it was the flu.

“So, your blog today is, “Don’t worry.  Be happy?”

Yeah……kinda weird coming from me, don’t you think?  But, you see, Sal and I are going home tomorrow.  I simply cannot help feeling happy about that.  In fact, I am hoping to find love in this time of Covid-19.  These are now the best of times.


5 thoughts on “To panic or NOT to panic…that seems to be the question

  1. Chicken Little was sitting under a tree and a Red MAGA hat fell on his head…and the rest is a stock market crash.


  2. Apparently there have been studies on previous epidemics which have shown that fewer people died in those epidemics, the earlier and more aggressively social distancing measures were introduced. What value life, right?

    My elderly father is visiting me today. We will be meeting in the front yard and maintaining two metres distance for his and my own unhealthy sake. It might be the last time we see one another, but we are going to have a crack at getting through this anyway.

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    • Yeah….I was in Home Depot today getting a few supplies. The store was empty, by the way. Sunday! There was a guy standing near me at the cash register. We started talking and, basically, both of us were saying we thought this response is too ‘over-the-top’. But then I said, “Regardless, don’t try kissing me, man! Stay back!” He said, backing up and making a sign of the cross, that the thought never crossed his mind. Still, it was a close call. Gonna get me a cruciform next.

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      • You ARE the curves! Me, too.
        I figure I could make it to October based on my ‘obvious’ reserves. Sal has about a week in reserve and even that is optimistic. The gal has dropped bricks and stones during her ‘surgery time’. How do you lose weight doing nothing? I am guessing that she is 120 whereas before the op she was maybe 135. That gal gets ‘slim’ just sitting there. I gain a pound if someone just describes a nice meal they had last week.

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