Risky business

We may risk it….and go to town.  Not ‘little town’ but the Big Smoke.  Vancouver.  Yeah, you read that right: Dave and Sally may go to Vancouver in the time of Virus thus proving, once and for all, they are not quite right in the head.

“Why would you do that?”

Well, the moho is not ours and some of my buddy’s children are unexpectedly returning to the family home and he could use the ‘room’.  So, ‘doing the right thing’ is part of it.  But the other part is that this might just be the safest time to travel – you know, when they say ‘Don’t travel’?

No one is out there right now.  The ferries are running half empty and no one is getting out of their cars.  That means we should be able to get all the way to Buddy and back and NOT have to interact with anyone save for a credit card transaction or two.

Sal will bring sandwiches and a large thermos of tea.

Armed only with tea and sandwiches the seniors braved their way towards the eerily deserted urban jungle……… 

Of course nothing ever goes as planned.  And unexpected things usually involve other people and well, we are very likely riding to our doom.  Still, one has to do what one has to do, right?

Into the gaping maw of the ship of death drove the two seniors……

The real challenge is staying overnight.  Doing a full turn-around in one day is difficult, exhausting and just a smidge rude to Buddy so staying over night is ‘proper behaviour’.

No one knew it at the time but little Timmy was a super carrier…….

The moho has bad tires.  That does not portend well.

They knew it was a bad part of town.  But it was the shortest route.  The sound of a tire blowing out was the last thing they needed…..

‘Course, if you get a flat tire in the big Ugly, they will likely fine you if not arrest you.  And, if the authorities don’t screw up your day, you might just have to deal with a gang of diseased squeegee-zombies trying to spread Covid-19 on your windshield.  It can be a bit harrowing in skid row in the time of plague.

One coughing, hacking, diarrhea-splattered street person grabbed the mirror of the moho and would not let go.  He kept licking the outside of the vehicle despite the old man veering from side to side and getting the big behemoth beyond the speed limit.  The virulent street-limpet was laughing hysterically as he hurtled toward certain injury.  The screaming sound was coming from Sally.

“We have to go back.  I parked the Pathy behind you.  It’s still back there!”

“OK.  I’ll turn back but I cannot stop.  You are gonna have to do a tuck and a roll.  Careful of your knee.  Are you armed?

“I have a thermos?”

“That will have to do.  Good luck.”




7 thoughts on “Risky business

  1. I just heard from a blogging friend. They live in Eugene, Oregon, but have a winter place in Florida. They’ve talked it over and feel it is safer to get home than stay in one of the states with the spreading virus and a governor that isn’t doing much to help. They actually bought a small travel trailer to make the trip and not have to sleep in their vehicle or worse, a motel. They used to be full-time RVers so they are used to traveling the route, but that’s a long, long way and who knows what could happen. Rhode Island is setting up checkpoints to keep outsiders away. At least that isn’t along their way. – Margy


    • I agree with them. Staying in Florida seems suicidal. I confess that even going to Vancouver seems like risky business but I may go….and I may not….this is a very deliberated-over decision but, in the end, it will be a ‘gut’ decision. I have friends in government and the Heath ministry and they are imploring everyone to just hunker down. Do nothing. And….that makes sense for them….keeping the contagion to a minimum. On the other hand, they are writing from their office. They are traveling on the government chopper. They are holding briefings. And the ferry captains and crew are at work. I suspect that now will be better than later but….well….we’ll see how the gut feels a few days from now.


  2. Hey Dave the traffic is awesome. I wish there was a pandemic every week.
    Gimme a call if you want to swing by the shop and pick up some free filter screens.
    I guarantee they’re virus free !



    • Thanks. The decision is still pending but it’s more likely we come and do the moho return than not……but NO kissing, OK?


      • hahahaha. no worries brudda.
        No hugs, No Kisses.
        Just drive by with the window open and I’ll toss in the “goods”.



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