What are they thinking?

I am just ranting again and so any reader should take this with a grain of salt, a dash of lemon and a good scotch. I really KNOW nothing about epidemics except that I do not like ’em. But, here’s the point: In all of January, Wuhan counted under 100 infected people. They eventually revised that number as things were revealed but, even with mis-counting, lying, bad bureaucracy and bad testing, the number of cases acknowledged was nowhere near 1,000. Not then, anyway. Today, there are almost 2.5 million cases in the world and over 160,000 dead. And it is still spreading. Turkey just passed Iran in cases. Canada, which was doing very well just jumped from around 1000 deaths to 1500 in just a couple of days. Other countries that were doing well have slipped and are now suffering again.

By the way, my ignorance of Covid-19 has, so far, been well-matched by our so-called experts. They have missed a great deal. I do NOT hate or blame them but, face it, they do NOT have all the answers yet. It feels like they do not have even half of them.

And Trump is urging a return to work, an easing of containment restrictions, a ‘let’s get great again economic remobilization plan’. In effect, Trump is encouraging indirect genocide. The man is trying to kill his own people!

And worse, Bubba and the Deplorables are protesting for that very same re-opening. They want us all to get close and personal again. Sell MAGA hats. Maybe swap some spit…..shake hands….don’t wash ’em….and basically play pathogen roulette. The president is insane, orange and simple. His followers are literally the new-zombies of the apocalypse. This ‘movement’ is a horror show of internationally criminal proportions.

And other countries are contemplating the same madness!

“Well, you see……we can’t seem to beat it. And it costs us too much to try. So, if you can’t beat it, you may as well join it. We’ll just factor more deaths into our economic statistics. No biggy. We lose millions every year but we still make money. Oooohh, gots to get us some more money!”

If 1000 people can start a worldwide epidemic in 60 to 90 days, exactly what kind of idiot would ignore the 2.5M active cases spread now-strategically all around the world? If 1000 people can do that kind of damage, what can 2.5M do?

I know, I know……‘we are close to a vaccine, we understand the disease so much better, we now have masks’ and other band-aid nonsense is more and more commonplace. That does NOT make it right. In fact, as my mother used to say, “50M people CAN be wrong!” And 50 million is just about the number of Deplorables. They are wrong.

Seriously. This virus is far from ‘done’ and any talk of re-opening anything is premature. Any moves actually undertaken will constitute negligence in the extreme and any leader (gag) who even hints of it, should be criminally prosecuted.

8 thoughts on “What are they thinking?

  1. Dave you have Trump confused with some one who cares. They are not his people as he lacks the ability to have people. They are just things. Like cows dogs etc. There is no ability to feel compassion. In order to have compassion one must have the ability to love. He has neither. Serious personality disorders going on. He is losing money and he is the only one who matters.
    Someone just told me they thought his mother must have been abusive and which is why he dislikes women. They went onto day that is why he never really picks at Nancy Pelosi. She reminds him of his mother. She frightens him. Ok enough amateur psychology.


    • I have few illusions regarding Trump. He’s obviously insane and the fact that the entire US ‘carries on’ while a madman cavorts everyday in front of them is mind-boggling to me. But…that Trudeau…? Or even Merkel is thinking of opening up, too? Can’t these people think outside the money-box?
      Btw, nice to see you here, SS.


  2. Dave you are entirely correct! I have no crystal ball but Trump is fomenting and inciting insurrection. A mass pandemic favours Trump. Imagine the powers Trump will try to seize, on his path towards a totalitarian government with Trump as the dictator. So far these thoughts are in his fevered mind. But Covid 19 might well be Trump’s springboard to totalitarian rule. I get it people will say it can not happen here. But if you do not lift a hand as Covid 19 ravished America, obviously Trump and sycophants see a way to benefit bigly from a weakened country in need of a strongman.


    • “Trump is fomenting and inciting insurrection. ” Agreed.
      “A mass pandemic favours Trump.” Disagree. It might help Putin but remember, most of the ‘base’ are poor, unemployed, stupid and without health care. He’s gonna kill his base first!
      “Totalitarian rule?” Agreed. That’s what he wants. But he won’t get it.
      The real question is: why do 325M people allow an idiot to cavort on the White House lawn every day and treat his madness as anything but pure insanity? Why do they put up with it? Is it ‘respect’ for the office even if a chimp is in it? Every psychiatrist in the country would commit that idiot in a heartbeat. They have the tools to remove the tumour…why not use ’em?


  3. Trump’s base is not urban or suburban voters. I’m guessing that Trump’s rural voters will by comparison to closely packed urban and suburban voters will be less affected by Covid 19 virus. I’m guessing Trump’s mostly white base will survive.


    • Maybe. Most people will survive, actually. The fatality rate is under 3% and likely closer to 1%. But that is not the point. Poor, unhealthy people are the hardest hit and Bubbas are over represented in that group. And rural Bubbas still get together to breed, drink beer, shoot guns and crash cars. Especially NOW. They are making a stand!
      His group may NOT be eradicated (sob) but they will be hit.
      Oddly, I do not wish dumb Bubbas an early demise. Honestly. But I vainly hope they will see what being stupid alla-time means. I hope they learn.
      No….I am NOT holding my breath….


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