And now, heeeeeeere’s Kevin!

As you all know, I have a friend who is a smidge ‘out there’.  He not only believes in conspiracy theories, he probably KNOWS most of them.  AND he definitely follows some of the alt-right conspiracy theory sites.  Kev is a guy who suspects any kind of power while employing a vivid imagination in the so-doing.  I sometimes tease Kev and say, “Kev’s a nut!”

For the record, Kev is NOT a raving lunatic.  Probably NOT even a nut.  He is definitely an eccentric and his interests are inclined to paranoia but he, himself, is sociable, pleasant, sane, skilled in his profession and basically a good guy.  One of the heroes in our third book, Accidental Fugitives, was created from the best parts of Kev’s personality.  Unselfishly helpful – totally supportive of the old couple fugitives, Kev helps them escape the authorities.  Hard NOT to like the guy.

So, when he sends me another ‘whacked out theory’, I tend to at least glance at it.  And I did again, today.  Kev sent me a site that claims Bill Gates is planning on ‘chipping’ the world’s population using a Quantum tattoo.  Furthermore, Bill patented the invention and the number of the patent is the sign of the beast, 666“Part of the planned New World Order, Dave.  Check it out!”

So, I did.  And, guess what?  Microsoft DOES have a tracking monitor-thingy that records your heart beat, pulse, blood pressure and other vital signs.  Potential for much more.  Sorta like a smart watch but smarter.  The number of the patent is very close to WO2020060606.  The whackos point to the 3 x 6’s as being ‘666’.  I am guessing that the patent starting with WO means something else in the patent office but it does eerily stand for ‘World Order’.

So, then I checked out Quantum tattoos being developed by MIT in concert with (gasp) Microsoft.  Also true.  Seems the tattoos may replace vaccinations.  I hate to admit it, but I didn’t read it all.  Reason: reading patents and their descriptions will never reveal ‘all part of the plan for the New World Order’.  The patents will be couched in terms like ‘medical advancement in hygiene’ and that sort of thing.

Now, before I go on, please know that I do NOT believe for one second the official story behind 911.  On that topic, I sit in Kev’s camp.  That was a plot, a well-executed plan that used young Saudis as the scapegoats (mind you, they were likely thinking they could fly aluminum foil into steel reinforced concrete buildings and make them fall down in their own footprint while knocking a third building down without actually hitting it if they got real lucky).   Who or what or why the real ‘bad guys’ did it, I have no idea.  But aluminum jetliners do NOT knock down steel buildings like the WTTs.  Of that, I am certain.

So, back to Kev………….he’s a nut!  But, but, but…………Microsoft is, indeed, potentially ‘near’ a technology that maybe, could, perhaps (if there was no oversight) track people from cradle to grave.  To be fair to Kev, governments have tried to and mostly succeeded in doing just that ever since the social security number was invented in the US in 1935 and emulated by Canada in 1964.  What started out as a benign way to manage people’s pensions has evolved in to a virtual ‘identity number’ that all citizens are now obliged to have.

Someone will be (if they haven’t already) making the argument: “Why not just chip all babies at birth?  And then, why not just chip everyone who comes into the country?”  And, depending on how sophisticated the chip is, the government will know even more about you and your life than the credit card companies do now.

It IS a brave new world.  Kev thinks it’s a plot to control the world.  It’s all a techie plot (by Bill?) to control the Brave New World Order?  And that, dear readers, is the plot line of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, Brave New World, published in 1932 and maybe inspired by the issuance of social security numbers in the US.  The story isn’t new.  But the technology is.

It’s a stretch but…………………..well, in this case, Kev may be right!

22 thoughts on “And now, heeeeeeere’s Kevin!

  1. A minor point is three times six is 18. Three times six is not 666. So setting aside the conventions of math notation Kevin’s theory has flaws. The biggest flaw is that claim has a specious basis.


    • Not so. It is not 3 ‘times’ six. It is three ‘sixes’ as in the number I put down. A REAL criticism might be that each six was separated by a 0 but, of course, that is all part of the ‘mystery’. The biggest weirdness is NOT the number. The number is the number and the number is issued by the patent office. And, why would a guy plotting to control the world even HOPE to get a 666 number (OK, 060606)?
      The interesting thing, for me, is that governments have been moving this way since the dawn of ‘authority’ over others. So, chipping us is NOT really new. And Bill ‘working on that’ is really an extension of smart watches and now, the weird Quantum tattoos. I imagine that they will advocate for chipping everyone soon enough. So, ‘Why write that blog?’……because Kev is the odd guy out a lot. When he MIGHT be right, I have to acknowledge that.


  2. Gosh! I feel like I’ve graduated. Maybe I’m not really a nut? I’m excited! I’ll try to keep feeding that perspective.
    Actually, what I do lot of is research. The world is a fascinating place to explore, especially through the internet. There is plenty of disinformation. There is also [plenty of truth]. The trick is sorting out which is which. A lot of the Truth is being hidden from the public nowadays by censorship in search engines, social media, and Fake News (fake and controlled “news media”, or propaganda networks)
    I like what Robert Ringer says about it:
    “Reality isn’t the way you wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be, but the way they actually are.”
    I’ve read nearly all of Robert Ringer’s books, perhaps 30 to 40 years ago, and feel that reviewing his philosophies have brought much rational thinking and good into my life.

    For about the past 25 years I’ve called my self “Practicalman” online. Dave had first met me, online, at: Mother Earth News Magazine web forums. It was a mostly un-moderated place and had some lively and open discussions back then. The publisher’s, I feel, ended the forum when controversy broke out on the forums around topics such as 9/11 Truth, The Need for Controlling and Reducing the Human Population of Planet Earth (Eugenics, to save the environment), and UN Vision Global Government to save the Planet. The corporate owners of the magazine were globalist owned and didn’t like where the discussions were going, so they just just suddenly pulled the plug on the online web forums (ostensibly, because they changed their web servers, but essentially it was suddenly gone, never to return, we all lost it, and it was nowhere to be found…).

    It was one my first experiences with cyber censorship, which is way way more common, nowadays…
    Over the years I’ve seen many online places, where participants could speak freely, disappear. Now, there still are “viewer comments” where people can speak their minds but more and more even those now are being selectively deleted or removed. MANY Youtube videos that I’ve saved links to over the years, on my channel’s “favorites” or other playlists, have disappeared. Facebook same way. The website of my local TV station, where I go to watch the nightly news and local weather, has comments sections below each video news story. Many of my comments get removed. Lately ones about the New York Doctor Vladimir Zelenko and how he has almost total success treating covid19 patients using HCQ/ZINC/AZITHROMYCIN (over 1,000 patients with NO Deaths, none on respirators, and most being found “virus free” after just 4 or 5 days!!). Nope, can’t say that on the local nightly news comments. I’ll post the comment and next morning it isn’t there…..

    I kept in touch (online) with Dave and Sal over the years. They even stopped in to visit me in person once, on one of their seasonal travels (where, I guess, my character in Dave’s book came from). I was kinda flattered to be included as a character in a book. Dave wrote a pretty honest and realistic description of me.

    You guys should go and research for yourselves about the NEW WORLD ORDER and what they are doing, especially with the covid stuff. It is not simply nutcase theory stuff. I promise.


  3. Following the odd conspiracy theory from time to time keeps my mind sharp and keeps me critical on everything which is going on in this world…at least the part that we are aware of…there is sooooo much going on that we ‘ordinary’ folks have no clue about, like the really wealthy guys arranging all kinds of crisis situations to gain even more money.
    And I have to agree David that I also don’t believe that a plane can knock down the towers. I have seen pictures of “sharp” cuts in the main beams, that can not have been caused by a plane impact.
    With this current COVID crisis, we are even as we speak already being monitored through our cell phones, and although our government claims that we are being tracked anonymous, it makes you wonder….
    I am in a Manufacturing Industry Steering group here in Belgium, thinking about procedures to be put in place to get the economy up and running again, and 1 of the ideas is to give each one a bracelet, that warns you if you are less then 1.5 meters away from anyone, but also monitors constantly where you are, so in case of a COVID infection, they can trace back who you have been in contact with the last 2 weeks…makes me scared as hell to give up so much privacy !


    • I will venture that he doesn’t believe the official account. I have to admit to my own doubts. That super secure jailhouse had guards who slept their shift. AND JE was on a ‘suicide watch’ rather than just an incarcerated person watch. So, a suicide watch in a super secure facility and the guy does it anyway? But, getting back to what we know…….nada, zip, zilch….and the mind abhors a vacuum.


    • It is a different subject, but do you think for a minute that presidents and royal family members (shown in photos and flight log manifests, with the royal pimp) have any problem whatsoever ordering the staging of fake suicides of those in prison in a position to expose their vile disgusting inhumane behaviors to public scrutiny???
      Is NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE’s published interview of a govt. medical doctor who witnessed the autopsy of Jeffry Epstein authoritative enough evidence??


  4. Anyways, for many new informational sources online a person has to go find it. Seek it out, so to speak. Always smart to fact check thing from new places to be more certain they are not just BS. Others, that one feels are particularly relevant like Dave’s Blog here, can be subscribed to. They’ll send you an email that a new posting is available and here’s a link to it. I have a number of subscriptions like that. They give me email notifications of any new posts. Makes it easier than always having to go hunt for new posts at a long list of websites. Hunting is still good for discovering interesting new things…

    A few months ago, while searching out covid virus and vaccine and NWO stuff, I came across a site that I feel is relevant for such things and subscribed to be email notified of all new posts.
    It is called American Intelligence Media (AIM). They had very detailed information on virus patents, even showing links to pages at patent offices where one could view in detail the actual files they described. Today, they sent me an email. Notification of a new posting at their site. There’s a link to an audio file of an interview, and a list of “facts” about a personality in the news lately. Normally, one should always verify claimed facts. Some on the list I already knew from elsewhere. I also have come to have pretty good faith in AIM from having read a good bit of their website in the past.
    It is about Bill Gates. I think it interesting and worth sharing:


    • Dear Kev. Dear, dear, oh dear……I hope I did not create or, rather, unleash a ‘nut’……..?

      The occasional attachment is good. Too many is bad. How many is good? When does too many become bad? There is no fixed amount – it depends on what you are saying. It’s basically a judgment call. So, let me ask you to use your judgment first. Then, if we aren’t close on that, I’ll exercise mine. This is not a rebuke so much as a reminder that MOST people will not entertain, even for a minute, anything even resembling conspiracy theories. And most of my readers really HATE it. I have one regular reader who hates it when I write with a slight political slant! You can imagine what he thinks of conspiracy theorists (yes, he believes the official 911 story). To be fair, I do not write FOR anyone but myself. I need to express myself. This is more civilized than other options I have considered. And I have even tried a few of them. So, I have to respectfully request that – even if we are talking conspiracy theories – that you NOT see that as an invitation to promote it. Or attach stuff allatime. OK?
      That is not to say that, if you come across a real humdinger that is absolutely irrefutable, you shouldn’t share. Just use judgment. Less is more.


  5. Falconer’s novel was published about 2003 and it just might be the genesis of the anti Bill Gates conspiracy theory. Some book stores are moving dystopian fiction novels to the current events shelf. 😜 stay tuned Chicken Little says the sky is falling. Mother Goose the gossip embellished this trope.


  6. Bill Gates donates 36 billion dollars a year to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation doing scientific research in Africa and on other continents. It seems that 36 billion has bought Bill a ‘train wreck’ of conspiracy theories. His foundation is working on cures to many tropical diseases. Finding cures to disease is a good thing isn’t? 😱!


    • Yeah. It is a good thing. I am inclined to think ‘Bill’ is a good guy doing his best. That does not eliminate the possibility of his work being exploited and corrupted. His intention for ‘chipping’ or whatever may be as pure as fresh snow but, when his patent runs out, or the government WANTS it, or whatever, his control over it is finished. I like Bill Gates. I like Alfred Nobel. I like Einstein. But those are just three whose learned findings were misused by government.


  7. Prometheus is to blame he stole fire from the Gods. Nobel developed synthetic rubber. Einstein did not develop the A-bombs. The ancient Chinese invented gunpowder. And the first caveman invented the ‘bad hair day’!


    • I confess that I KNOW that the Chinese invented gun powder but I also KNOW that Nobel was credited with dynamite. They are NOT the same but are often thought of that way. Einstein did NOT invent the A-bomb but his theories laid the path to it. But you KNOW that is not the point. The point is that an invention (or most things actually) have a yin and a yang side to them. Confidence is great. Arrogance is not. Conviction is good, stubbornness is not. They are all the same thing to a different degree. And so it goes. My point is simple: Bill is likely very good and very great. But the ‘tools’ he invents or employs can be misused by others. A guy with a company employing thousands cannot expect that ‘his work’ might NOT be misappropriated and used for the opposite of what he intended. C’mon, 123. You KNOW that!


  8. Nonsequiturs.abound. Did you see the movie the “Butterfly Effect”? A butterfly flaps its wings…and your know the rest. A very minor point is that Nobel did not invent nitroglycerin, he did not invent the other constituents of dynamite. The common attribution to Nobel is misleading. The Wright Brothers are credited with inventing aircraft but they did not. Ford did not invent the automobile. Tens of thousands die on American roads each year but no one blames Ford for the carnage. Conspiracy Theories are full of nonsequiturs. I know you realize this …but, but, but. Such attributions bogus.


    • Attributions to individuals ARE bogus but it is the person who opened the Pandoras box. Then we look for someone to blame but it is rarely the box opener. Blame is what is IN the box. Bill is not to blame for smart chips. In theory they COULD be good. But everything has a yin and yang. The chips can also be bad. History suggests we wrestle with the morality of that new thing every time. Good? Or bad?
      From my perspective it was just a learning experience. …..until the planet began to suffer. Now there is no learning time. Now we get it or we die. I think we are gonna lose this time so I keep sayin’, get out! Get out now!


  9. As a society many appear to love myths and myth making. The myth of Atlantis, urban myths, the pizza joint with secrets in its basement all have the common thread that, “it might be true.” Each of these myth have various flaws in logic or contain nonsequiturs that are often dismissed as not troubling or important. Some myths have become very deeply held that even a gentle questioning of their truthfulness can trigger irrational responses. John Lennon sang, “Imagine there’s no heaven”! Imagine Obama was born in the USA. Imagine Bill Gates is a philanthropist it ‘easy if you try.’ But for some John Lennon is an supposed atheist, Obama was assumed to be born in Kenya, and Bill Gate is likely the 666 beast prophetize in the bible. It might be true, it might be true so goes the echo of circular reasoning. The necessity of truth telling is one of foundations of a thoughtful society.


  10. I’m watching the free preview (a 2hr episode airs daily for a week) of the new series called “The Truth About Vaccines”, just watched the second episode today! And no, there is no mention of any billionaire philanthropists… Just the history, science, and legalities of the pharmaceutical vaccine industry. It is an eye opener that I would highly recommend!


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