I am encouraged

It was to be expected, I suppose.  Trump just got even more insane this last week.  I mean, he’s totally nuts and he’s under a lot of pressure and his usual defense mechanisms (lying, distracting and making crap up) are now fully engaged in almost everything he does.  So, he’s got nothing more to work with.  We can SEE him even more clearly now.  He’s getting stretched tighter and tighter and getting crazier every day.

I confess that suggesting injecting Lysol and drinking bleach achieved a whole new level of crazy but, honestly?  How much more madness needs witnessing before they call for the straight-jackets?  How much crazier does he have to get?

So, I am encouraged.  Why?  Because incrementally even the right-wing lunatics are seeing the scribbling on the wall.  Even Fox has lessened their support.  His ‘base’ is becoming less.  According to some sources, and as determined by mid-term and congressional election results, his base has fallen officially by at least 5%.  Given that he scraped into office by the skin of his teeth when he won, losing five percent almost guarantees a loss in November.

But it is NOT the official 5% that makes me feel better….it is the estimated 10 – 15% that are quietly re-thinking their allegiance and loyalty to such an incompetent POTUS.  This guy is now acting crazier and crazier every day during his televised Covid-19 speeches.  Even Bubba has to see Trump’s ‘distancing’ mentally on stage from his normal gang of stooges.  The guy paces behind when someone else is speaking and looks like he isn’t listening one bit.  Even Bubba has to be wondering if drinking bleach and injecting Lysol is really such a good idea when the top doctor follows Trump and immediately contradicts him on that same stage.  Even Bubba (inside that thick, uneducated skull) has to be rethinking…..

The point: we may want to re-start our own inner-Bubba and review our acceptance of our own great leaders.  You can always count on some deeply bigoted Conservative to jam both feet in their mouth with racist crap.  Canada’s Lynn Beyak will give any Bubba a race for a swastika tattoo.  As will Derek Sloan an MP from Ontario.  But they are NOT real leaders.  We have no REAL leaders.  We really should get some, don’t you think?  NOW is the time to make changes.  NOW is the time to demand changes!

As the US moves to Ex-lax Trump in November, 2020, shouldn’t we be at least reviewing OUR choices for Canadian Grand Poobah?  Our next election is in 2023.  That is a bit far off but it would be good if we could use the time to do what Justin promised from day one – electoral reform.  The system we have is simply NOT working.  It didn’t work for the poor, dumb US Bubbas and it doesn’t work for Albertan or Ontarian Bubbas either.  And it sure as hell doesn’t work for me.

Covid-19 exposed us to more than just a virus.  It exposed the incompetence, elitism, ignorance and waste of resources our respective governments wallow in every day.  We need to change that.  If we employed just one electoral reform every election, we might have a chance at rescuing a system that has gone so far off track…..so far off track that the President of the United States is the official Clown Prince of the World and our own grossly inept Prime Minister looks good in comparison.



16 thoughts on “I am encouraged

  1. I’m heartened too because instinctual gut opinions are slowly being confirmed by factual criticism. Trump is crazy and here are the facts that support this conclusion: he suggests drinking Lysol to fight the C 19 virus. Later he said he was just being sarcastic. During a pandemic what competent President would make such comments? Not a President in command of his faculties. Once criticism become fact base the claims are harder to dismiss as specious. Trump is deeply flawed is not an opinion but a fact supported by evidence.


  2. I want to pass on a new independent documentary,streaming well, and free.
    Titled “planet of the humans” about 90 minutes
    Michael Moore is involved peripherally, no spoiler, but film does a good job of pulling back the curtain on the false future current green/sustainable initiatives are promising.


    • No! It was Harper who fired all the scietnists. Harper is two steps into the alt-right. Take Harper’s Nazi, authoritism and Trudeau’s infantilism and you get Trump. Harper and Trudeau are both idiots. Why bait me with that question? Two stupids do not make a right!


  3. same everywhere in the world….and as far as changing the election system…we are doing that in Belgium for the last 20 years, so now we actually have 5 governments in 1 small country, contradicting each other every step of the way….and voters swing every election more and more ultra right and left…also here NO REAL leaders left. And chaos becomes bigger every year. We had elections 1 year ago, and still NO governement, we are at a total standstill and now they want re-elections, which will make things even worse. Fortunately, we have a good INTERIM prime minister who does NOT promote injecting bleach


    • Well, there is a good point: Change can be worse! You are right. If Trudeau makes so many mistakes all the time, what makes me think he will get anything right in reform? Thanks for that – I may stop calling for change. The system we have is bad. But it could be made much more rotten. Sheesh.


  4. I think you are dreaming about electoral reform. Trudeau will come back with a resounding victory, sans any change, except with greater power. He is owed by all the freeloaders who have and will have received handouts. Their numbers are legion and growing. Elsewhere, someone commented thus:

    Guys, is anyone else starting to be angry at the government? Every day there’s a new announcement about giving another billion dollars to help this or that group of people…. seriously, how deep in the hole can we go? I can understand giving billions to support health care related sectors (hell, please do!) but literally supporting everybody and their cats is insane.

    Why did I bother keeping emergency money all these years when the government ends up bailing out the whole country? The economy has been shutdown for about 6 weeks. Can people really not pay bills for a couple months? What will pay for that, my taxes??!

    That individual represents the proverbial cry in the wilderness. Only a few of us feel that way.

    And as for the Trump-loving Fox alluded to, I will admit to having been somewhat taken in by “fake news” of which the following is but an example:

    I should be hunted down for even considering the possibility that our politicians could be mistaken.

    And I should probably be hunted down for simply accepting Trump as the status quo about which I can do nothing. I find the hatred against him fomented by Canadians a bit disturbing. Why so much vitriol? No doubt it explains things like the Nova Scotia killings. Build up enough hate and it seeks violent expression.


    • Well, I do hate Trump almost ‘beyond reason’…so I am guilty of that. I hate Trudeau, too, but that feeling is commensurate with his idiocy and incompetence coloured by his elitist entitlement. His speaking style adds another level of nausea and disgust. But, you see, I am just a smidge to the left in my politics. And Trump is an alt-right, idiot-bigot who only loves money. It is easier to hate him more coming from my perspective. Don’t forget, most of my lefty-ness is really GREENIE-left.
      I would NOT have bailed out every doofus who can’t pay their rent. But I sure as hell wouldn’t increase the annual subsidy BAILOUT to Big Oil, ether. We can afford rent and food more than we can afford paying oil executives their bonuses.
      Our extra hate-on for Trump is likely due to the power he has. Trudeau runs a tin-pot nano-economy based on resource extraction. All he can really do is posture. Trump can cause a lot of damage and has.


  5. Most Canadians do not hate Trump! Trump is a sideshow circus clown! Who hates Bozo the clown? Trump has the nuclear codes, he is petulant and dangerously misinformed. ‘’Injecting Lysol!’ America is in the depths of a pandemic with 50,00 dead citizens and Trump is in court tying to take health care away from 20 million Americans. As Trump said about his Lysol remarks, “I’m being sarcastic.” Sarcasm aims to wound, to injure. Is that why he is in court sarcastically trying to take away health care from 20 million Americans? So far Congress has approved three trillion dollars in aid for the pandemic stricken America economy. Obviously America can afford Medicare for all? All over the world nations are injecting money into their economies to avoid a deep world wide recession. Canadians do not hate Trump. How would you describe a person who tweets early morning, watches TV till mid morning, rolls into the Oval Office around noon refuses briefings, in the afternoon holds a two hour news conference denying his roll in the spread of C 19 and screams fake news when challenged! Trump is not an object of hate, some fear him, some pity him, some do not understand him, some love him unconditionally. Good old irascible Donald he is such a sarcastic kidder giving those snowflake liberals a kick up the ass. Yahoo! So let’s cheer as institutions are ridden into the ground. Did I mention Trump is currently fomenting a war with the Iranians. The Ebola fighting W.H.O contradicted Trump so let’s undermine them. Canadians do not hate Trump, and they do no hate the weakest among us. They do feel apprehensive.


  6. How can anyone take Trump for serious? The guy is constantly acting as a little kid whose favourite toy has been taken away. What frightens me even more is that the chance was big that he was going to be re-elected…can you believe that? Tells a lot about the competition on the other hand. But with the largest nuclear arsenal just a few inches away from his fingertips…kinda scary!


    • Agreed (not about the medal – but thanks). It is the nuclear football/codes/suitcase that I fear. I sincerely hope that some sane person carries it and keeps it AWAY from that Orange Clown. That possibility concerns me a great deal. Even posturing to Iran is another mad display. It just keeps coming.


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