Breaking News or Broken?

Trusting the mainstream media fully is silly.  MSM is a for-profit business/industry that is owned by billionaires and much concentrated in a few companies.  Probably Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner and Silvio Berlusconi are the most powerful voices but Oprah Winfrey is close.  Disney owns FOX News!  It is a small but powerful group and, of course, efficiency and profits are more important than truth and honesty.

“Hey, it’s not personal (or true), it’s just business.” 

While the motives and practices are less than noble, the process of ‘delivering the news’ is downright ridiculous.  Because making money is so important, news gathering has also been consolidated and turned into ‘feeds’.  Wire services.  That basically means the ‘news’ gets picked up locally, summarized by a freelance reporter and sent to a local news gatherer who, in turn attempts to pay for their reporter by selling the story up the ladder.  And so it goes until Reuters or Associated Press picks it up (the story has been bought, sold, rewritten, edited and ‘slanted’ to get that far).  Then Reuters and AP put it on their ‘wire feed’ to all ‘client’ MSMs and they, in turn, rewrite, summarize and ‘slant’ the story to the media outlets that run the story for ‘their’ audience.  Like the old party game where the players relay gossip around a circle, the last story teller bears little resemblance to the original story.  It is a flawed system but it has been honed over the years so that a car accident in Nairobi becomes a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv within hours.

It isn’t always that bad because stories are compared and competed for.  Some reporters are well-intentioned (but all carry a bias) and good business practices make for some fact checking before the story goes too far up the ladder and then down the chain.  But one thing is for sure; whatever is being reported is not 100% accurate or true.  That’s just the way it is.

I have no idea but I am guessing that news gathering gets naturally corrupted simply by the process.  But, when the news gathering became consolidated in the hands of the BIG corporations, it became more corrupted by the profit motive.  If you read ‘fringe feeds’ from different countries, you get the impression that the ‘FAKE NEWS’ companies get maybe 75% of the story basically right and maybe 40% of the facts and details right.  But I do not KNOW because I am NOT on the scene for every story and, even if I was, the story always happens BEFORE the reporter gets there.  The reporter is relying on witnesses, too.

Like I said, it is a very flawed process.

In my lifetime, I have been close to, part of and even the subject of maybe half a dozen stories that got reported and maybe only one that got half way up the wire feed scale.  In every single one of the stories, the reporter either got the gist of it wrong, the details and facts wrong or they, themselves, added a slant.  Sometimes it was not the reporter but their editor.  Because all of my stories were ‘social causes’ type stories (Skid Row, Refugees, living aboard boats, delinquent youth and the like), I was usually the beneficiary of the reporters bias and the facts and the details were edited to make my/our efforts sympathetic to the reader.  They lied and I looked good.  But it was NOT accurate or true.

Like agents tell their clients, “Do not believe your own publicity!” 

Eventually, of course, the unscrupulous began to use that system for their own ends.  “Any publicity is good publicity.”  And the rich began to ‘buy’ their news stories by heavy advertising and direct payments.  Then they paid BIG bucks to ‘bury’ bad stories and a whole generation of ‘tabloid’ papers came out selling blatant lies or burying obvious truths.  Think: National Inquirer and their ilk.  They took the flaws of the MSM and exploited the stories even further eventually getting to the point where they just made up crap.

The problem with the National Inquirer media model and similar is that they were so bloody ‘hokey’ any thinking individual with a 3-digit IQ knew it was crap and stayed away in droves.  Those 3-digiters relied on the MSM knowing that their stories were adulterated by profit motive, efficiency-reporting, summarizing, editing, time-slots and the like but probably at least half-true.

It must have dawned on everyone reading this that the real events of the world are so varied and different every day that they could not possibly always ‘fit’ into a neat News Hour so precisely timed that commercials were inserted and still be fully accurate.  In fact, even newspapers always managed to ‘fit’ all their stories in a daily issuance almost exactly the same size as the day before.  We all know LIFE is simply not like that but, to be fair, we the reader only have so much time in our day for the news, lies and propaganda.  It really all HAS to fit for us to ‘buy the paper’.

There is much more, of course, to the decadence and corruption of the news industry and the information we are all given but I am already closing in on my maximum word allowance, too.  So, I have to get to the point…..

Just because the news is so flawed, that in itself DOES NOT MEAN the rise of the alt-right, amateur news desk hucksters on You Tube are better.  In fact, they are actually using the waning credibility of the MSM to propagate lies and spin THEIR propaganda that is 100% biased and lacking in truth or fact.  The MSM dropped the ball and the amateurs DID NOT PICK IT UP.  They simply threw a lot more balls on the field and made up a new game confusing everyone.  No one knows the truth anymore but on this you can be sure: the alt-right and the amateur talking heads are 100% lying.

And someone is paying them to do it.

6 thoughts on “Breaking News or Broken?

  1. Are you like many Canadians getting a copy of the “Epoch Times” in your letter box at the post office? It has a series of Conspiracy Theories” blaming the pandemic on the People’s Republic of China. Falun Gong is reputed to be the publisher of the “Epoch Times.”


    • No. I have seen some ‘Epoch Times’ ads but it smacks of the same thing…..weird amateurs trying to ‘sell’ their theories. I prefer adulterated half-truths from a dozen different sources that I, personally, distill into what I believe. Crazy as that may sound…


  2. 15 or 20 years ago, news in papers and on television used to be a lot about local news, a lot about national news and then the REAL highlights about international news. Now whenever someone farts the other side of the world, it is headlines all over the news. So we are literally mass bombarded with “news” …fake or real….and we spend a lot of times trying to find out what is real and fake. But as you said…BIG money involved, so they have to keep the live feeds filled with all kind of crap. Another good reason to go OTG so that at least we can spend our time on things that really matter! World economy is now directed by a few very rich and powerfull people and organisations….and we little guys are just tiny sand grains in the big desert being blown around


    • I agree. It is kinda hopeless. One nice thing about living OTG is that money is NOT a factor in day to day living. People trade, barter, gift and help one another all the time WITHOUT any mention of money. Of course, we all need the bloody stuff in the outside world and even OTG now and then. But I haven’t carried a wallet in 15 years unless I go off island. I haven’t worn a watch or a tie either. OTG is NOT removed from the rest of the world, but it is one big step in social distancing before it was even called that.


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