It’s all a plot by the Chinese!!!

Mike Pence is now promoting the idea that China so badly mishandled their ‘Wuhan’ virus, the rest of the world is suffering on purpose…kinda.  Ooooh, bad, bad, bad Chinese.

The WHO and the CDC have declared the virus was naturally occurring and Pence and Trump reluctantly seem to have conceded that point.  NOT accepted it, but NOT arguing.  Instead, they can still shift the blame to the Chinese anyway by criticizing the PRC/CCP for ‘doing such a bad job and then covering it all up and likely stockpiling supplies to screw us all over.’

So, the Trump administration is looking for someone to blame for the mess they are in.  Scapegoating.   Does anyone find that surprising?

Despite the science saying it was a natural virus and despite Japan, Korea, Iran and Italy being decimated right in front of his eyes while he denied the severity of it, Trump wants to blame the Chinese for the predicament he and his woefully inadequate White House are now facing.

The USA was not even in the vanguard of the virus.  The virus visited itself on Asia and Europe and the Middle East before it made significant inroads into the US.  But while Rome was burning up with fever, Trump fiddled.   Trump denied.  Trump wished it away.  What a catastrophic ass!

Harry S. Truman once famously said, “The buck stops here!”  It was also the motto on his desk.  It meant, Everyone else may have passed on taking responsibility but that is not going to happen here.  If the problem gets here, the responsibility is mine.

Trump has reversed that ethic.  “It is not my responsibility.”  “I do not take any responsibility.” “It is not our fault!”  “Those health supplies are for us, not ordinary people!” 

And now: “Blame the Chinese.  It is all their fault!” 

If you are a MAGA Bubba, are you proud?  I mean is this ‘da man’ you want to follow?  Is this the POTUS you would ‘take a bullet for’?  Really? 

This may offend some readers but here goes: It is bred into the male of the species to provide and protect.  Or, rather, it has seemed to be that way over the ages.  Men are supposed to face the physical dangers to protect the rest of the family.  Then, if the family is safe, we are obliged to go get them some food.  Maybe a roof.  A fire would be a nice touch.  In other words, to be a real man is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for provisions and protections.

Fortunately, we are not expected to do much more.   

Presumably, the president would be a real man.  HE would provide and protect.  HE would take the responsibility.  Or at least the president would be a really, really smart and responsible human being (female).  But this president is a shame to his gender.  Well, a shame to the species, actually.  I admit that most of us males are pigs in some all-too obvious ways (especially him).  But most men would still step up to provide and protect.  It is one of our basic, primal traits.  That feeling comes with muscles, size, savagery and ambition.  Indeed, we are pigs.  But we are pigs in a blanket..we want the family to be happy, warm and sleeping close to us.

This dickhead is just a pig.

6 thoughts on “It’s all a plot by the Chinese!!!

  1. Well, the US had their fare share of stupid presidents, but this one really hits the jackpot! I have never seen any president before acting so stupid and childish as he does (well, there are a few others now in other countries, it seems a lot of people are voting these days for the wrong people (maybe because of a lack of better candidates), which is telling a lot of the state we are all in. Even the reporters in the White House press room, who are used to some pretty stupid quotes, can’t believe their eyes and ears….and sometimes you see eyes rolling in the background by one of his staff as he is launching one of his stories, but so far, nobody dared to take out the straight jacket and take him away in front of the whole world to see. Would Hillary have done a better job? probably not, but at least she would not have dared to suggest to inject bleach to kill the virus. How can the most powerfull country in the world keep supporting this guy? And if it had not been for the virus, he would have been re-elected for sure…now we’ll have to wait and see. Most of us in the world keep our fingers crossed that he loses the elections, and that someone just a little bit smarter will be the new POTUS


    • I was not convinced he would have been re-elected. The US is so divided and, though the division is close to 50/50, it is NOT 50/50 and I could foresee him losing anyway. But, for the record, just about anyone would be a bit smarter. And if their were lacking all his personal flaws, they would look, act and sound a LOT better. Would Hillary have done a better job? How could anyone do worse? So, even tho I found Hillary one of the few women I would NOT have voted for, she undoubtedly would have done better. I didn’t like her because she was a cold, dead-fish kinda person and I prefer a bit of ‘spark’ in people. But she also came with baggage so the split would have endured. So she would have done NOT MUCH better.


  2. pig or not, hes got tons of support. hail the USA. hail the American people.

    Florida man labels boat ‘TRUMP’ after blocked from flying Trump flag on dock.


    • There is no real explanation for a Trumpeter. Anyone supporting him is mad. But there is some reason for WANTING a change from the way things were, the swamp, for the corruption and lying. Bubbas may be bloody ignorant but they know unemployment when they see it, they smell corruption, elitism and rot. Sadly, the went for the wrong guy. And Biden will NOT shake that tree so the Bubbas will still be mad. The US needs a true revolutionary president who has morals, ethics and integrity and the ‘charisma’ to convey that to a ‘charisma-expecting’, celebrity-obsessed, uneducated rabble. Oddly, 79-year old Biden is looking at Gretchen Whitmer (48) as his VP. Likely scenario: Biden doesn’t last and the US gets their first woman president.


  3. Well, if someone like you describe would stand up and be elected, how long before he or she shows up in someone’s crosshairs? Because for sure the elite would NOT like that person!


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