Hmmm….I may have been a bit shrill…..

I am constantly on and on about getting off the grid.  I kinda harp on it, to be honest.  I think I am getting a bit shrill.  Apologies if it is annoying.  But I realize now that the OTG message I have been repeating is a bit simplistic and further, not quite, not entirely, not fully what I really feel or mean.

For the record, going mostly and purely OTG is absolutely what I feel for me – even tho I am technically pure, I am not.  Not really.  I am too close to civilization to be pure.  But this is heaven for both of us.  96% pure is close enough.

But the urging for others to get off is less about selling them wilderness and more about stress reduction.  I am really urging you to get out, get out now!  ….of the rat race!  Get away from the money culture.  But I don’t really care if you go all Dan’l Boone when doing it or if you find peace and happiness sitting in your living room in a condo somewhere.  What I really believe is that peace and happiness are more abundant out here but anyplace that does not create fear, loathing, stress and worry will do.  Hell, some of my OTG buddies are technically not OTG at all.  They have roads and power.

And I am not too far from a road.  I have mod cons.  We shop at Save-On.  And Costco.  Seriously?  How Dan’l Boone is that?

But HAVING services is NOT the definition (or not) of ‘living’ the OTG lifestyle.  The OTG lifestyle is one of being outdoors more, doing more of your own physical work, fixing, building, living frugally, even minimally.  Being creative.  Being in the moment.  It is really an exercise in finding peace and happiness other than consumerism, politics and materialism.  You can have services and mod cons but the OTG’er doesn’t really need them.  Or, better put, the OTG can do for themselves when required.

Wim in Europe, Sid in his chair, DC in his downtown office, Untidy in Oz….the list is endless, really.  People want out but are not too sure if they want to go TOOOOOO far out.  They see the dysfunction around them.  They don’t like it.  These folks ‘feel’ that the system is off-track and they see OTG as a desirable way to deal with it but, but, but…well, the timing is not quite right.  Stars not aligned.  Money tied up.  Not yet the wilderness.   And I get that.  I waited til my timing was right.  But those folks just named already get me.  They understand.  They know that I am using ‘OTG’ as just a convenient shortcut describing different-from-URBAN.

I do have a problem with urban, I must admit.  By that, I mean; urban urban.  Crowded, line-ups, traffic, expense-at-every-turn, pollution, police, extra taxes, rules, regulations and God-knows-what-else.  I do not mean the modern services quite easily obtained in a small town.  In fact, small towns seem to be the best of both worlds so long as the town is far away and the land parcel you live on is big.

There has to be room for the wildlife, ya know?

3 thoughts on “Hmmm….I may have been a bit shrill…..

  1. I read you Loud and clear!! Living the rat race is NOT it…life OTG definitily is! I can’t count the days where I get up early, work 11 or 12 hours a day, pick up my daughter from school, get home, eat, and then it’s bedtime for her….not the kind of life I want for her or myself!! And working till 65 to pay of the mortgage, get retirement to find out big part of your life has passed..makes ME think more and more! I just tasted a little bit of BC and Vancouver Island…definitely not enough OTG (Vancouver Island), but Read Island seems OTG enough for me


    • Good to hear. I do not want to sound like too much of a preacher-man. Just trying to share a bit of what has turned out to be good news for me. OTG or even semi-OTG is probably good enough to reduce burn-out in the rat race. I have some friends who went to small towns and they are very, very happy NOT to spend two hours in traffic, all their income on mortgages and worrying about everything. from parking meters to the Air BnB next door. They like the small towns!
      I do, too. I just like whales, wildlife and wilderness more so I am happier OTG than semi-OTG.


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