A real OTG adventure: part two

My friend and his ship remain at the secluded bay up the coast.  He’s not done there yet.  Murphy got involved.

Firstly, ‘friend’ has three boats.  There is the big Mama and then there is the little baby boat (LB).  In between is the mid-sized Big-Boy boat (BB).  The two smaller ones are ship’s tenders.  You need small boats with which to do things that are too difficult with huge, old tanker-ships.

As you have gleaned from the previous post, ‘friend’ works around the tides.  When the tide gets close to being low enough, friend goes to work on Big Mama and, naturally, his focus is on the work-at-hand and not on the two other boats.

Murphy, however, attended to them.

As the tide dropped BB got hung up on some rocks, tipped on it’s side and filled with water as it sank.  It did not go too deep.  The bottom is shallow, after all.  Still, it filled with water and sank in the deathly shallows.  While friend cleaned and scraped big Mama, BB sank deeper and disgorged the usual workboat flotsam and jetsam into the area.  NOT pollution per se (he is a Greenie) but definitely unsightly and messy.  Maybe a few wine bottles, ya know?

When he discovered his new gift from Murph, he waded over to the mess and started to ‘sort’ it all out beginning with the wooden pallets he had obtained earlier and stored inside BB.  He carried all of them through the water and stacked those pallets on Big Mama.  Of course, as he was dragging the last pallet onto Big Mama’s deck, the stack of pallets he had just put there, fell over and the free-falling pallets fell on his ankle and leg.  Nothing broke except the silence of the bay as friend bellowed out to Murph!

But my big toe feels his ankle pain.

The next day it poured and poured and his leg was kinda mushed so not a lot got done.  Still, he is not the type to just sit it out and so he went back to BB to try and right it.  In the process, the boat, half submerged, moved unexpectedly and pinned his arm and wrist between a rock and a boat-place.  The wing got squished.  Friend bellowed again.

He limped his sorry butt back to the Big Mama and poured wine with his remaining good arm.  He hurt from fingers to toes.  BB still lay on it’s side under water.  Friend’s mood was somewhat dampened by events and he couldn’t wait for Murphy to leave.

But, the next day is another day.  And it was not raining.  So, it was potentially a good day.  He limped through the remaining clean up and will eventually get to addressing how to ‘right’ BB.  That task wouldn’t be easy if he had a crew of three and everyone was a young buck.  Assisted only by the omnipresent-but-never-welcome Murphy, friend has his work cut out but, knowing him, he’ll succeed.

Or, he will hurt something else, drink more wine and keep doing it all over and over again until it is done.

I mentioned that he was a smidge obstinate, didn’t I?


2 thoughts on “A real OTG adventure: part two

  1. Well, I must say I have had some injuries while working at home or in the garden, but this is for sure a different level. I guess the risk is a lot higher and the nature of the injuries can be a lot more severe then out here. Plus the added effect that he is alone doing all this work, so in case of him really breaking an arm or leg or getting trapped, he will be in serious problems. So even more respect now!!


    • It’s true what you say and..well, not so true, too. Self protection becomes a heightened attitude and, after awhile, you can do a lot more than before simply because you are more aware and act with more care. It becomes a habit. But, also in truth, accidents do happen to everyone and, when they do, they are often a bit more severe. Especially as we get older. Yesterday, I had to take down a tree near the house (it had split and was half-fallen only to be hung up in two other trees. These were not huge trees but about forty feet and 10-11″ in diameter. There was no way to safely take the first tree down so I made it safer by roping it up. The butt couldn’t kick out (biggest fear) because it was tied to two other trees and the ‘hung up tree’ had to be felled just right or the first could fall my way. I must have looked at that tree for 30 minutes before cutting it! Then, after the cut, with the damn thing standing still on it’s stump but having been cut all the way through, I stood back and threw a ten foot log section at it and it jumped off it’s stump but still staying hung up. THEN I took the second tree down. Everything feel as planned. And my Adrenalin was up! Took a few minutes to ‘calm down’. In the old days, I would just cut-and-run. This slower, old-man way is safer.


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