I backed off a little…..

….regarding writing about the sky continuing to fall. Everyone needs a rest from the doom and gloom and, tho it seems to be even more gloomy these days, I backed off. I even told a little story about me being a car thief instead. You know how it is? At the end of an hour long bleak newscast, the anchor then puts on a toothy smile and does a 30-second piece of a bird that steals car keys or a dog that loves a stuffed bear or something. Something cute, ya know, to take the edge off? Since I am much the same shape as a stuffed bear and I stole a car – my ‘theft’ story should have been a little bit cute.

The problem with a bit of levity in the time of Covid is that it is somewhat forced. One has to try hard to find something pleasant to write about these days (if you are even so inclined). Mind you, I should be. I am more fortunate than most if not all. I live in heaven with an angel and everything in our life is almost as rosy as Sal’s cheeks. Despite all Hell breaking loose everywhere else, we are happy, content and (knock on wood) healthy. We are good.

But there is no question that Covid is on a second surge. It may be that the first surge just ramped up (as it appears to be the case in the US) but many countries seemed to get the curve flattened and even dropped it some only to just recently see the curve arc upwards again. That is not good.

A year of this will pretty much knock most modern societies out of their ‘first world’ comfort and third world countries will be devastated. Second world countries (loosely defined depending on who is doing the categorization) usually include the old satellites from the days of the Iron Curtain Russian bloc like Poland and Hungary and will likely fare more like first world countries (poorly) and may, once again, become ripe for invasions by neighbours. The short term prognosis for maintaining a mostly stable global’civilization’ is starting to look somewhat grim.

How does one prepare for the diminishing of a global civilization? What do you need or count on from other countries? Is that even the way to think? Stocking up on Belgian chocolate and Scotch? Will an eroded world re-visit regularly scheduled wars and international aggressions? Will migration cease? Will we all go up in smoke? Will Covid-20 and 21 also pay us a visit? Exactly how do you deal with a world going to hell in a handbasket? It is not like any of us (maybe Elon is a possible exception) can get off the planet (and then, where do you go? Mars?).

I do not mean to be the harbinger of doom even tho I have always seen the glass as half-empty. I am a Celt, after all. Maybe even a Druid! I think I am just writing it as it is……but I do not know for sure, of course. So maybe the better way to end this is to simply ask: Can anyone see a brighter picture over the next year?

Let me help prompt one….if a vaccine gets developed and distributed, that might keep the inevitable depression to one year or close. That would be good. Trump will likely be gone – thank GOD! But, of course, Biden is all about the status quo and the status quo won’t exist for some time. So, he may prove almost as inadequate if that is even possible. And we Canucks will likely still have Trudeau (OMG!). Climate change isn’t going anywhere. Cancer is still with us. The world may unite over this common pandemic threat and the repercussions but, then again, the right-left divisions may get worse. Oil? Tourism?

It will be a crapshoot for awhile I am afraid but the bright side is that maybe this is the kick in the pants we all needed to ‘get it all together’. I hope so.

Good luck out there, my friends. We may be in for a bit of difficulty throughout 2021. I hope I am wrong.

9 thoughts on “I backed off a little…..

  1. If I might suggest please continue to write about life’s challenges but not in list form. W. H. Auden wrote, “About suffering they they were never wrong the Old Masters:
    How well they understood its human position: how it takes place
    While someone else is eating or opening a window or
    Just walking dully along…” From “Musee des Beaux Arts.”
    Suffering is ubiquitous, sometimes intensely personal but also for many a matter of complete indifference. While certain others pass from view having not been aware of suffering as experienced by others. The ‘slight of hand’ some times used to justify some types of suffering is to call it penance. Birth to death are suffering. Life is sometimes called “a veil of tears or life’s a bitch and then you die” according to some pop culture sayings. The position of suffering in our lives is essential. Consider the lives of the Lotus Eaters in “Ulysses.”


  2. Your thief story was cute.
    I’m feeling particularly gloomy. If I was a betting person I would be tempted to put a bet on the collapse of the banking system. Phew, now I don’t have to write about that since I’ve shared that thought.
    We need that vaccine in a hurry.


  3. I am not sure even a vaccine will solve things. Maybe it’s like the flue, and there will already be different strands of the COVID, so we might not be protected against the different strands then. And when the vaccine is available, who do we give it to first? probably Trump will buy all of them and hand them out to his followers. The vaccine will calm things down for sure, but will we ever get rid of Covid again?


    • Despite my Druid’s eye view, I think a vaccine will control this thing – even with the already-present mutations. We humans have some natural resistance, obviously. If we can double down on that or even do better than double with a vaccine, then that ‘herd immunity’ concept may prevail. Regardless of the long term view, the short-term one is a smidge bleak, methinks. I suggest that one should plan for a very disrupted year. Gotta food pantry? Got 3 months of Rx? Got delivery services lined up. Genset? Fuel? “Why?” Because those services will falter at times. Some imported foods will be ‘no more’ available and people will be spending much more time at home.


  4. Quarantine over so now we spend all our time at the cabin. Not much difference except we can go out in the tin boat fishing or cruising around, and make grocery runs to town. By the third week of quarantine on my groceries planned to last one our meals got really creative. Thank goodness for a well stocked pantry of foods designed to last long term. Good thing we chose to be “Accidental Residents” years ago. Trying to do it now would be close to impossible. – Margy


    • I agree. If Trump gets in again, I am sure we will have a lot of ‘Mericans saying, “That’s it! Let’s go. Costa Rica? Canada? Mozambique? What’s your preference, dear?” “Sorry, honey, we do not have as much choice as we once did. A lot of countries are not receiving ‘Mericans any more. We may have to stay here next to Bubba and the NRA for awhile.”
      I am glad you made it. There are millions of great ‘Mericans and we could use ’em.


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