It is a rare blog that blows no-one any good at all – not even me!

The C-19 and Stupidity Virus blog got precisely ZERO comments.  That might be just fair judgment by the discerning few in my readership but there was at least ONE good point (describing Dumb, the patriot’s disease) and it was also backed up by a bit of history (Hardhat Riots).  I figured one good observation was good for at least one good comment.  I erred, optimist that I am.

It is also true that my hordes of readers have dropped in number these past few weeks.  I have had over 200 on a good day but now I am getting only 75.  That’s a 60+% drop in popularity.  But, when that happened to Trump, he got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!  That is hard to understand.  Blogging is a tough business.  Popularity is a tough business.  Trump seems to be gaining popularity by being repugnant.  It all seems so crazy to me.

And, given that I do NOT DO ANY BUSINESS on my blog, it becomes impossible to even make a buck anymore!  Or keep my customers, anyway.  I could go under!  Well, OK, I never did make-a-buck and, in fact, lost $60.00 every year for the cost of the internet service provider so maybe I am part of the problem?

Mind you, along the same lines of this new reverse logic, I am always disappointed that I never win the Lotto and yet I never buy a ticket, either.  Hmmmmm….a pattern may be emerging…….

Sal says I am also not eligible for CERB.  “You don’t make any money so that means you can’t get any, ya see!  If we made some money, then we could apply and get some more.  It is simple when you think about it.” 

It’s all a bit odd now, don’t you think?   And I am having trouble learning the new ways of thinking.  I was looking at a new Yamaha 50 outboard.  It cost about $9400 in BC.  But the Internet told me that the engine cost $8400 in Australia.  I assumed that the $Aus dollar was worth more than ours – you know?  Currency differences?  But, no!  Actually the $C dollar is 4 cents better than Aus so the math does not explain the almost $1000 dollar difference.  It could simply be that we are Canadian and we pay more for everything and that is simply the way of things.  Crazy.

In my worldview, most things are currently sideways or totally upside down.  The only right-side up part is that I am far away (not far enough!!) and don’t have to deal with the increasing madness on a daily basis like I used to have to.  Either the world is getting crazier or I am.

Could be both, I suppose.





21 thoughts on “It is a rare blog that blows no-one any good at all – not even me!

  1. Sorry I did not comment earlier I needed to wash my hair. I had to go shopping. My internet was down. I have no excuse actually. Your previous blog was musing on the the divisions within America and from my speculation America was founded on divisions. Many waves of religious freedom seekers arrived and these controversialist set up shop. Not all of them ‘played well with others.’ The First Nations were not pleased. Many other new arrivals were disaffected for various reasons and had mindsets not conducive to buildIng a nation based upon mutual respect and compassion. The religious pacifists lost and America became bellicose. This belligerence spread to most levels of society. America was expected to be a “a melting pot’’ of tolerance but contrary to this aspiration became instead insular and self promoting. Very tribal and claiming in some cases moral superiority. For some the divisions started with ‘original sin‘ and if one dared to disagree with this orthodoxy, one will be crushed by the Trump believers.


    • You make a very good point. Without thinking about it, I may have ‘bought into’ all that patriotism and boosterism and flag-waving crappola and thought somehow that the UNITED States was, in fact, UNITED. Silly me. You are right, they have been a collection of disparate and divided ‘tribes’ and ‘mini-nations’ for as long as I can remember. Maybe they will never get it together?


      • I believe ‘They’ were mostly together, do me time ago when they had (perceived) good leadership, or
        Strong Leadership. I’d bet that was in deed just perceived, as those folks have pretty much always done for themselves and their pals as opposed to ‘Us’ folk, but c’ la vie (hmmm, spelled correct?🤔 I can’t recall now.) Tho it seems BIG Biz has really moved in since Nancy & Ronnie lived on Pennsylvania Ave.
        And Thanks for seeing my point!😉


  2. Sorry to hear about your dropped viewership, but I couldn’t let some comments stand. I really enjoy your posts. Like minds on most things it seems, tho you may say it more eloquently… and funnily.
    And I have no capability to understand the world today, specifically the US, do rarely feel inclined to comment, and not because I’m too old. I am Me, and have been for sometime now. I just can not fathom why people would idolize a dolt, save that he makes them feel good about themselves, their sad, pathetic selves. It is hard work to be Good, to be Honourable, to be factual, to be ‘true’, and so perhaps here in lies the root. It is so much easier to follow a git like Drumpf than to try to stand tall and straight like an actual ‘fine’ person. Most politicians are actual cretins, but to try and compare oneself with how JFK was viewed at one time, or better yet, Honest Abe, that would be faaar too much work for the lazy, grossly out of shape, plainly stupid ‘Bubba’s’. The orange git is far more their speed, no? Don’t have to be in shape, dont have to be honest, dont have to work, hard, whatever, to be ‘just like the Leader of the Free World!!! I’m JUST LIKE Him! How cool am I?”
    Very sad, and pathetic.
    Anyway, please keep shining your light on our world. The Left Coast version of Rick Mercer?😉😆🤣
    and take good care.
    Our Best to Sally as well.


    • Thanks, DW, for the sentiments but, unlike many, you have not been overly exposed to David Cox-Mercer West for as long as they have. They have been worn down over the years. Seems I am a bit like sandpaper. At first, it is to make things smooth and nice but, after an interminable length of time grinding away, I can start to grate. Too much is unbearable.
      So, maybe I just throw blogs at folks more intermittently?
      My problem is that I get my buttons pushed and since Sally has learned to selectively mute my voice, I have to rant to y’all. Hmmm…maybe we get another couple of dogs?


      • Dogs, go with that! Ours, two Karelian Bear Dogs, a Spectacular Father and his dotter, and an incredibly lovable Maremma pup, 7 months old and almost 100#’s, have treed a black bear and a cougar mom with youngin’ and chased off a Grizz and are a continuous source of pleasure.😉😊
        But I have been a ‘follower’ since finding, and enjoying, your 1st book, which helped, in it’s way, to bring us here. We are just back Home from town yesterday evening btw. We both, and both of us from Big cities, dislike going to town now. Hot, smelly (relatively), noisy and with too many unpleasant folk, it is no longer for us. There is just sooo much peace, quiet and comfort here, at least since the couch arrived.
        And as I said, we are of similar minds on a lot of your postings, so if anything I’m not worn down as much as I have “oh there’s Dave again, speaking out for my mind!”
        A mass suffrage for you I’m sure.
        But PLEASE just keep on. Sooner or later, you WILL catch on. I do not believe that the fate of the World is to be run by Bubba’s… for much longer.🙏🙏🙏 😉


  3. Thanks again, DW. But, for the record, I do not really have to catch on…I just do not like ranting into thin air. I need a bit of feedback. Helps me learn. Helps my perspective. Helps me know what people are thinking and finding interesting.
    Our somewhat new ‘country life’ view of things is kinda weird, tho, don’t you think…..? There we were in the traffic, on the cell phones, driving with a knee while we slurped up a glop-burger so that we could make it to the next appointment on time? To NOW this: where I have to ask Sal at least once a week, “Sweetie? What day is it?” And sometimes she doesn’t know either!
    Cougars, bears, dogs and trees….a great mix for a lotta fun.


    • Yes! that does come up, “Hon, what day is it?, every couple of weeks. And Yes!, that was our old Life. Things are so simple now, tho somewhat more difficult, but we’ve both lost weight and are defo more ‘fit’, and I smile. A LOT. And often because She smiles. A LOT. It is kinda weird. To be Comfortable, Content, Relaxed, working and happy, together, or resting and happy together, and just Happy. I do drink more possibly, but I feel so relaxed, and work plenty hard so am thirsty!😉😋
      I’ll need some pointers on wine as I cant keep drinking the CRoyal, even if it is with Coke and Butterscotch schnapps! (DeeLish!)
      We have a long way to go, as you know better than most, but We go more hand-in-hand than ever! Life is GOOD! and Beautiful. 4+ months in and it still baffles me sometimes, how We did it, and then We smile.
      Cheers David. D.


    • and those with a soapbox sometimes must preach to the emptiness. I believe it is the continuance that builds both character AND a loyal, growing following. You may have to trust me on this.
      Also, our K Bear Dogs are quite middle weights, at 70-75 pounds, but their tenacity and their prey Drive is off the charts! and they have shown their true colours in that, they WILL put themselves between Us and Harm’s Way, but otherwise Excellent dogs. Truly.
      So J David, PLEASE keep up the fine work. Night!😴😴😴


  4. C’mon, Dave. Big boys don’t cry. (How un-PC is that?)
    ‘Merica is a complete mystery to me. But you did hit a nerve as a few days I rang my father for Fathers Day. Somehow the conversation got around to Trump and I found out that he is a supporter. WTF! After some inflammatory words between us, I hang up on him. Thus proving that “you, the left, cannot even have a conservation about these matters.” These matters being why Trump is good for the US. Now why would this old dude from Oz want to buy into this fantasy? He doesn’t even have a FB account. He does however read some of Murdoch’s newspapers here and watch the equivalent of Fox News.
    Anyway, you saved me from writing a post about this incident which nobody will want to comment on either.
    Now, I must go and have a shower. I feel dirty …
    PS. I hope you and Sal get an antibody test one day. To see what comes up. I suspect that there was a lot of undetected virus circulating in the early days.
    PS again. Your friend with the Karelian bear dogs! They are big MF dogs. Don’t mess with them.


  5. Please keep doing what you’re doing. And although I am one of the newbees, and there’s still a lot of sanding to do…, ALL of your posts are wonderfull. I have to admit I am more fond of the nature/whales/OTG posts, I do admire your posts on your view of the world/US/Canada. Although sometimes I miss the detailed background of living in Canad/US (as I am living in Europe), there are a lot of similarities with what is happening in the US and Canada. Fortunately, we don’t have a Trump character yet (although we have some vialable candidates popping up), but we also definitely see a swing towards extremism, hate for the “other/different” one, and COVID has only made this worse. I think more and more people really start seeing what challenges we will be facing in the (near) future, and there simply is NO answer from our so called leaders. There has been NO real leader figure in Belgium for like 15 years, so we are stuck with mediocrity and politicians without visions, taking decisions based on “getting as much votes as possible”, but without long term vision. So there is NO plan from them, NO vision, only chaos, spreading fear and hatred. That’s why more and more people are thinking about “getting out”.
    And to the “other” David….I really admire that you have taken the leap, and that both you and your wife are smiling more…I hope I can be part of that same feeling one day.
    I was putting new electrical wiring in my stephson’s future house, and I couldn’t stop thinking about 1 of your previous posts…Maybe I could bring some usefull skills to the island and community 😉


    • Thanks for the admire, but we are just following our Heart’s desires. And we did it because we could! Why not??? One Life to live, well our two, why not live it the way we wish?🤔
      We were inspired by Sally & David, and quite a few others of a similar bend, and I’m SURE each would say the same: We are far Happier and quite a bit Healthier, so truly, Why not? For us we knew what we wanted, we found it, after making sure that we were ready. There was many… MANY hoops of fire to get through but we just did each one, mostly one at a time. If you chip away at the stone somewhere down the road you finally fond yourself where you wished to be. Focus and effort and PLANNING, some sacrifice and sweat and then…
      Here We are! I wish you all the Best, but do NOT fear. There is sooo many questions and things that need doing and learning, and the answers ARE Out There. Do the work and then enjoy the fruits of your Labour.
      Life IS GLORIOUS for Us, as you can find on a number of YouTube channels and quite a few blogs. FREEDOM!!!
      J David just says it funnier and more to the point than just about anyone!
      Following our Hearts worked for us, so far!😉😉😉🙂😎 🙄🤔


  6. Sorry brudda.
    I’m still working almost 7 days a week. I had two days off on the longweekend! First time in months.

    Coupla observations then off for coffee.

    I had similar symptoms back in Jan / Feb as did my co-workers, was it a regular flu or Covid? God only knows because THERE WAS NO WHERE TO GET TESTED! and 6 months later…..there are barely a few places to get tested. 6 months of Dr Bonnie Henry’s monotone, record skipping, message is beginning to grate… And lets not forget Sweden where they didnt lock down (and ruin the economy) is having a DROP in current covid cases …

    The braying donkey desperately spewing his vile pestilence has proven his incompetence. A national medical emergency and (according to audio tapes to Bob Woodward of Nixon expose fame).he LIES to the American people about the severity of the situation.because “he didnt want to spread panic…..errrr not good enough Donald….time for another Senate hearing to crank up?
    His last election was as much about NOT electing “crooked” Hillary as it was about electing him.
    Biden doesn’t seem to have as much baggage and fair or not, the Bubba vote may look at another man with less disdain than a rich, elitist, educated ex-Presidents wife( who, unfortunately, had the charisma of a turnip on the podium).
    Also Facebook , Fake News, Hacks and fake rumors by other govts( Russia, China, etc) seem to be getting censored or stopped.
    We shall see Nov 3rd how badly Trumps loss may be
    Then we get to watch the spectacle of biggest LOSER Trump…. go loudly into the night.
    If you think he is an obnoxious jackass now….just wait for the vile, infantile, racist, sexist, garbage he will spew before the inauguration of Biden on Jan 20th 2021.
    BLM protests will be a cakewalk compared to the lies and insurrection he will stir up “stolen election” “mail fraud”
    The man is a, certifiable, narcissistic idoit who blames everyone else for his failures….

    The World Economy
    We are sleep walking into another major recession.
    The covid shut downs are but the last knife in the back of an economy on its knees crawling along with low interest rates.
    The politicians have borrowed and loaned to the hilt with credit rating agencies cringing at what will happen next.
    “Helicopter money” tossed out .from on high by the billions and trillions of borrowed govt dollars to the indebted, out of work, mobs below All while interest rates wallow at historic rock bottom levels.
    How will govts stimulate growth in the next 12-24 months?
    They cant lower interest rates to negative numbers… Japan tried that and have been stuck in stagflation for 30 years.
    While in Canada we have a manic Prime Minister who( while under several govt investigations for influence peddling wind their way through hearings until prorogued) mistakenly believes he is the messiah and his politically correct, gender equality,anti racism, pro every sexuality, profligate spending will save the planet.
    The Sept 23rd Throne Speech is his new election platform. He will announce how Canada will fix global warming, gender inequality, racism, sexism, and all the other “isms” you can think of by printing more billions from thin air, a “Universal Basic Income” , raising newer carbon taxes.
    If CERB was any indication of how lazy Canadians can become with “free” govt money…… I cringe at the results of a UBI … Ontario tried it under a Liberal govt. An expensive, …failure.
    But it will all be justified under the new “green” agenda that wraps its arms around the minority causes far and wide…. hurray!
    Why ( or How) can a Prime Minister in a minority govt suspend Parliament for months on end and spend billions ( more money has been given out than the “emergency” of the Second World War) we dont have and then have the unmitigated gall to announce…he’s going to do it again.
    Dont we all feel better standing in the soup line while paying much higher taxes?
    The result of much higher taxes in Canada will be an exodus of money. jobs, and the economy along with the dollar will tank.
    Well, if we look on the bright side, there arent as many fat people in that social “utopia” called Venezuela…..they all starved.

    You might want to order that outboard motor now before it costs $14,000 Canadian

    Time for coffee.
    P.S. Is the smoke thick and gray on Read Island?


    • Smoke is pretty bad. Visibility maybe, barely one km. It was thicker last night – today a slight improvement. Waters are still. Very little air movement. I agree with everything you said save for the ‘Green agenda’. They do not have one. Not even a washed-out pastel version. Other than that, we can share a foxhole, MRE’s and ammo when the time comes.


      • I think the only “green” agenda Trudeau may be interested in is having any company bidding for govt contracts hire his wife, his mother and his brother as “consultants”…….

        But he has the enviro nazis fooled.


  7. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. We finally got the Bayliner in the water after 9 months on the hard. Not surprisingly had an engine glitch that cut short our planned cruise at the end of August. Got back out last week and did enjoy five days of marina hopping until a pothole at Squirrel Cove broke my pinky finger during a nasty fall. A rush back to Powell River emerg set us back two days. We just got back out on Friday to go to Refuge Cove (no, I’m not holding a grudge against Squirrel) then the smoke got us. Back in town now so we have Internet again. No, you haven’t lost me as a reader. – Margy


  8. Ah, you’ve been vindicated! “They” love you after all.
    Pretty hard to remain optimistic, even while dwelling in Paradise. I try to look on the bright side, even though it’s disappeared in a (thick) haze of smoke. But it could be worse – we could be living where it’s being generated!
    We just had a +/- 50 person COVID aware B/D party (it was a seminal event) without the slightest evidence of contraction!
    I refuse to contemplate on the outcome of the travesty brewing below because, looking on the bright side, it can’t be any worse than what I expect to happen.
    And isolation? I thank my lucky stars that I had the foresight to abandon the Urban Mess some 10 years ago. I much prefer isolation!
    So, I guess there is a bit of optimism sneaking through.
    Be well!


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