I was wrong!

As you know, I saw the Capitol riot as more of an accident of somewhat predictable circumstance. For the actual mob participants, it was just a confluence in madness erupting almost spontaneously and, generally, just a very messy political rally made bad by a few rotten apples. I attributed to them the desire for Selfie-based fame on You-Tube and social media as much as anything else. I did not attribute insurrection or rebellion except on, perhaps, a few individuals accidentally, circumstantially acting together ‘in-the-moment’. I did NOT see a plan. I did NOT see organization and, in fact, I did NOT see a clearly defined mission or goal for the mob at all. In fact, I saw it much as many dumb Bubbas who were there claiming. “Hey, I was just there to rally for Trump. I did not charge, destroy or hurt anything or anybody.”

Fiona Hill of Politico has a different point of view and I think she is right. Here it is:


For those not willing to read the article: Hill contends that the riot was simply one of many steps taken by Trump over the years aimed entirely at insurrection. She outlines why the riot was ‘just a step’ along a planned and strategic assault on US Democracy. I may be right about the number of idiots that were manipulated and I may even be right that it was more of a circumstantial event than a truly subversive one but I am wrong in inferring/implying it was all an accident of Selfie-ism or just a one-off event. I even said it was NOT a step in the Art of War tradition.

Well, that part was definitely wrong. It seems it was, indeed, a planned step. Maybe not the puppet-monkeys running around with horns on their head but it was quite clearly part of a despot’s attempt at a coup. Trump planned all that! I honestly didn’t think he had the brains.

Hill thinks he does. Now, after reading her, so do I.

The real lesson: do not get your opinions from social media idiots like me.

8 thoughts on “I was wrong!

  1. This man innately is able to pick what works and what doesn’t work. I think much in the same way serial offenders are able to pick their victims. They are able to understand at a visceral level things most of us do not feel or understand. I would not say he is overly intelligent but he is a damn good street fighter. He is able to pick up on things most would miss. I believe as does his niece he is a psychopath. He does not care because he is unable to do feel those emotions of love. I don’t think most people has ever run into a truly dangerous psychopath so they just put it down to he is a little crazy.


    • Psychopaths, I have known a few. But then again, too few to mention. The only thing I recall clearly is their incredible ability to go from an ‘evil’ presence to a ‘charming’ one whenever they wanted. In an instant. They could be so convincingly charming that any normal person would believe them completely and believe completely in spite of warnings or even facts. Psychopaths influence first, do evil afterwards. Trump is clearly one.


  2. Like you I’ve seen people caught up in the moment and caught up in the crowd. Some were the fire truck chasing types or the type that crawls past a fatal accident to observe the mayhem. The way the narrative is unfolding, I too agree with Fiona Hill’s observations. Trump was in the West Wing glued to media feeds showing Trump’s supporters showing their love of him by attacking the Capital building. Trump was enthralled with the support and was refusing to take steps to end the crisis. Are more attacks being planned?


    • His comment to the press today that the impeachment process was another witch-hunt and would be dangerous is – in Trumpese – a threat. He is clearly saying, “My guys will attack when I give the dog whistle.” Yes, I think there will be more.


  3. I think one of the main reasons Trump failed to have a majority of govt officials join his rebellion….
    He throws EVERYONE under the bus.
    Loyalty means nothing to a pig that can never eat enough.

    He’s now disassociating himself from the rioters….his base….
    Lets see when the MAGA Morons will do when Trump is facing serious charges and starts bad mouthing his 75 million supporters calling them idiots, fools, losers, ,,,just to avoid prison……

    Imagine what 75 million angry people……..thrown under the bus… and finally realizing.
    He’s just another lying, scheming politician that used them…. can do.


    • The basic psycho never says precisely anything 100% damning. They speak their ‘own’ language and it is word-salad of almost secret-code type words. After Hill’s article, that Trumpese language is more clearly interpreted. For me. But, then again, I dislike Trump. Those who ‘love’ Trump are already saying, “If you read his speech, he never said anything about violence at the Capitol.” They do not hear the manipulation, the vagueness the barely hidden message….but it still sinks in. They are like mental puppets and they refuse to see the strings. Most of those 75M will go to their graves thinking Trump was good and they were NOT wrong.


  4. I think we should not underestimate him…he has had decades of “training” and perfecting his manipulation in his other “professional” career. He has been throwing people under the bus for decades and has gotten away with it . So underestimating him might be our biggest mistake


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