Friends, eh?

I have friends from all over the world, spanning all the generations and even all the genders! I have no real idea how I get these friends but their having ‘character’ and ‘personality’ has to be the largest part of it. If there is a real human being in there, I am interested in knowing them.

A filter is not really applied to them – they only have to be interesting and the potential for friendship exists for me. No, the filter is really on me. Many of those perceived-as-interesting people do not find as much interest in me. That is what keeps the numbers down. But when the two ‘potentials’ get together and there is mutual interest…voila…the seeds of friendship are sown.

No, I am not a open-hearted Pollyanna who loves everybody. The seeds can be sown and even sprout but still the friendship might not flourish…but there would need to be a real poison for it to die too easily. I give the seeds a chance.

I mention this because my criteria for friendship does not involve social status, nearby proximity, frequency of encounters, skin colour, religion, gender, employment, skills or abilities, wealth or good looks. It does, however, include a bit of a political bias. I cannot be friends with Nazis, Fascists, fanatics, extremists or Trump supporters. I try. It just doesn’t work.

Having said that, I actually do have a few friends who are Trump supporters. All I can say is. “Well, geez, they may be nuttier than the clientele of London’s Bethlehem Royal Hospital (aka: Bedlam) but these ones are definitely pretty interesting.”

And so I am in contact with a few nuts now and then (Yep…’Merican and Canukleheads). And they with me. One wrote last night.

“Dear Dave,
None of this (the Biden Inauguration, Trump departure, Capitol Hill), is going to be too relevant in a few days. The discussion is going to be moving into
international crimes of high treason (much more serious crimes will be exposed).
Please tell people you care about not to travel, especially to the US, the next few days. I wasn’t sure, but am pretty certain now: Joe Biden will NOT be taking office as next US President.
He will soon be facing a military style tribunal, similar to the Nuremburg Trials after WW2 (along with hundreds of other traitors from the US govt. Perhaps not if he chooses to cooperate?).
Sorry if that is disappointing to you? We do not want to be taken over by Communist China.
We “muricans” are weird that way, at least the actual voting majority of us (including our military…).
While I share their sentiment, I’m really only an observer to history here.
I wish your own country’s politicians the same wisdom of choice.

My friend is warning me and you NOT to go to the US over the next few days (Trumpers are also somewhat unheeding of Covid protocols so he may not be familiar with our travel restrictions since they do not have any). He is warning of violence. He is predicting a trial will be soon held for ‘criminals’ in the US government who have committed high treason. He states that Biden will not serve as president. And, of course, he defends all that as patriotic intent and defending the nation against Communism.

We could argue all that, of course, but to do so would be to miss the point. The point is he believes what he is saying, he is not an instigator nor a participant and he wants me and mine to be safe. But more to the point, he is telling me what he is reading on his alt-right media sources. My guy is predicting – somehow – the stopping of the inauguration of Biden, a dangerous period of a few days, a speedy trial of hundreds and participation of the military or, at the very least, by the self-styled military that dresses the part.

My guy is predicting ‘events’ around the nation over the next few days that will include military action and trials and no Joe Biden. No Kamala Harris. No peaceful transfer.

Yes, you and I are thinking the same thing: they plan the installment of Trump as king.

“Dave! That’s nuts! Never gonna happen. Surely you do not believe him?”

No, I don’t. I agree with you. Not gonna happen. But if an old guy, generally sane (except for the conspiracy theories and alt-right nuttiness), steeped in alt-right readings and media is warning me away from visiting out of concern for me, I have to listen. I do not have to believe, but I have to listen. My guy is not alone. My guy is part of a very large movement or belief system that has plans and designs on the very structure of his country. This guy is quietly supporting the insurrection of the USA and the installation of a tyrant as leader. This guy has traded his country for a red hat. And he has 70M who lean the same way and maybe a third who are not just leaning but are, in fact, kitting up to make that happen.

Am I afraid because of our proximity to the US? No. Not over this. This is just stupid-on-steroids. But I am afraid for the black and immigrant community to some extent. I am afraid for the safety of some dumb-cracker in uniform or worse, a dumber guy in militia garb hurting each other. I am afraid for the longer term effects of this divisive virus in US society. I am afraid of the police swinging the wrong way and becoming even more brutal with people. I am afraid of what Trump called American Carnage – something he envisioned four years ago and is on the brink of achieving.

Bottom line: I am not traveling to the US anytime soon. Maybe never.

14 thoughts on “Friends, eh?

  1. Various theories emerge daily supported by many persons who are convinced that a particular theory is true. A theory that predicted that objects fall at the same rate was proven by experimentation and data collection. Repeated trials were conducted until the evidence that objects fall at the same rate was irrefutable. Likewise someone may make assertions but saying these accusations without proof is futile. Suppose someone asserts or claims the act Crime of High Treason was committed against the USA. How is High Treason being defined and by whom, what is the evidence supporting this accusation of High Treason and where will the trail take place? Is the trial to take place in Congress or where in what jurisdiction? In a civilized society mob Justice is abhorrent. To find someone guilty of High Treason requires legal due process or a legal trial under the Constitution of the US. Making baseless accusations and threats is a meme for some Americans.


    • True. But, again, not the point. The point is: Bubba-friends are warning me not to travel to the US. I find that incredible. There are 000’s of troops and police all over the damn place down there (especially now) and yet, they are STILL warning me away! The days are counting down. Something will happen….or it is just total nonsense. Either my guy has no intel or bad intel or he is right on.


      • Setting aside that the border is closed. Many, many treats are being made on various media platforms warning of imminent High Treason actions against Biden are pure fantasy. Trump is fond of accusing those who disagree with him of treason.


  2. No. An American Apocalypse is all the more reason to drink a lot of wine. And drinking the wine as far from the centre of the loons, the better. Mendoza and the local Malbec is looking better alla time…..but, but, but Tasmania is even further…(I will check out their wine). We’ll see. All it will take is ‘the resurrection of the deplorable Trump family’ and plane tickets will be purchased. Mind you, the public humiliation and incarceration of them will keep me here and glued to the screen……they are a curse coming and going.


  3. If you are both tired (you, Sal and John) of lying on sunny beaches and drinking local wine, I invite you all to Belgium to drink some good wine/beer/scotch and see some nice places. It’s not as nice here as on Mendoza, but still quite nice though!


      • Being a smidge greedy and gluttonous, I will consider doing both. Anyway, John, it is my understanding that Belgium has wine and women…? Still, you are right – Mendoza first. Maybe Tasmania second. But Wim can come….? Bring an older, cauliflower-lovin’ blond sweetie for John and we’ll all meet in Mendoza………she cannot be too young ’cause John can’t run as fast as he used to.


  4. But I must say that this post “stuck” to me….if not just because of its accurate and “to the point” warning. For sure there are a lot of “false” Bubba’s out there too, who are dreaming up wilds, crazy plans that will never be executed. But this warning makes you think if somewhere in this “mass”, there is an organisation, well organised, well funded and containing people crazy enough to be brainwashed by Trump and his associates. What if they aver execute their plans? For sure, the trial following the “coup” will be a big farce. But think about 9/11. Who ever thought THAT could happen??


  5. The following comments do NOT apply to Dave. They might apply to the bugaloo boys. Richard M. Nixon advises ‘that if one hates one’s enemies that this hatred of one’s enemies will destroy those caught up in it’. Hatred is soul destroying. Democracy is fragile.


  6. Dave do you predict a decline in the language of incivility supposedly coming from pro-Trump militias? The folks that carried nooses and zip ties into the Capital?


    • Perhaps we will note a decline in hate speech in PUBLIC arenas like at a Trump rally. That kind of setting and the Trumpist rhetoric ratchets up in a crowd…but there will be fewer crowds at least for awhile. So, some reduction, I hope. But I actually suspect that the hate speech will crank up in the privacy of the militia clubhouse, the KKK ‘castle’ or the Proud Boys tiki torch parades. Don’t forget there are 70 million sad GOP Trump admirers and they tend to congregate. I am afraid all that ugly will just go temporarily underground for awhile and then emerge now and then to ‘test the waters’. If Trump hosts/speaks at a Trump ‘channel’ or gets a special spot on OAN or something, it will crank up even faster. This is an ugly side of a deplorable’s life – they blame others for everything bad in their life and then they carry on making bad choices. It’s a never ending downward cycle.


  7. he’s a bad loser anyway…refusing to attend the inauguration, first time ever! He will probably cry for some time, maybe found a new party. One thing’s for sure, he will not go down quietly


  8. Media reports that members of QAnon are in disarray after dire predictions about Biden’s inauguration fail to unfold. Proud Boys are now calling Trump a shill and weak on social media.


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