Paradise compromised

Some things about human beans remain the same despite knowledge, facts, science and even a strong sense of society/community trying to change them. People have biases. People have beliefs. Some people even gots religion. There is also (out here, anyway) a very strong vein of contrary or counter-conventional thinking anyway. Yep, we have Q-followers, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. We likely even have believers that Bill Gates is trying to microchip us all.

One might wrap all that contrarian thinking up into the term ‘independent’ or ‘free-thinking’ but that would be wrong. There is nothing independent or free thinking about following Q and giving that same kind of zealous support that the general population has for social conventional wisdom. If you follow A or if you follow B, you are still a follower. Independence is quite different than just ‘opposite’ or ‘contrary’.

Real independence/free thinking requires gobs of knowledge (with, ironically, an emphasis on history), large amounts of thinking/contemplation/meditation and a really good nose for the usual BS and now the extraordinary amount of lies and misinformation out there. And that, I am sure is the very least required. Free thinking is almost impossible since we think with words and ‘canned’ information, constructs, thoughts and values all handed down to us when we were really NOT thinking very much at all (when we were kids).

All that precedes the story that our little community has a new split, a fissure, a divide in it. Everyone and anyone connected to this remote community was offered the shot. We had plenty of notice. Some chose NOT to get the shot. We have some antivaxxers and, in a small community, a group of contrarians – altho usually tolerated very well – are not as warmly embraced during a pandemic. One can tolerate all sorts of eccentricities and even whacky behaviour but it is hard to ignore a contagious disease.

Of course, I am tolerant, easy-going and accept those that I privately consider 100% wrong but that is not because I am enlightened and in the Zen of it all….no, I can tolerate it rather well because I got the shot. In two weeks time, the potentially diseased and contagious can kiss me on the lips and I will not care. I will be immune (or as immune as I can be).

But families with children are a bit more disturbed about this potential tear in our social fabric. Kids aren’t being vaccinated and the system is encouraging kids to go to school. Kids play together, interact in class, ride in boats. That ‘pool’ represents a highly connected network for potentially spreading the disease. If all the kids remain out here all the time, they may still be OK but any anti-vax adult NOT immune can pick up the virus in town or wherever adults go and then give it to their kids who will, in turn, give it to the school. Anti-vaxxers are giving the virus a back-door into the community. The pro-vax mothers are a bit ticked because others are putting their children at risk.

Is it a tempest in a tea-pot? It might be. I hope so. If things go well, it may blow over. But, for things to go well, we have to supplement the inoculation program (as inept as it is) by simultaneously achieving ‘herd immunity’ (generally perceived as being 80% of the population being free of the virus). If we get 80% of us clean and they remain disease free for a period of time, the virus loses it’s potential ‘market’ and has to jump too far and less frequently to keep itself going.

The anti-vaxxers are relying on 80% of the community to do the risk-work for them. I am guessing that, with our recent clinic, we might have around 60% virus free or safe within a couple of weeks. 60% is not 80%. 60% leaves 40% to give host to the virus and it’s variants. 40% can keep this disease spreading.

Frankly, NOT getting the vaccine is a person’s choice. I get that. And driving a car while intoxicated is also a person’s choice and I accept that, too. But, if the drunk kills someone, then they are fully responsible and should have to pay the price which will never be enough for anyone – not even the drunk. That would be a mistake that impacts many forever. Will a person with a political stance on C-19 be seen the same way as a drunk driver? Who knows?

And, even if they are, will they ever know?

In the city, a virus spreader may never know of their mistake in any direct way. They may never encounter one of their victims. They may just go blissfully on unthinking about what role they may be playing in the ever-changing pandemic. But, out here? In a small community where everyone knows everyone’s position on such things? I am not so sure one will have anonymity. This act of social defiance, this act of allegiance to Q or some conspiracy theory, this ignorance of social responsibility may come back to haunt them, may even divide the community, may cause another kind of disease that can never be eradicated.

It turns out that NOT getting the shot is a bigger gamble than the anti-vaxxers may have realized…….

9 thoughts on “Paradise compromised

    • I do not think a Covid Karen would ruffle anyone’s feathers out here. One person having a bit of an ‘over-the-top’ vigilante-harangue outburst is not all THAT uncommon. We are all a bit used to that, actually. But, most folks just shrug and ignore them. Life goes on. Words forgotten. Plus, our folks generally do not do too much of that but, if they did, they would be the one-issue-only Karens. We have outspoken critics on all sorts of things but usually it is one issue for Janice, another issue for Debbie and a bit of petty tyranny being exercised for Jimmy. Passions and hormones more than anything else.
      I am not talking about a ‘silly Karen’ but, rather, a Karen with legitimacy. One who has a real complaint with potentially real consequences possible. Do I know that the anti-vaxxers will actually cause a problem? No. I do not. However, there is very little that divides a community of very independent people but this just might be the one that does. The key? If no one gets sick and/or dies, it will be forgotten. If some kids get real sick, I think it will be divisive.


  1. I wonder if the people that refuse the vaccination could be sued if they become sick and infect someone else to deadly effect?
    It would be pretty easy to prove who infected whom in a small, isolated community.


    • Good point! The problem with suing an ignorant OTG’er is that they generally speaking have nothing. The plaintiff gets judgment but no compensation. Still, it is a good point and one I will think about and maybe share. To be balanced in that, if I knew that others-with-kids had rejected the vax, I would have to ‘keep my kids at home’. If I did not, I would share the (Tort law) defined duty of care (maybe more so as I would be the parent) and that would let them partially off the hook. Ron?


  2. Wow, no truer words spoken. Am getting vaccinated on the 16th and venturing out into the world. Have been frieked out lately with the latest stats.


    • Yeah. Ontario is ‘out of control’ they say. And STILL there are anti-lockdown protests! And some of my neighbours quote you tube doctors saying it is all a hoax (some guy dons a white coat and they believe he is a doctor). Clearly, we have seen the enemy and it is not Covid, it is us (see: Pogo/Li’l Abner). We are our own worst enemy. Put more simply: you can’t fix stupid. To be fair, I understand the hesitation. I had that, too. Thankfully the vax has had a few months ‘in the field’ with no major downside. So, the lesser of two evils prevailed for me. But I get the fear……on the other hand, don’t I have a duty of care for others? That, btw, is the basis of Tort law. We DO HAVE A DUTY TO OTHERS. NonCon may be right – there may be suits in Tort Law over this……


  3. I had the AstraZeneca vaccine today. It is the only option for the general pybluc in Oz. There are some question marks over it. 1 in a 100,000 might suffer from life threatening blood clots. I am middle aged and have a chronic disease, so naturally I took the risk. Also, health care professionals put their lives on the line over the last 12 months for the public good so it is also my way of showing support for them. I think if I was a young person, I might think twice about AZ This could mean we may have difficulty reaching the 80% vac rate in Oz. I am sure this is exercising the Government’s mind. Btw, if you don’t hear from me over the next 3 weeks, you will know something went wrong.


  4. over here, only about 5% of the people have been vaccinated, pace is very slow. So I’ll probably get my shot somewhere in summer. We have just entered our 3rd lockdown, so things have not gotten any better. I was also hesitant at first to take the shot, we also have the AZ with the bloodcloth possibility, but I will take the shot, if not for myself, then for the people around me, medical workers….and to get out of this mess and return to a normal life….whatever that might be. But I agree Dave, in a small community, you should strive for 100% vaccination rate, or things might get ugly if someone dies


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