…….sheesh. Our (new/old) vehicle wouldn’t start yesterday. Dead battery when Sal checked it after yoga. So, we boated up in the afternoon to where we park it on the island, got it going, and took the battery to charge. I’ll add a small solar panel to keep it trickled up. As WdeG pointed out, NOT running an engine routinely invites problems and so we really have to get in the habit of at least turning the little van on now and again.

Dinner parties and social events are looming once again. The island is coming alive. We have one to go to and one to give. Actually, more than a few to give (but I will resist doing so for now). The oppressive Covid mood is lifting, Spring has sprung and summer looms — it is ‘in the air’. People seem a bit more relaxed. Sunshine helps. The dropping C-19 case count helps more. Only seven cases in the North (Vancouver) Island area.

The bureaucracy screwed up again, though. It feels bad but the truth is we are largely exempt from their stupidity as a rule. It is just that, when it does intrude, it is always really stupid. But that is to be expected and so we will roll with the punches and carry on bravely.

We had a Covid clinic here on our island a few weeks ago. Very well attended. Everything went smoothly. All good. We expected clinic #2 to be even better but, of course, an out-of-touch urban bureaucrat threw a wrench in and now we will NOT get a second clinic here. Instead, the vacs will be given up at the luxurious, swanky, Senora Lodge. So, instead of a few employees coming down from the lodge, 100 or so residents (including a LOT of seniors) will have to go up to the lodge. Distance is a half hour to forty minute boat ride both ways.

Our Covid Coordinator pointed out to the bureaucrats that not all the old folks are well enough to travel that far and further, the Lodge is in somewhat unfamiliar waters with dangerous currents. This change was going to put old folks, one recently out of hospital, in small tin boats for no good reason. The location change puts half a dozen others who are seriously ill or not very mobile at much greater risk. If the weather is bad and wet, you can triple that number.

So, the Ministry dorks offered to water-taxi all the folks up to the lodge. That little gesture will cost the taxpayer thousands (I am guessing between five and ten thousand unnecessary dollars). It will also make it a very long day for many of our folks. The good news? The lodge has better wi-fi and possibly marble toilets. The nurses will feel better. Poor babies.

Census Canada sent out forms to the general public. But not to us. It seems there is a possible fine if one doesn’t comply with filling in the census. A few folks freaked. The census dorks sent a dozen forms to the post office addressed to no-one at a non-existent address. You really have to wonder.

The prawn season is still on. But it’s also a weird season. Firstly, most of the commercial guys left ’cause they weren’t getting good numbers around here. But one guy stayed and he is dropping tons of traps so I guess he is getting his catch. The locals (and 50% are local but from quite far away on other islands) are here and they seem to be doing okay. Not great. The extra-interesting thing for me is that the numbers are not boffo but the actual prawns, themselves, are pretty big! I saw one ten pound haul and every one was as big as I have ever seen out here. So, we may have fewer but they are bigger.

Sal and I got twenty five pounds a month ago and froze ’em. That’s enough for us for a year.

Haven’t seen a whale in a year (it seems). Nothing. Nada. A few dolphins, a couple of porpoises, a sealion. Very few whale watching boats, of course. It seems the wildlife counts are down. At least we’re seeing more sea stars – they made a recovery. Oddly, it is the purple stars that have bounced back best.

The weather is also a bit ‘off’. Hot as hell a few days ago. Almost 30C. Back to normal tomorrow and lasting a week, they say. Our water is still running – so that is good.

Both boats are now running well. Vehicles doing well. Small engines doing well. Everything working but still a few ‘chores’ to make it all even better. I may have some time to turn my hand to something more fun…..hmmmm…what might that be….?

For good ol’ Sal, a bit more fun means quilting! And she did a wonderful piece over the last few weeks. One of the girls at the local school did a drawing of an eagle. It’s pretty good.

Sal liked it. So, she took the drawing and made the image into an art quilt. Yesterday, she gave the quilt to the girl. Big surprise! Huge smiles. Everyone happy.


I dunno….I don’t think quilting is my thing…..

….I am gonna have to think on it.

15 thoughts on “Busy…

  1. The drawing and Sal’s quilt are brilliant. I’ve always admired quilting as an art form. It is a bit like mosaicing but with fabric and as you may or may not know I have quite the passion for beautiful mosaics.

    Enjoy your summer and try not to let the bureaucrats get you down.
    PS. I was once a bureaucrat. Wish they would consult more on the practicalities before making plans.


  2. Wow! Gorgeous quilt.. I haven’t tried that kind yet, not sure I could do it. Way too much talent required. What a nice gift to make.
    We have quite a few whales around, not as many as last year but lots more than nine years ago. I imagine the lack of cruise ships etc. helps.
    No socializing going on here yet. once everyone has their second dose I imagine they will start. Not for us, not sure when E will be protected. it might take a lot more than two doses, if then….


  3. And Dave, more to say about our Covid clinics. The first one was announced as supplying the Moderna vaccine. That’s what I thought was injected until a few weeks after the fact, when I noticed that the immunization record I was given at the time told me that Pfizer was administered. I don’t really much care, but it smacks of bait and switchism.

    For Round 2 we are told there’s no assurance of a second dose of Pfizer. We’ll just have to take what they have on hand at the time. Maybe Pfizer, maybe Moderna, who knows? But, we are told, they’re all the same. So don’t worry, be happy.

    In the end, there might be presented a smorgasbord of Moderna, Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Novavax, Sinovac, Gamaleya and Covax Facility. I might try to collect one shot of each. Then I should be covered.


  4. Wow, that quilt is really amazing! A pity that Sal doesn’t make and sell them. That one would look nice in my study. I wonder what theme your quilt would be if you ever decided to make one. Over here in Belgium, the vaccination is well organised I must admit. They have really ramped up now; Within 3 weeks, we should both have our second shots of Pfizer. Social life is picking up again slowly. We have planned 2 weks of holliday end of june in a remote fisherman’s house on the coast of Brittany. It’s not Read Island as I hoped, but i will have to do this year.


    • I really should not complain even about the idiots. When you live OTG and try to be independent, then any kind of service should be appreciated. It is just that well, you know, ‘if you are going to do something, try to do it right’. And they always seem to screw up. Still, I will get past it. GOMS, I guess. Grouchy old man syndrome. Glad to hear that you are ramping up and getting out.


    • That one was a bit of love, a gesture of community. It’s very pretty, too. Sal has done some real ‘masterpieces’. She’s good. But she is typical quilter from what I have observed. They have closets full of material, several (never just one) sewing machines, dedicated space, special tools, books, magazines, clubs and gatherings. It’s a subculture…like the Crips and the Bloods…..and they have their own ‘code’. Free and gifted is the preferred and primary mode of distribution.


  5. wildlife situation seems a bit strange,no? You would expect much more whales and orca’s around now that there are less (tourist) boats around to disturb them. Or maybe it is climate change? I like the Indegenous art a lot, and Sal’s quilt would fit well in any ot their art gallery’s. I must admit Dave, she keeps impressing me, one hell of a lady you have! (but then, she might say the same about you)


    • No, she probably wouldn’t say the same about me. She’s a very sane woman. I have often said, “I’d do another 50 years with Sal in a heartbeat!” Then I turn to her, “Well”, she says coyly, “let me consider my options. I’ll get back to you.” So, the jury is still out for her.
      One of her girlfriends, who is not keen on men in general and counts me amongst them, once said (after we had entertained her for a few days and I did dinners and washed up and poured wine and gave them space without me there said, as she was leaving, “Well, Sally, it was a wonderful three days. I enjoyed myself immensely. And, as for you, David, well………….(a long pause as she carefully chose her words)…… you were….(another pause)….well…..adequate.” High praise indeed (for me)! And I think that pretty much sums it up.
      I strive for adequacy – it is my motto.


      • Twice divorced and buried her third. So, she’s single now. She’s of the Starbucks coffee klatch, bookclub, pretentious type. Thick make-up. Never worked. Hasn’t broken a sweat in decades. Hates men but has lived very well off them……knows all their faults, denies them any virtues and is happy they are gone. NOT my favourite person but, to be fair, she has always been a huge fan of Sal’s and they get along very well. They talk books and shoes and kids and sit on the couch for hours. Which is good for Sal – she never sits on the couch chatting. And it gives me time to hone my adequacy.


        • However “adequate” you are, I agree with noncon….very ungracious, to say the least. But maybe that’s the way of woman, maybe they are less keen to say they want to spend another 50 years with us. I can be a “pain…” myself, but I have my good sides as well…I think….


    • I did, Margy. Your comments were appreciated. Sal is, by nature, humble, modest and understated in that English-lady-kinda-way. Enigmatic. Like the Queen. Accolades (and brickbats) are all shed like water from a duck. She just smiles and says, “That’s nice.”


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