Catherine McKenna is leaving politics

CM is currently our minister for Infrastructure and, prior to that, she was an influence (for three months) on the Covid 19 effort. Her longest stint was as Minister for the Environment. But she has now had enough. She’s quitting politics. It turns out that CM was greatly affected by the Covid pandemic and it made her reflect on what was important. Her kids are important and Climate Change is important. She is quitting government (by not running again) to focus on kids and climate.

Think about that…….

Most of us think that, to get anything done on climate change, one should be in government. If one was to be as influential as possible on such issues, being Minister of the Environment would be ideal. Being a minister in the most influential ministry for climate for four years just might be the best use of one’s time. Cathy got that. CM was the minister of the Environment for four years from 2015 to 2019.

But, apparently, she’s leaving the Liberals to work on Climate Change. It screams the question: what more can Cathy do on Climate Change that she could NOT do as Minister of the Environment?

It is the hottest day on record here in BC. We are two days from Canada Day. And Cath decides today is a good day to announce her departure and leave her influential position in the Liberals. She seemingly has more important things to do. But her departure speaks volumes….I think…but volumes of what?

“Government is a waste of time…nothing gets done…I’m quitting?” “My party couldn’t care less about the environment?” “I got my pension so screw everyone else?”

Or could it be something else? I just find it quite perplexing….there may be all sorts of reasonable motives behind such a decision… could I possibly know? All I know is that a person who achieves the second highest office in the land, who gets the highest office on the topic she is dedicated to and who has been in on all the inner cabinet meetings is now quitting that ‘opportunity’……

Isn’t that odd?

8 thoughts on “Catherine McKenna is leaving politics

  1. Yeah.
    I was scratching my gourd over that announcement as well.
    Was she pushed? Did she jump?
    Is Mark Carney waiting in the wings?
    A cynic might say she had enough of the BS of Canadian apologist, equality, whatever politics and is taking her pension.
    OR a cynic might say Trudeau offered her something really juicy to step down and make room for….Carney?
    We wont find out until after the Fall election…. A Senate seat perhaps?
    Who knows.
    Just another young, bright, easily re-electable woman to walk from the Trudeau Liberals.
    His “….because its 2016…..” “equality” cabinet is shrinking daily.
    Or perhaps she cant handle another 5 years of Prime Minister Stutters wheezing his way through cabinet meetings.
    Either way.
    If it means “Wheezy” gets another minority govt and Mark Carney is sitting next to him in Cabinet meetings …..
    It won’t take too long to realize who has the brains to get stuff done.


  2. The “Heat Wave”? It only figures. The days are getting shorter so ‘they’ have to cram all that sunshine into a shorter period of time, therefore the days are getting hotter, and the nights are getting longer. Google it.


  3. Well, judging from the lack of “McKenna” comments……
    Nobody really cares about another Liberal biting the political dust.
    I wonder how many more will choose not to rune when the election is called.


    • That CM is leaving the inner cabinet and running off to do what she had the opportunity to do is perplexing. And so I raised the question. But, that no one thinks it a worthy question (save for John, Untidy and NonCon) I find equally as perplexing. That blog is boring?
      Honestly? If Justin quit the government to pursue his dream of being a drama queen, it would be more understandable than CM leaving for her kids and the climate…’What? You just discovered you had kids!?’


      • Yeah.
        I’d say McKenna’s real reasons for leaving will come out after the next election.
        She was getting some pretty harsh vandalism at her constituency office and her website from some nutters.
        Perhaps she got fed up with all the extreme Left and Right BS that has infested the country or she got scared for her safety.
        I dont think Canadians should be acting smug or superior to our Trump aficionados to the South.
        Our statue defacing and destroying mobs are just as violently stupid.
        Although we should save money on orange prison garb if some of them are actually arrested.

        P.S. I think Justin will eventually quit politics to become ….Queen.


      • CMs constituency was Ottawa, I think. I know we have Trumpist nutters all over but I would have assumed that Ottawa would be rather less so. My bad.
        That Trudeau goes all ‘Queen’ on us would surprise me but that he is already acting Queenie is on the record book. This guy weeps and wails more than any adult female I was ever close to. I actually applaud sincerely expressed emotions but emotions that do not come with constructive action to address the ‘bad thing’ are just useless. And usually manipulative. If he cried while fixing FN drinking water (by being onsite until it was fixed), I would respect that.


  4. The longer Trudeau spews conciliatory platitudes to the church burning, statue defacing, mob anarchy that goes on ….. the lower he sinks in the polls.

    Straw polls across Canada :
    75 % believe the vandalism is wrong, 55% felt Canada Day should have been celebrated July 1st.

    Canada may burn this Summer but the Liberal poll numbers will burn right along with it.


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