Whales, ravens and squirrels….

Well, whales, anyway. Whales made the local news yesterday. Humpback whales are huge. Typically when they come around, they are just passing through, sometimes they stay for a bite of marine tapas or take a deep dive to look around and then, mosey off. Humpbacks don’t hang around much. Yesterday was different.

The largest Humpy I have ever seen was blowing real close to shore a few times before I went out to look. There was just the one whale…sometimes Humpy’s travel in pairs. And there, about fifteen to twenty feet from shore just near the shallows was this great, black, barnacled whale doing a head-down dive complete with fully exposed, high-out-of-the-water flukes rising majestically before slowly descending into depths I didn’t know were there. It was incredible. I was stunned. Too stunned to run in and get my camera….sorry.

Once he came up right in front of the house and emerged head up, looking at the shore and so close that one big fluke-flip and he would be beached. I could see every scar and scratch. I could count the barnacles. I swear I even looked down his throat for a second but I am inclined to hyperbole so don’t take that statement without some sea-salt. But I was very close.

I watched this guy who never wandered more than fifty feet from shore dive, make bubble-cones (which drives the smelts and silvers up) and then he followed with his mouth wide open to catch them while his head rose about ten or so feet out of the water. And this is all done in the original slo-mo way that whales have. It is very impressive.

Humphrey (?) was chilling out front for the better part of half an hour. Odd behaviour for a whale. Half way through his visit, I started to think of my recently deceased friend, John. And that weird mental association stayed with me for some time – most of the day, actually. I just had a feeling……but I am inclined to sentiment and fantasy and even the spiritual so don’t put any stock in that.

I have a reader with an untidy mind. She inquired as to the loss of a few Canadian readers from her blog recently. And that noted absence would be Sid and J. And that is because the aforementioned friend (part of the last blog news) currently in hospital in critical condition is Sid. Sid will soon be joining John. He has a very slim chance, none at all, really. I’ll soon lose Sid.

I half expect Humphrey to come back soon. He may have a friend this time. We’ll see.

9 thoughts on “Whales, ravens and squirrels….

  1. I lost my best friend/next door neighbour about 10 years ago. About a week after his passing a raven showed up on my deck. He would show up every day at about the same time. He was not uncomfortable at all if I walked out there while he was present. After a month or so, he disappeared. I am positive it was John. He was a comedian and practical joker.


    • Thanks, Paul. We both may be a bit nutty but, well, those were my thoughts. Those were yours. I do not know, of course, but those were my thoughts…..


  2. That is what I feared. I’m deeply saddened by the news. I’m a great believer in spirit animals. If i remember correctly, Sid has a fondness for ravens.
    Please pass on my love and/or condolences to their families if you think that is appropriate, Dave.


  3. I read your post yesterday evening and have been thinking about it ever since. Although I have never met any of you in person, I feel a certain bond with you and your readers. So they news from Sid makes me sad and melancholic. I Will miss his comments. I also believe in spirits Passing on to animals. There is a lot we have only little knowledge about. Please express my sincerest condoleances to his family and loved ones. Wim


    • Thanks. But my loss is little relative to the world of good he did…..one on one. Person to person. A lot of goodness won’t happen now that he is gone. He was a shovel to my teaspoon. Good people are common, great ones are rare. He was one of the great ones. He will be missed.


  4. Bummer to hear about your friend Dave.
    Sounds like a great guy.
    As a 101 year old lady in full control of her faculties once commented…..
    Growing old sucks!


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