Say, what!?

“It would seem that Covid is coming back with the Alpha/Delta/Gamma variants but we are opening up anyway and have dropped the social distancing and mask-wearing protocols.” That from Alberta. “We forbid the schools from requiring masks!”

“Vaccinated Canadians can’t come in!” That from the US of A and UK/Britain. New Zealand is closed again. Australia’s Sidney, is calling in the military to help with a resurgence. Thailand, Japan and South Korea are having outbreaks. The US is having a surge in cases amongst the still unvaccinated. And the list of Covid setbacks around the world continues…..but…“well, let’s go to the pub or the restaurant, anyway”.

The Philippines and Vietnam are on the edge of medical collapse. And we may as well just stop watching Mexico and Brazil as they just keep getting worse. Africa? Well, they are not yet at the 2% vaccinated population stage. Britain and France cases are on the rise again.

BC has largely had a good response compared with other jurisdictions mostly due to high compliance with safety protocols and fairly quick acceptance of the vaccine but BC is also rapidly trending upwards.

………and everyone is ‘opening up’…??????

So, what does that tell you? That we are giving up and that Covid is here to stay? That the vaccinated are safe-ish and the unvaccinated are so bloody stupid they can just die? Are we saying that the cost of protecting folks is too high to maintain so let’s just let this plague play out in the bars and cafes, schools and theatres, the big-box stores and the stadiums? Or, are we saying that we have shot our best shot and we have nothing left…?

“Why not just take a flight to to somewhere nice….?”

I have little faith in experts at the best of times, not because of what they know – they know more than me – but more because of what they don’t know – and that ignorance is showing up as great and vast in a rapidly morphing and spreading pandemic. Clearly they do not know enough about Covid. We are being led by freshmen and sophomores at this point. And it appears as if they are throwing in the towel, “Oh, Hell! Go to the pub if you want and take unvaccinated Bubba with you!”

The good news? This is Covid, not Ebola.

The weirdest part of the problem is that there is a readiness in the general population to go along with the madness…….“Say, what!?”

It’s true! I am afraid that even I am manifesting a bit of it…..“Well, I would like to see the grandkids.” “Hey! It’s great that we are having visitors!” “Hmm…maybe a trip to Costco?” “How do you feel about travel this winter?” It’s so incredibly illogical. Those thoughts are close-to-Bubba-stupid (especially given the previous 18 months of experience). Here we are having been isolated and masked, social distanced and with no touching; and here we are vaccinated and watching the virus still spread and we, too, are wondering about – even baby-stepping towards – normalized life. If the house is still on fire, do you go back in to finish your lunch?

“Dave! Relax. It is getting better. C’mon, man, take off that mask and have a beer!”

Well, I, for one, am not so sure that now is quite the right time to let down the guard and, to be fair, I don’t think anyone knows when that will be. So, in the meantime, you may wish to consider keeping up the miserable, ineffective guards that we have been employing just in case. They were better than nothing. Gettin’ on a plane and heading south for the winter should not be part of your immediate planning process…….

…..jus’ sayin’…..

9 thoughts on “Say, what!?

  1. Yep.
    900,000 unvaccinated British Columbians…. 25% of the population and the restaurants are packed, bars busy, BC Ferries swamped…. and masks seem to be optional.

    I kinda understand the disbelief voiced by some anti vaxx’ers due to the endless conflicting orders spewed forth by our “leadership”
    But, that being said…

    I wonder how many nurses will just quit when the ICU’s fill to over capacity and they cant go through it for a 4th time…….then….mayyyyy-be then the unvaxxed idiots will get it……

    A vax short and a day late.


    • I doubt that Bubba Novax cares a whit about nurses. Or the healthcare system. UNTIL he goes to the hospital by way of ambulance. And, as you say, it will be too late then. He’ll be really sick or even may die and, either way, will no longer be a threat to others.
      But antipathy to Bubba is not my point. My point is ‘what are the politicians thinking?’ When the disease was not so bad and hitting mostly old people, they took steps to mitigate (not good ones but masks and such). Now that the virus is back with a bullet and taking down younger healthier people, they are ‘opening it all up’ presumably relying entirely on the vaccine. The proper thing would be to step up the mitigation efforts, mandate the vaccine use, keep borders closed and implement better guidelines at the very least. When a fire is almost out, you don’t quit pouring on the water…you keep dumping more water even when you think it is out. And then, you pour even more on just to be sure. Trust me on the fire example…been there…did that….kept pouring hours later.


      • Politicians are balancing the safety of the voting public with the wishes of their financial election contributors….

        Big Business wins again!

        Open the borders, open the bars and restaurants, open everything and roll the dice.


  2. August 1st!
    Delta variant starting to ramp up everywhere…
    Albertan politicians decide to open everything up in a pathetic attempt to regain some lost popularity in the polls ( it didnt work, the Socialist NDP are still polling better than the incumbent Conservative dullards at the helm).
    Speaking of politicians with no new ideas.
    The Feds never cease to amaze.
    Lets see what Sept brings with Trudeau expected to dissolve his minority govt and call an unnecessary snap election after only two years in office ( and another $ 450 BILLION deeper in debt……. $450 BILLION in 2 bloody years…..)
    He just appointed 5 new senators… so you know an election is imminent.


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