The ‘P’ word and the ‘A’ word.

Politics. OOoohhhh….politics. SSSOOOOooooooooo fascinating…….don’cha think?

Of course it is. Politics is everything, EVERYTHING….except…well, when it isn’t. And this time around, in Canada, it isn’t. It really isn’t. This time around it is really DULL. Canadian politics is dull like the same ol’ bi-lingual, politically correct Pablum it always is….

I mean, ever since the Orange Grinch stole the presidency and then lost it complete with a cast of idiots, a great wall, a porn star as first lady and a dramatic and violent pseudo insurrection, politics has become kinda dull….doncha think?

Where is Trump and his small-but-randy hands when you need him, eh?

But, here is where it becomes interesting again. Politics+pandemic+ignorance+shallow platitudes, mixed with social media and waddya got? Protests, anti-vaxxers, death, depressed medical staff, giant Petrie dishes-in-the-making (schools and football stadiums) and, most obvious of all: hapless leaders failing pathetically in public. Political humiliation writ large. Oh my God, those ‘leaders’ are so incredibly incompetent. Politics has not been addressing the job at hand and, when they do, they do it poorly. Maybe politics never was any good….?

Ooooohhhh, never mind……let us get focused on a sex story, instead…..Oooooh, let’s do yet another on transgenderism……or let’s watch sports…entertainment. Celebrities.

Oooohhhhh, let’s get back to being really stupid! If Trump isn’t being a colossal clown for our entertainment, then, at least we have Monday Night Football. What about TIFF, eh? How ’bout them Jays?

They (the ubiquitous ‘they’ or ruling elite) cannot even save their friends from the cave-dwelling Taliban. They cannot deal with a largely un-Ebola-like super flu. They seem to still wonder if climate change is real (not doing squat if they do know). The economy is coming off the rails and we are rejecting our long-well-fed institutions. We are focused on the minutiae of talking ducks, Kim’s butt and what Angelina fears……all this when the world is coming undone! These doofuses (leaders) are still talking jobs and day care and women’s rights when the world is basically turning uninhabitable.

It is precisely like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

But, well, we have it locally, too. Stupid is rural as well as urban. People are fussed around here because we cannot socialize. We can’t meet-in-groups. We have limits set on our abilities to spread the plague and we protest that. We assert our right to pass on disease!

The majority of the population are now supporting the right and obligation of the unvaxxed to pass it on to each other… is a start.

I am all for promoting the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, myself.

If economics is the sum of all transactions and behaviours in the marketplace, what is politics, really? Is it practical philosophy? Is it just a popularity contest? A major scam perpetrated on the masses intended to fool them into playing their subservient role? We pick leaders who do not lead. We pick representatives who represent themselves and their select pack first and foremost. We invest in a system that never seems to work right. Is that politics? Sort of a rigged casino that does nothing but kills time and steals?

And……… to the point of this rant-blog: politics may be wearing out it’s welcome. Politics may be in the end game of it’s existence. Democracy, anyway. Politics, as we know it, may be over. PAWKIMBO. TEOTWAWKI and PAWKIMBO soon to be playing at a venue all over.

Think about it: we used to get our daily messages from the media and serious, deep voiced men we could trust like Walter Kronkite and the gang of intellects at 60 Minutes. Lloyd Robertson and Dan Rather and Peter Mansbrige, Peter Jennings and Barbara Frum in Canada. The Prime Minister rarely spoke and neither did the President and, when they did, it was a solemn occasion. Now? Now there is a constant chorus of cacophony, a chaos of yapping voices on just about everything most of whom are just opinionators, commentators and talking air-heads (kinda like me). All seemingly saying politically correct nothing. And I am talking politicians and newscasters. They are all agitated lightweights with no practical solutions to offer.

Seriously. Ever since Trump debased the White House, Western style politics has been in the gutter. Even when a leader does emerge, he or she is shot down instantly. They kissed their babysitter or something twenty years ago. We have no leaders! We have anti-establishmentarianism snipers, instead. (C’mon, how many times have you seen that word written lately?)

Now, Afghanistan….that’s another story. REAL politicians. REAL snipers. Mind you, their leaders insist on going backwards but, at least they have agreement on their direction.

11 thoughts on “The ‘P’ word and the ‘A’ word.

  1. It seems that these are the only countries where “politics” seem to work (Afghanistan, China,…). But can you still call that politics? Maybe the only way is to have a strong leader, who imposes the direction (could be right, could be wrong direction, but as you said, at least they are going somewhere). Maybe the average voter is not smart enough to stand up and no longer accept the way our “leaders” are “leading” us. Look at the recent price increases….gas prices are 450% higher then 1 year ago, but are we really saying “ENOUGH!”, no, we just seem to accept what is happening and we follow blindly like sheep. Although most of us have some kind of gut feeling that there is no real reason behind these price explosions…isn’t it basically just speculation to make the rich even richer? Future will tell, but for sure a new crisis is coming and again we will pay heavily for it. We are just lame and accept too much. We should be rioting against our politicians, throw them in jail. But who knows, we might even like less the new “leader” that will step up then. Imagine we in Belgium or you in Canada end up with a linatic like Trump or Bolsenaro


    • Trudeau is NOT a mad right-wing lunatic. So, in that sense, we are lucky. But Trudeau is pretty stupid (he got his mother’s brains), lacks integrity, is a weak person on so many levels and hasn’t got a clue as to how to do his job (or any job, actually). He is useless. Worse than him is the party. It is a pandering, elitist, corrupt organization that has virtually created the ‘back-room boys’ in doing favours for friends and donors and big industry. The problem is that the Libs have created a monster in that backroom and the monster now tells the government what IT wants. The monster ain’t as stupid as is Trudeau. The monster gives equal attention to the Cons so both parties are trying to curry favour. If Jagmeet should win, the monster just takes his/her ball and bat and goes home. Jag looks inept because he is inept against a major consortium of backroom boys. We are going to have a Lib or a Con government forever at this rate but Jag can at least ‘influence’ a great deal more if he becomes the support for a minority government.


  2. Yep.
    TV created the “celebrity” politician.
    The internet and the various media spinoffs ( facebook, twitter, etc.) have created the “Celebrity opinion”

    Anyone of any “fame” what so ever has thousands of “followers” waiting for their opinion (good or bad).

    I have an acronym for all of the politicians that have decided that they have become the socially correct arbiters of what I should see, hear and think.



    • I think it is this simple: they figure that, if they do nothing and just smile at the camera, they will have a 50/50 chance of winning. BUT, if they actually do something and, face it, they are not good at doing anything, then their chances of screwing up is very high and their chances of winning become less. Doing NOTHING is the safe bet for those idiots.


  3. It is irritating, to be sure. It is irritating when we do NOT have major issues facing us but it becomes crazy-making when the planet and our health are at stake. And both are currently in peril and still nothing is being accomplished. Admittedly, I do not expect Justin to do anything. He, of drama and selfies, but shouldn’t he at least be deploying teams of experts to at least keep our promises, mitigate the worsening of it all and make some bold moves to intervene the generally downhill slide of just about everything? Why sit there primping and lying? It is just as easy to delegate some major efforts to competent people.


  4. On a completely different note.
    The Space Tourism hamsters blast off this afternoon.
    Hopefully all goes well.
    Should make for a few days of interesting tv.
    $200 Million for 4 seats.
    Oh to be a billionaire.


  5. While I agree that $200 million could fix a lot of problems…
    n Canada the govt bureaucrats with their endless rules and paperwork, the politicians with their hands out, the companies that helped get them elected,……would all find a way to whittle that $200 million down to about $20 million left for actual “Save the Earth” type fixes.

    Split the money between helping people and helping the environment….
    Donate $100 million each to the Salvation Army and Ducks Unlimited.

    More “bang for the buck”


  6. A 6 week election that only succeeded in infuriating the Canadian public.
    Worthless, spineless “leaders” that spew politically correct pabulum far and wide.
    Promise everything to everyone.
    Damn the cost.
    The result?
    A minority Liberal govt.
    Right back to where we started.
    What a waste of $600 MILLION dollars.
    But I guess Trudeau figure, “What the Hell, the interest on the Debt is $500 MILLION dollars PER DAY so $600 Million for 6 weeks is a BAR-GOON.


    • The thing about money is that it is all related somehow….a higher price for avocadoes is always relative to cauliflower and steak. Food is relative to energy and shelter. And, of course, labour costs trail soon after. And all of that is relative to the ‘financial state of the union’, the worth of our dollar relative to the US or Australian dollar. When a fruitcake like Trudeau spends millions and millions and, in need of drama, spends billions, that affects us all. A $600 million dollar election costs the average tax-paying adult probably $50.00. Maybe more. Having said that, I would gladly pay ten times that to be rid of Justin. But not if it meant O’Toole or Jag or Paul. Or Bernier. I just do not think any of them are worth even $50.00.


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