Much Ado About Nothing

Erin O’Toole moved a smidge left. Annamie Paul has to move out. And Maxime Bernier can’t move at all. Poor Jagmeet Singh is still just running in place and our darling princeling has a new lease on life-as-only-he-knows-it. Elections Canada (which may take up to four days to count all the ballots) has given the interim results of the latest election and it is clear: Canadian voters are matching wits with Floridians. And losing!

Admittedly, few want to change horses in the middle of a pandemic. I get that. Most people get that. But Trudeau didn’t and he is our dear leader. Mind you, Trudeau does not get much of anything, really. So, basically, it is the same ol’ status quo with the same old imbecile at the helm. What a fiasco!

On the other hand…….? Well, Canadians voted for ‘same ol’, same ol’ and that sorta says something…doesn’t it? Satisfaction? I do not think so. It could mean, “Hey! We’re busy trying to survive here and the clown Prince wants a show of affection? I am not gonna do that. I will just vote ‘my party’ and let it go at that.” It could also mean, “Well, Trudeau is no good. O’toole hasn’t won my heart. Jag is typically NDP oriented. Nothing new here. In any of them, really.”

The only conclusion I can draw is somewhat similar to my previous observations about the greater confusion in everything. These are confusing times. We have no dreams. We have no overarching goals. We are all just ‘surviving’. There is no grand vision.

And, of course, my usual old saw, “Political leaders are not real leaders, anyway. They are followers. They don’t have courage, vision or competency. They are figureheads for the backroom crowd.”

Do I care that prime grade sheep lead us? Not really. Sheep are generally harmless. They ain’t gonna take you anywhere but the field is nice, the shepherd is kinda blank and the grass is plentiful. What’s not to like?

But, if we are faced with real challenges or need to make real changes to the system, well, we need real leaders, real people, real doers, real thinkers. Sheep won’t do. We are woefully ill-equipped in the right-stuff department and worse, we actually do have real challenges right now. Covid is a problem. Climate change is a real challenge. And look at how the leaders of the world have addressed that.

Only Angela Merkel in Germany showed real social leadership on climate change and she is quitting. She’s tired. She has to be. And she did not accomplish all that she set out to do. For me, that is very discouraging. The good ones couldn’t get the job done, the bad ones stay in power and where’s the future in that?

9 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing

  1. But but but.
    With the lowest voter turnout in decades ( 60%) and Trudeau receiving 31% of THOSE voters he’s announced, ” I have a clear mandate to move forward…..”
    Essentially he has about 23% of the eligible voters support and in his manic , delusional (meglomaniacal?) state, has determined… he has the mandate…..

    What democracy?

    Expect more deficit budgets, higher taxes and an angrier public


    • I think you are being too kind. I don’t think the dickhead has even that. Don’t forget, many vote for the MP and many Liberals held their nose and voted Liberal this time because they do not even think about voting otherwise (if you vote out of habit, are you truly exercising choice?). If Trudeau has one in five as a supporter, I would be surprised.
      Consolation? Well, neither Trudeau nor Canada are even regarded as the tail on the dog anymore. We are no longer perceived as part of the North American trade group or a member in good standing with NATO. We are, for the most part, regarded as peripheral on the world stage, soon to be just collateral. I doubt very much that any leader (hah!) can change that! So, I prefer my token reps to just focus on domestic issues. They cannot even seem to do that!!!


  2. Makes you wonder…how bad should the pandemic be, or how bad the climate change, or how much should we be hurt in our daily lives before we (the voters) realise that we can not go on that way, and that we need real leaders, prepared to make tough choices and to chance things again for the better?
    Are the only “real” leaders fanatics (like Orban, Bolsanero,Taliban,…)?Or do we wait untill more “mad men” come along like Trump and bolsenaro destroying even further our planet? Are we really that dumb?
    Since we as individuals do not have enough influence on a larger scale, our own little efforts will have no real effect, there are only strong smart leaders to get us globally out of this mess?
    Or shall we all be under Chinese influence and guidance within 20 years (at least they have a direction)


    • I dont consider China’s dictators “direction”

      They also are having the same problems as use.
      “Massive pollution, corruption on a wide scale, protests, a shaky financial system.

      They just aren’t allowed to complain about it.


    • I do not think real leaders need supporters. They need ’em to be effective (strength in numbers) but a real leader is a real leader whether followed or not. Look at little Greta Thunberg. Who woulda thunk that she would show up? But, that is how it is….like the little boy pointing out the Emperor had no clothes or the teenage shepherd who took his slingshot to face the fearsome Philistine. Courage is as courage does. Leadership is simply one who demonstrates commitment to the common good and is not afraid to say and do it.
      We have a lot of real leaders in the world but none of them really have money or fame and so they march and struggle on their own or in little activist groups. We do not have an uber-leader who transcends everything to emerge inspirational and good. .


  3. So, what’s next? I also don’t believe in the Chinese system, but slowly they are taking over the whole world because they have a determined leader and a huge supply of people and money at their disposal. And although I admire little Greta, she will not save the world (for lack of power and means). In the Western world, we simply do NOT have any more these charismatic (positive) people anymore that can lead us to a real change. So we just sit and wait? At least Xi has the balls and the power to go against massive capitalism (as Jack) and he wants (true or not) to redistribute wealth. That would be a good start…redistribute the wealth away from the filthy rich, we could do a lot of good with even 10% of that money


  4. a good friend of mine who was a real activist for decades just “gave up” and “stopped arguing” and “surrounds herself with people who think alike (so basically head in the sand??)


    • What’s next? Simple: listen to your little voice. Mine spoke to me and told me to live OTG. I had struggled for years ‘doing the right thing’ and it was good but it burned me out. So, I went into business and did good but it was a hollow pursuit – no real satisfaction. I was better at other things and so I listened to my voice and it said, “Be an arbitrator and a mediator.” And so I did. And that, too, was good. We all have a voice inside. It talks to us. Listen to it and act.
      By the way, your voice may be smarter than mine. I heard my voice say, “Run for the Greens” and so I did and the Greens said, “No! Not you! Wrong skin colour, wrong genitalia and wrong age.” So, your little voice is not always right. Victory is not always easily won.
      We do not like Xi’s methods or even his attitude but the Chinese themselves are supportive. I have a lot of Chinese friends quite pleased with Xi and the PRC. They are one-for-all, we are all-for-one. Different perspectives.


    • That is just silly. That’s like trying to chop down a tree with your hand, not getting anywhere and then quitting to sit with all the other hand-choppers. If you care, and you do and it is not working, then do something else! I have found myself at a few protests but never on purpose. (i.e. I was at People’s Park in Berkley in the 70’s). Marching and shouting isn’t my way. I prefer to go to the top and be more direct. I prefer to be creative in deal making….you know, tit for tat kinda thing…


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