Gus is almost 50 pounds (49 with the needle jumping a bit to 50)! Daisy is trailing in a dainty 40 pound glamour-bod (more leg, fluffy hair, extra bit of bounce). That is 90 pounds of dog!

Gus just thuds. Well, he rolls and runs and climbs all over but each paw sends reverberations through the granite rock or, well, OK, maybe it’s my imagination....? Put a bit differently; Daisy seems to walk on air, like a ballerina. Gus walks like a weight-lifter after a big lunch.

Thank goodness Daisy and Gus (especially) can now get on and off the boat themselves!

They are both (duh) growing like weeds and it is a smidge intimidating. “I swear the guy grew last night! I mean, he just LOOKS bigger than just a few hours ago!”

Eighteen weeks old! Four and a half months! Still puppies, still growing, still eating and still goofier than hell! A lot of fun.

Sal does most of the dog walking. I do a bit. Funny how a walk with a dog makes you see things differently. Yesterday, there were three separate Garter snakes sunning on the rocks. The dogs were fascinated. But the snakes being cold-blooded were not quick, not zippy. They were long slugs, actually. Gus sniffed. Daisy sniffed. Sal shrieked (to save the snakes) and both dogs gave up their new toys instantly. We’re a bit protective of Garter snakes. They are good for the garden and keep the insect pests away.

“We saw a mink, David! Daisy even kind of ambled over to it. It was not much of a chase and the mink didn’t run. I think Daisy got distracted. Anyway, the mink jumped in to the ocean and swam off.” Sal was more excited than the dogs. The dogs are definitely NOT hunters. Lesson learned: how we have this weird little community of squirrels, snakes, dogs, otters, ravens and mink and Spring is waking everything up……

But, it is said by Sal, that they are becoming ‘alert’ dogs. Which is some kind of descriptive sop for a dog that doesn’t do much. To pad out their resume, Sal also throws in “….good trail dogs, too.”

“What the hell is a trail dog and what makes one dog a better trail dog than another?”

“You know….we are all on the trail and they stay on the trail unless they stray a bit but they always come back to the trail….?”

“Sweetie, that is just a good dog. There is no such thing as a trail dog. Quite honestly, I have always doubted your reference to ‘alert’ dog, too. All dogs bark when they hear or see something new. That’s what being a dog is.”

“No, no. They alert me. So, they are alert dogs. That’s their job. And they walk on the trail really well. So they are great trail dogs, too.”

“Well, in that case, I am going to describe them as being good ‘pooping’ dogs, good eating dogs and good sleeping dogs. What the hell…they are great tail-wagging dogs, too!”

We call this the Buffalo Plaid Puppy Attack

The truth is they are great at just being dogs and they do not have to prove anything to me at all. Especially not at four-and-a-half months! I might have expectations of them sometime in the distant future but, for now, they are just perfect.

Sal, on the other hand……..

9 thoughts on “OMG!

    • It would not be so bad if they did talk politics because whenever I do, everyone leaves the room. They may stay. Then, me and the two puppies can figure out how to fix the world! Hmmmmm …….international politics as derived from bone-chewing and dried liver treats?


  1. That’s a bit like putting a bottle of scotch and a glass in front of you and being surprised that you open the bottle and have yourself a scotch….more instinct then learning


  2. So.
    My darkly inquisitive mind was wondering…..
    If Putin unleashes the apocalypse….do you have enough dog food ?
    Or do you and Sal draw straws to see which one of you BECOMES dog food…?

    Did you buy that small boat you were talking about?


  3. Yes. I bought it. Blog to follow soon. I’m pleased. The trip down south featured some delicious Indian food. The owner (who I know) asked where the ‘3rd’ guest was? I said, “He got waylaid by BC Ferries.” That seemed to suffice. As for the dogs; well, at the rate they are eating we would need a small grain silo to keep enough kibble in stock. Sal has decided to teach them how to dig for clams and open oysters. It’s a plan.


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