I am having some trouble wit’ Mericans right now….

….and, I must admit, this blog is yet another rant about a basic non-issue. No one deserves that. But, whattayagonnado? I have a near-to-bursting spleen to vent and this is it.

I am having some trouble wit’ Mericans. I guess we all are. ‘Cept for the ‘Mericans themselves, of course, but 60% of them are having trouble with the other 40% (and vice versa) so the ‘Merican problem is spread deep and wide – even internationally speaking. I have avoided the topic because, well, it is all being played out front and centre and on the news everywhere so what can I possibly add? However…….

Yesterday, CNN added an element that simply blew my mind. A reporter called Klepper goes to a Trump rally in Mississippi……………


And, of course, you will be shocked at the insanity in that video clip. But one interview shocked me enough to write this blog entry: Two young women (late 20’s), attractive in an American kind of way, are asked about the January 6 riot and the resulting Congressional Hearings. They looked completely blank. Keppler said, “You know, the riots at the Capitol?” The ‘pretty girls’ just look confused. When asked about it, they said they had no idea what the reporter was talking about. No idea that a riot had happened and no idea what Hearings he was talking about. And yet, they were in attendance at a Trump rally.

What kind of an ignorant, ill-informed life must a person live to NOT EVEN KNOW that January 6th was an historic American/world event!? How is that even possible? January 6th has been in the news for 18 solid months!

OK, maybe you are just another air-head and you do your nails and hair and giggle all day. Fine. And, of course, you graduated from some Red state school with a degree in cheer-leading and do not have job or a desire to get one. Maybe in a beauty parlour…..and you just LUV Kim Kardashian. You are on Facebook all the time. You are a bona fide ditz and do not even know about Roe v Wade and the SCOTUS decision…..you are an American woman (Stay Away From Me! The Guess Who/Burton Cummings). And you are so stupid, the reporter’s brain hurts.

Sally said: “I hate this. It makes it sound like women are stupid!”

My response: “I am saying ‘Merican women are stupid. But, in a way, you are right. Those other interviews made all the men sound stupid, too. I am jus’ saying’ those two young women seemed stupider than I could ever imagine. And I am not changing this blog.”

There is a lot wrong with ‘Merica but nothing wronger than that! Too many ‘Mericans are too stupid for words. You cannot have a country populated with idiots lead the world in anything (well, except gun ownership, I guess).

Lest you think I am overreacting, take a listen to Marjorie Taylor Green or Lauren Boebert (any topic), two ELECTED congresswoman!! Or that other super-ditz, congresswoman Mary Miller, declaring the SCOTUS reversal a victory for “White Life and the second amendment”!

In sum, I am having trouble with the incredibly super-dumb and they seems to be ‘Ever-present, everywhere‘ (Van Morrison). Is this how Teotwawki happens? By way of an Idiocracy? Is this the gestation period for real Zombie-ism?

7 thoughts on “I am having some trouble wit’ Mericans right now….

  1. I too saw this clip a few days ago and your sentiments sum up what I have been thinking. How is it possible to be that stupid (or maybe a better word is ignorant).? In the Jan. 6 hearings a republican witness told the committee that he said “no” to Trump when he was asked to subvert the election results. After the hearing ,in answer to a reporters question, this witness said he would however vote for Trump again if he runs in 2024. How do you fix that kind of stupid?


    • It is literally beyond me. I cannot even begin to understand their thinking. If I even start to think of them as ‘human’ and of simply having a ‘different opinion’ and that they ‘should be respected’ and all that nice-guy stuff, my brain hurts and I just end up saying, “They are nuts!”. That is NOT very enlightened of me, to be sure, but I just cannot get past first stage tolerance and I just blow! “What is wrong with you people!” I confess that, regardless of SS staff, if I could get close enough to punch Trump in the face, I would. I may not get a chance to hit him twice so the first one would be extra hard. What a total dickhead! His ex-fixer, Michael Cohen said that JDT has a way-of-the-con that instinctively sees how to manipulate and exploit people. It is very cultish. What a phenomena!


  2. About 35 years ago I dove down to California.
    I went to San Francisco for a few days just walking around checking out the famous tourist spots.
    One day I was standing at the top of the “crookedest road in America taking a picture when a car load of young girls from California stopped and asked me for directions to a local address..
    “Sorry, I dont know where that is. I’m not from here.”
    “Oh! Where are you from?”
    “Where’s that?”
    “Do you know where Seattle Washingto n is?”
    Blank stares.
    “Do you know where Alaska is”
    “Yeah!”, was the indignant response.
    “Well, in between Alaska and the rest of America is a country called Canada. Thats where I’m from….”
    “Oh. Your english is pretty good you sound like us Americans.”

    On and on it went.
    They were pretty so i didnt mind.

    Blame the school system and today blame the internet 10 second world they live in.


  3. damn, I wish I had good looks! I might have gotten away with a few things! Generally, our feeling about the americans is that they are nice but very superficial. That do not care a lot for what’s happening in the world, and they believe that we should all follow their example! But get into a (political) discussion with them, and they stick like hell to their party and its beliefs, no argument possible. As for the pretty girls (and pretty boys as well I am sure), we can only blame it on the education (both in school and at home).
    But this also means “we” are in serious troubel : there is a whole generation coming of stupid, ignorant, superficial, unwilling to work, uninterested people…..who will keep the “system running and the factories going? Who will grow, harvest, fish,cook,produce?


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