Seems a bit odd….

….but NOW is the time for us to consider winter.

We used to leave for a month, sometimes two, in the dead of winter. That was our ‘vacation’ time. Of course, living in paradise for ten months prior was also like a vacation and so we rarely, ever, had to ‘tough it out. We were spoiled rotten.

And then along came Covid.

Mind you, we usually spent at least one winter out of four just to ‘earn’ and keep our OTG cred because, as they say out here, “You are not truly living OTG unless you spend the whole year here.”

We were bona fide OTG BEFORE Covid but after Covid, we were so bona fide we got a bit of cabin fever. Especially this last year. Sal got grouchy! 2021/22 was a relatively hard winter (for paradise) and, as it turns out, it was our third winter in a row. We are overdue for a winter vacation.

Standard operating procedure is to go somewhere sunny and cheap. Foreign culture is a definite bonus. But Mexico is a failing narco state and, anyway, we’ve been all over Mexico numerous times. Same thinking applies to the Central American countries. We still like it down there but I am disinclined to mingle with the various cartels so, Mexico and it’s neighbours are a pass. Same with good ol’ Thailand. It’s very nice but been there, done that. And no one is going to Hong Kong these days. And, anyway, Asia is a very long plane trip and I am even more disinclined to airports and the chaos that is air-travel right now. Shades of spoiled brat are surfacing…..

In theory, that leaves Arizona (we have a welcoming place there anytime) or Hawaii (may have to splurge a bit for that). But, bigot that I have now become in my latter years, I do not want to give the US any kind of support or tourist dollars (I am not a big spender but that is the way I feel). It is really hard to go to the USA without screaming at everyone. And we all know that won’t go over well….especially at airports.

Portugal sounds nice but there’s that ^%^$#@! plane ride and a possible nuclear war that may happen not far away (not far enough, anyway). It just is NOT calling me enough. Nothing is calling to me, to be frank. I yearn for none of it much anymore even though I will whine (like a spoiled brat) if I spend a fourth February in cold mist.

What to do?

Basically, this is a ‘First World Problem’ for spoiled brats. But, I am one of those and so this is all a problem for me.

I was kinda thinking I might try to find a nice house-sit gig in Victoria. It is not much sunnier and it is NOT cheaper but it has two wonderful little grandchildren to see. That’s a huge plus. I could always go to Alberta and see my daughter but, after three days of Alberta, the cartels in Mexico seem do-able. Even Arizona is almost do-able after Alberta.

Anyway, I have some time to sort it out. I will continue to ponder. India, perhaps? It is a hellishly long way to fly but I have never been, so there is that. I am keen to see Japan again but winter in Japan is not a lot better than winter in Canada and it is a lot more expensive. What we need is something like the Canary Islands or a few Caribbean Islands just off the coast of Oregon but unless the San Andreas kicks some up, that’s just a fantasy.

Catalina Island has some appeal geographically but all the reviews say that it is definitely worth only a day trip, three days at most. Plus it is the USA. And the average rent is US$800 a night. The marketing department kinda dropped the ball on Catalina.

If there is no answer, then the answer is to stay home and just chop more wood. And that seems like the inevitable future of winters for me if I do not get creative. If I am not destined to age-in-place and get ‘bushed’ every winter, I have to get creative NOW not later. If not NOW, then near-later. Sheesh.

When they say it is a small world, I really did not see it that way until now.

8 thoughts on “Seems a bit odd….

  1. Mendoza out of the running? I had a super good time on Corn Island, Nicaragua. Inexpensive, English speaking, ample sunshine! I took the chicken bus from Mexico City, but once ya done that is enough. But I’d go back (via air) in a heartbeat, except I have an aversion to airports, and I don’t think there are any direct connections.
    I used to welcome Winter and it’s associated cold weather sports, but I’m not so energetic any more! Age brings with it limitations! But I do have a well stocked (overflowing) woodshed if I must tolerate another season.


    • Mendoza is NOT yet out of the running altho it may be scratched again this winter. The annual running of the Snowbirds is still an anticipated event it is just that these birds aren’t sure about WHERE. You will be the first to know….and suggestions are welcome. I may look at ‘how to get to Corn Island the easy way’.


  2. Dave, Air Canada flies to Sydney or Brisbane and Auckland. It is normally hot in Oz, the last couple of years have been unusual. Sorry we’ve got no room to put you up in Canberra but Canberra is nice in summer when it is not over 40c. Maybe check out Tassie. Oz holidays are expensive but you only live once. NZ would be nice. I suspect it might have a Canadian feel except with a Kiwi accent. I haven’t been there.


    • Thank you, Tracy, for the kind invitation. I’ll mull it over but, at first glance, it does not meet the spoiled brat constraints of being cheap and NOT a long flight. But it does have the attraction of meeting you……hmmmmmm


  3. Your thots about house sitting in Victoria are interesting given your earlier frustrations with the congestion and growth here. Until one can be around here for an extended time ie A month at least, it is hard to appreciate what is great, notwithstanding the hyper development and population explosion.
    with your dogs it makes sense to forego long winter trips afar.


  4. I can recommend Canary Islands (I would go for Tenerife). Been there a few times, and my parents lived there for a few years. Nice climate, not too hot, not too expensive and lots of things to see and do. But a long flight….Although flight might only be as long as a flight to Mexico. Portugal in winter time is not that warm, mind you!


  5. We are still enjoying the RV in Arizona, focusing on the Tucson area. It is a bit more level headed than in the Phoenix area in my opinion. We’ve ended up storing it down there in the off season and fly back and forth direct from Bellingham to Mesa using Allegiant. A rental car is needed to get south to Tucson since the Bellingham direct to Tucson flight was cancelled during Covid and I don’t see it coming back any time soon. An RV rental and exploring Arizona state parks might be fun. They have some really nice ones, but like every where in the world reservations are almost mandatory if you want hookups. – Margy


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