I’m adequate……

…..or so said one of Sal’s women-friends last year when she said goodbye to us both after staying with us for a few days (90% of the time sitting on the couch drinking coffee and yapping until it was time for wine and dinner). “Thank you, Sally. You were wonderful and (turning to me)….well, David, you were…..well….adequate.”

In the moment, it seemed a smidge ungracious but well, over time, I am forced to agree with her. In fact, when it specifically comes to f’glassing, I am barely even misandry-level adequate. Sub adequate in f’glassing I most assuredly am but, perhaps, a bit extra good when it comes to cooking steak (or so said another of Sal’s woman friends who also later came to stay mostly on the couch with coffee and then wine while she awaited her cooked-to-order steak dinner). So, it all may balance out to be a generalist’s adequacy. Or, in the eyes of the hard-put-upon fairer sex, barely tolerable male inadequacy. Our bar is set pretty low these days (whew!).

My excuse? That’s right! I am a generalist! I try to be able to do everything somewhat adequately well altho, admittedly, the desire to do any of it GREAT is just not there anymore. Adequate is just fine now that I think about it. And so I describe my new roof-in-the-making for the new boat………

It is adequate. Mission accomplished! It will do the job for as long as I navigate this mortal coil. I think it is good. It is almost complete in it’s components but it has yet to be fitted-in-place and, when that happens, we’ll know just how adequate I was.

The thing about boat building/altering/repairing (for me) is that nothing is square, everything is ‘formed’, it has to be strong and sea-worthy and, hopefully, adequately pleasing to the eye. But none of that can be done in situ down at the dock (no power there and all my tools are 200 yards uphill away). Plus I am a wood butcher who seems to do everything for the first time. A boat roof is a daunting challenge.

This roof is only 36 sft or 3 sq meters? I ‘sandwiched’ and glued doorskins to get the curve. I salvaged old wood to make the frame. I used galvanized plumbing tubes for supports. And then I f’glassed the roof once the shape was formed. I later sanded and filled for a bit until I thought, “Well, that should be adequate.”

Next in the progression is painting. I will put on one coat and then sand. Then I will put on the second coat and, no matter what, call it adequate. Adequate is a standard to which I am becoming more than comfortable. Whatever possessed me to try to do better?

Speaking of comfort, I currently do not have any. Nor does anyone else out here. It is 91F at our place today. It was 91F yesterday. 33C! That is hot! Some neighbours inland ‘up the hill’ hit over 100+ yesterday. They are pushing past that today! Mind you, the silver lining is that any f’glass work has definitely kicked off.

And so might I if it gets any hotter!

This is really hot for me but the pooches sport black, curly hair. A lot of tongue is showing. A lot of panting is heard. A whole lot of water is being drunk. They are still puppies (8 months old) and somewhat leery of the ocean unless coaxed. They will eventually learn. But, so far, they have not. This kind of weather is just not typical of what it has been in the past but I suspect that it is going to be more and more like this as the years go by. We, as a species, didn’t learn either.

Climate change….geez, who knew? Well, OK, there were the many reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that has been screaming warnings for over 30 years (first one in 1990) but who listens to scientists these days, eh, when you can get the abbreviated (and distorted) version from FOX News? No reading, thinking or even considering real news. I wonder what Tucker (annual salary $6M) and Sean (annual salary of $25M) have to say about it all?

Anyway, I will, like millions of SE Asians, Northeastern ‘Mericans, Sou’western ‘Mericans, Europeans…well, you get the point….. just carry on carrying on and hope it passes soon. I’ll get my adequate roof on the modest boat soon and then I will no longer cook while going in it….the very definition of a mediocre man adequately adapting and quietly denying the obvious truth all at the same time.

7 thoughts on “I’m adequate……

  1. As a wise old shipwright once said to me, ” Whats that measuring square for? There’s NOTHING square on a boat!”
    He was ship “right”.
    You dont belong to a yacht club up there….yet.
    As for your Misogynistic traits….
    I always toss “Misandrist” back at anyone accusing me of being a misogynist.
    It usually shuts them up for a few minutes until they source it out on google and realize they’ve been insulted.
    Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander…. 🙂
    Damn hot out there!
    Thats why God made beer and the refrigeration techs to keep it cold!


  2. Brings back memories of building Natural-Hy. We re-did just about every step, the first time to learn how not to do it, better the second time. As you say not a right angle in or on the boat. We didn’t have a table saw for band saw everything cut with a gig saw. Surprised I am not dead by now all the fibreglassing in confined spaces without masks or fans little did we know. Having a bit of a resurgence selling my book who would have guessed. Looks like you are doing an adequate job on your project. To me it looks more then adequate. Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks, Trev. But you can trust me…it is only adequate. Today some varnishing and painting. Congrats on the book. Few get a resurgence. We did not. So, good on ya!


      • My previous neighbor wrote a technical book for teachers and instructors back in the 1970’s on the rules of English grammar, punctuation, etc.
        Retired from teaching for over a decade .
        He came home one day a few years backs and opened his mail and smiled.
        He had a cheque from his publisher for over $20,000.
        Seems his book had been “rediscovered” by the Ontario Teachers Federation and they decided his book was the go to manual for ESL classes.
        1000’s of copies in reprint


        • Hmmmmm…..maybe writing for hopeful OTG’ers was too small a market? Frankly, I would have guessed that more people wanted out of the rat race than wanted to write or speak well. One unintelligible fellow who can barely read and write made it to the POTUS position in the USA. So, why bother learning English grammar? Oh, well, such are the mysteries of life, eh?


          • Nah.
            I’m thinking as the world goes to Hell in a hand basket …
            Living OTG will see a resurgence of interest.


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