I am almost always wrong…..

….calling an election, I mean. I rarely get it right. The stronger I feel, the wronger I seem to be. I hated Trump so much and thought everyone saw him as I did, I gave him no chance whatsoever. Same for Stephen Harper. Same for Boris Johnson. As much as I follow politics, I don’t guess right even half of the time. It’s a real failing.

And so I am loathe to even hazard a wild guess on the US midterms and do not be blind on this, this may be one the biggest elections in US history. Of course, we all may not have much of a future anyway (climate change, Russia, etc) but, if things still keep chuggin’ along and the US goes the way of the fascists, this election will have been a major game-changer. This one is BIG.

To my mind, the dumb Bubbas in camo wanting to kill or ‘cancel’ all the libs cannot possibly be in the majority. Even the evangelical, bible-thumping hypocrites who hate immigrants and think Trump is the Second Coming can’t be that numerous. The MAGA hat wearing imbeciles waving Confederate flags couldn’t fill a football stadium….could they? I mean….pundits are saying…..”The GOP could take both houses!”

If that happens and if Trump wins in 2024, all bets are off. Live OTG or downtown LA, all bets are bad for N. America. Seriously, I am too old to move away but, if I was in my 30’s, I’d go to New Zealand in a heartbeat.

I have been watching and reading and doing my own guessing and prognosticating and I really have no idea. Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Roger and Me) is convinced the Republicans are done. Totally convinced. N. Cohen of the New York Times is convinced otherwise. MAGA freaks are practically salivating with anticipation and yet the Sarah Palins are face-planting. How to tell? How to even guess?

But (once again) here is the point: what does it say about the US if this election is close? Does that mean that half the population are ignorant, racist, lying crooks? Even if one GOP candidate gets elected, what does that say about that state? If only Democrats succeed, does that mean the US lives happily ever after with some huge portion plotting to break and enter homes and whack old guys with hammers? Does Herschel Walker get to determine US policy on anything? I mean….no matter how this turns out, the result is bad, worse or horribly worse. This BIG UGLY that has infested the US has to either be totally excised or else we will be living right next door to the United States of Schizophrenia.

20 thoughts on “I am almost always wrong…..

    • Typing on a Thai computer, SB? I had a Thai-based keyboard back in the day and my writing looked like that, too.
      Despair? Moi? You misunderstood. Despair implies some kind of hope. I have none. I am beyond despair. I am gobsmacked, head-hammered and totally confused wondering NOT what WILL happen bad but HOW BAD it will be. ‘Cause it is gonna be bad. This is toilet time. Or, better put, another page in the TEOTWAWKI story. Stay on the ship, SB. Despite the plague, it may be the best place to be.


  1. If not New Zealand, how about Mendoza? I don’t know if I’d care to drink myself into oblivion on their wine, scotch would be much better.
    I share your concern about Terrible Tuesday. Stocking up on imbiblecles.


  2. Like you mentioned a few times on your blog, what or who is the alternative (and not only in the US).There are simply no good alternatives or a political party doing the right thing. So more and more sane people do not vote anymore in my opinion. Only people voting these days are the radicals, so therefore we might see results of this election that do not reflect what is real in this society.
    Best case, in other countries, 40 to 50% of the people vote, the rest simply do not care anymore. In Belgium, we are obliged to vote, this might be a solution?


  3. I watched Bill Maher on his show Friday night. He is convinced the GOP is going to win and that democracy ,as the US has known it, is gone.


    • I know they are. We have a number of ‘Mericans up here, either old ex-draft dodgers or rich new escapers. I’d guess 10%. All of ’em sane and quietly terrified. One guy from the Deep South, ex-military, is totally convinced the country has gone mad. Never wants to go back. Another goes back every year and comes here even more convinced all is lost.


    • Well, it has been said before about me…..still, even the crazies get it right now and then. And I do not deny it for a second. How can I? To deny it would be to confirm it! But is it the blog? The answers to the comments? The always-being-wrong? Or do you hate Mendoza?


  4. Yeah.
    I have to agree with you Dave.
    The US mid terms aint lookin so great.
    A Republican win with several GOP nutbars (Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene come to mind) that are willing to promise any crazy idea to the gullible, angry masses .
    Biden was the best the Democrats could do?
    He ancient and the pressure of the Presidential Office is killing him.
    Kamala Harris? Smart and energetic but will millions of rednecks vote for a black woman?
    Trump loves the press and I expect his donkey braying to commence exactly 1 minute after the final mid term results are in.

    New Zealand?
    China wants their sheep and lumber.
    Best to ride out the meltdown of Democracy insanity right where you are.
    Most US “survivalist” nutbars wouldn’t last past their first empty gas tank and they certainly dont know where Canada is on a map.
    And the two ferries plus a private boat ride makes for a great “moat”.

    I might be up on Quadra in a week or so on a repair.
    I’m working out the logistics right now.
    Perhaps we can commiserate over a scotch or three.
    I’ll keep you posted.


  5. I wonder what will happen on a global scale if trump and his followers win this mid term. Another lunatic on the global mess we are already in? At least Biden choses the non-aggressive way, but with Trump and his followers in power again, we can be sure that things will escalate further


    • Trump only cares about Trump.
      His family, his “friends”, his business associates…. all are expendable.
      The result?
      Marjorie Taylor Greene is another nutbar with all Trumps despicable traits.
      In a recent New York Times article she is described as “extreme Far Right” in her views with “hallucinatory conspiracy theories”
      She’s nuts.
      The “truth” is what ever they want it to be.
      Trump has enabled an entire generation of narcissistic trolls to come out and play “politics”.
      And the uneducated rubes gobble up the lies and conspiracies like pigs at the slaughterhouse feeding trough.
      When you have heavily armed “Proud Boys” skulking around voting stations on election day intimidating voters…..not a good day for Democracy.


      • I just read an article about how many seats are really up for a change. The article claims only about 25 seats might change, but still that would be enough if all these seats went to GOP. Most people still will elect the man or woman they know and who holds a seat at this moment/I guess we will see soon which way it goes. I hope there will be a strong candidate to replace Biden in the coming presidential elections


        • In the House of Reps, the Dems have 222 to the GOPs 213. In the senate there are 100 seats. The GOP has 50 and the Dems have 48 but two independents ‘sit’ with them. They are, in fact, tied. But the VP (Harris) is the tie-breaker and she, of course is Dem. One third of the senate is up for election (35) and all of the house.


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