I kinda hafta…but I really don’ wanna…..

….talk about Trump. I am so sick of him and his crap….like most people, I guess. But, like a circus clown trainwreck that just keeps happening over and over and over in the centre ring, he has just outdone himself in absurdity. It really is mind-blowing. Monks that set themselves on fire in protest of something look sane and logical compared to this mindless carrot of a person (I know, it should be ‘caricature‘ but he’s still so orange, ya know?).

Trump supposedly released a series of Non-fungible Tokens or NFT’s for sale yesterday. They featured him (of course) dressed in all the costumes of the Village People and a few extra ‘looks’ just to add a touch of vomit to the collection. Each digital edition token cost $99.00. They were available for one day. Forty five thousand of them were offered. Today, Trump announced that all 45,000 have been sold. That amounts to a one-day internet sales event that grossed (how appropriate) $4,455,000.00.

Which is, of course, complete and total BS. A total lie. Another fabrication to add to the virtual metropolis of fabrications that has marked his time in the public eye. The only way that many transactions could take place in that short a time is if some Russian oligarch, a Panama account of Trump’s, a month of pre-sales to GOP idiots and/or a combination of the above were used to make the purchases and, knowing the great dissembler and con-man, that assumes the NFTs were ever even made available at all.

It is good marketing 101 and so much easier to hawk your wares and then say to the first customer, “Sorry, all those sales-priced units are gone. Try again next week. We are getting in a new shipment but they will be regularly priced at $299.00. Sign here if you want to be notified.”

This is such a blatant, kindergarten-level con, it’s embarrassing just to watch it play out. Some of those convicted and going to jail for the January 6th debacle have been quoted as embarrassed by it and even Steve ‘Mr. Brazen’ Bannon announced, “OK, This has gone too far!.” If Roger Stone distances himself, you’ll know the bottom has just been breached.

Trump was the President of the United States. Potus. He held the most powerful position in the world. And he’s an idiot. He played the American people for fools and, despite the overwhelming proof of that, he is still doing it. How can as many as 30M ‘Mericans NOT see that?

That Trump can still make the news instead of a suspect line-up is shocking and embarrassing for the country. That I cannot resist mentioning it embarrases me, too. But what it says about the world we live in is just plain frightening. We are all affected by this and we continue to be.

We need a superhero.

8 thoughts on “I kinda hafta…but I really don’ wanna…..

  1. Crazy, isn’t it! Not only about Trump, but how stupid can people (mankind) be to buy things like NFT’s? Now we will start paying money for virtual things to spend a part of our lives in a virtual world? We are really doomed! Soon we will all end up wearing VR
    goggles and spending our lives living in a virtual world….mindblowing!
    As for the superhero that the world needs….I don’t see anybody on the horizon, so things will have to get a lot worse before someone stands up and leads us out of this mess. Our politicians have NO sense of long term strategy. Yesterday, our government decided to cancel the funding of research into SMR’s, they rather spend their money on putting out fires then focuson a long term strategy that might save us


    • It is really crazy and getting crazier – I agree. But my reference to needing a superhero was a bit of joke on Trump. The day before he launched the NFT’s he published a picture of himself ripping off his shirt with a Superman costume underneath and he said, “America needs a superhero!” And then he publishes himself the next day as a NFT full regalia, long caped, well built superhero. As Sal said, “You cannot even do a spoof on that. It is beyond spoofable already!”


  2. Did you see some of the Trump images in the NTF photos?
    Bizarre to say the least.
    Trump as Superman.
    Trump as a cowboy.
    Trump as an Astronaut.
    On and on and on.
    And even when you chose your NTF THEY DIDNT GARANTEED YOU WOULD RECIEVE IT.
    Pic a cowbot Trump.
    Sorry …you get an astronaut.
    Try again.
    Sorry you get a Superman.
    Idiots and their money….
    Poof gone.

    The sooner Trump is in jail or an asylum…..
    The better.


    • Yes and yes, but it is still very cold. Can’t get house past 12c…..which is chilly. Why? 30 knot ice cold Bute coming out of the inlet sucks the warmth faster than we can put it back. Chilly tonight, cold by midnight, freezing by morning. Very weird. Tomorrow I add heat sources but tonight is the worst.


      • I have read about Bute, bit didn’t know it could have that much impact. 12C is cold, we are heating our house now to 19C with the high energy prices, and it already feels chilly. We try to add a few degrees by burning wood in our fireplace but most of the heat disappears in the chimney. What extra heat sources can you add?


        • I have a couple of Kerosene burner heaters (Japanese style) that make good, safe heat but the wicks are bad and I ordered some new ones but they still have not arrived. But I can use one of them still. I do not like them all that much but, in a pinch, they are good and with new wicks they’ll be very good.


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