Bonus blog (very little written content) because one literally cannot make this crap up…..

Pertaining to: the PRESIDENT of the United States!!!! A now anachronistic term no longer demanding the respect it once did. Same category as: White House, first lady, stable genius, great, patriot, trusted, GOP and lately, Democracy.

On the heels of Trump’s NFT launch (non-fungible tokens) following his treasonous insurrection, his theft of government top secrets and constant criminal and public wrong-doing throughout his lifetime comes the perfect family legacy follow-up. Those tokens …which are digital trading cards being offered to the public…..(there are hundreds of images of Trump in fantasy costume looking heroic and less obese) – like the one below, we are now gobsmacked extra silly by his first-born son, Donald John Trump Junior who has now additionally blessed us all in the family tradition of grifting and cheating. This time the Trump name is unashamedly associated with over-priced biblical schlock and drek…….

….you really have to see the website to believe it.

SHOP BLASPHEMY..………………………..’git yer red hot bibles and t-shirts while stock lasts!’

Meanwhile, the madness continues at the House of Representatives currently being held hostage for over three days by Lauren Bobert and Matt Gaetz plus 18 other Trumpist/disruptors all of whom are certifiably insane…..(that fiasco just ended on the 15th ballot)

…..including that over-the-top Newbie Rascal of the GOP, George Santos, the Brazilian fugitive who lied about everything (family, income, religion, education, resume, etc) and still got elected to the House (rep. for Long Island/Queens, New York). He gets a salary of $175,000 plus expenses plus other benefits for the successful grift. He will begin representing the ‘Merican people as soon as Lauren, Matt and friends finish up…..

The real madness of all this grotesque cartoon? Irony writ so large it is UNBELIEVABLE!!? Mr. Lying, cheating, fake Santos turns out to truly, actually, and perfectly represent at least 50% of ‘Mericans.

10 thoughts on “Bonus blog (very little written content) because one literally cannot make this crap up…..

  1. I don’t think I can challenge much of what you wrote. Most Cdns don’t waste their time following the 15 votes. Retirees on the other hand have surplus time, not much to do. For us we watched 90% of it. Although it does affect Cdns marginally, we watched it as entertainment,exciting entertainment, far more interesting than our favourite tv shows or the top movies we never see, like Avatar. Don’t even know what Avatar is. . You challenge me in other ways. Words you’ve seen for years that you think you know? I looked up gobsmacked and my thoughts were correct. *schlock and drek: *didn’t know, thanks for that. Really appreciate Google ‘look up’. . Now, for the rest of the day. A new project will suffice. The months OnTG are boring for an OTGer. I keep an ongoing list of outings to do. It is in writing. Today I will start advising a frustrated mother about administering her Son’s deceased estate. . Thanks for the blog. . Steve View Royal Capital Regional District .


    • Schlock and drek are Yiddish and words everyone should know. Like ‘mensch’ and ‘goy’ and ‘schmuck’. Chutzpah, kvetch. Bupkis. All of them to be spoken with attitude, a shrug and sometimes a bit of a bark, as in an insult….especially ‘schmuck’. Kvetching as usual, Hymie snapped, “You did bupkis on this, you schmuck!”
      Avatar, on the other hand, means an image. Your email has your avatar on it.
      Avatar is also the name of a movie/movies by James Cameron about blue, sexy people-with-tails.
      But, for me, the real character, the real fantasy, the real story is the increasing ‘grift’ being played by the Trump family – like a never-ending, schmaltzy-but-evil soap opera. That massive on-going con job is beyond comprehension. What kind of putz, or schlub falls for that bashvindl?


  2. I was the token gentile in a Jewish Vancouver law firm and one of the senior partners oversaw my education in all matters Jewish. Among other never-forgotten lessons, he and his wife gave me detailed instruction on the proper usage (and when to refrain from usage) of the word “schvantz”, including correct intonation, emphasis, & c.

    For those unfamiliar, were you to look for “schvantz” and a good old-fashioned library card catalogue, it would likely say “See schmuck”. Kinda’ like “Ornithology – see Birds”.


  3. Lost for words….how anybody can spend time/money/energy on these NFT’s is a total mystery to me. Spend any time/money or energy on a Trump NFT is even a bigger mystery to me.
    We saw Avatar 2 yesterday evening on the big screen….I can recommend it! 3h20 minutes of pure entertainment and magnificent images. The underlying message sys so much more then any NFT : respect for your elders, respect for your tribe, family as the cornerstone of your life and a huge respect for living in harmony with nature! Now that is a message I am comfortable with in all my naivity


    • I confess to being a sap for ‘good-guy’ movies, feel-goods, even the odd Rom-coms (Sleepless in Seattle)…. I like having my values reinforced even if, in real life, they are under assault every day. I call it Dave’s Detachment. I also like good, ordinary guys blowing the bad guys up. Especially their cars! Hate sad movies. Hate horror movies. Not a fan of psych0-crazy movies either unless it is a maniacal car dealer who gets blown up and so does all his inventory….preferably with a great sound track (Blues Brothers). I love Sci-fi that is also gritty and human (weird aliens are a must, tho). More than a bit tired of super-heros. Almost anything with Mel Gibson (Get the Gringo!), Jason Statham (such a Thespian, eh?)….my tastes are pretty plebian, my standards even lower. But, but, but….probably my all time favourite is The Midnight Diner.


  4. I hadn’t seen the manly “Duck Hunter Trump” NTF before.
    Many thanks.
    As for his son flogging bibles…?
    I expect nothing less from grifters appealing to their millions of rubes.
    30 years ago it was tele-evangelists crying on tv for more donations.
    I suspect Trump will stoop to that level at some point.
    (hopefully , just before his sentencing )
    Amusing to watch the bizarre , desperate downfall…..and then point it all out in it’s dreary, crass carnival hucksterism…. to all my diehard Trump fan(atics)s.
    It gets their blood boiling.

    As for the US House of Representatives unbelievably crass “High School style food fight”.
    A new low for the millions of US voters that witnessed the ridiculous, craven manipulation of their democracy for pure power grabs..
    All televised for the world to see.
    Methinks it may be …..
    Time for new rules to elect the 3rd most powerful person in the US govt after the President and the Vice President?
    The Speaker takes charge if both the the Prez and his “spare” are incapacitated.
    Scary thought eh what?
    And the archaic voting system for the House Speaker.
    Calling out names one by one and writing down the vote on a booklet sized pad.
    Painful to watch.
    Those 15 voting session could have been done in one day.
    If the candidate fails to reach a vote after 5 tries….. it should be mandatory to move to someone else in the Majority Party.
    The “lets keep voting until I wear them all down” “strategy” doesn’t seem too democratic to me.
    One Washington political wag called it on Wednesday when she said, “This will end on Friday night because they all will just want to go home.”

    Thats a Bingo!

    The only good thing to come out if it?
    More Republican politicians have nuked themselves in one week with their own constituents than 10 years of personal scandals could have done.

    The Republican Party may have seen its last gasp.
    Old, angry , white conservatives are in the decline.


    • Well said. Mind you, I think one thing is wrong. Old, angry white folks are on the increase. NOT because of the growing presence and power of brown folks or even LGBTQRXYZ but simply because they see so much stupidity and dogma prevailing in modern society. I’m mostly a pinko-green, bleeding heart but I get riled at minor human behaviours ruining lives and careers, I get annoyed at changing history because it is perceived differently now, I balk at using stupid pronouns when Mr. Dress-up works just fine for me. I am even angry that cities and building codes have emerged to create only rotten construction and homelessness. I can’t stand cops that scream ‘get on the ground….’ and the list just seems to grow every day. Have I mentioned the atrophied, corrupt and elitist governments we have created? Wanna hear my rant on modern Health Care? How ’bout Education?


      • “Wanna hear my rant on modern Health Care? How ’bout Education?”
        My only reply to that rhetorical question is …
        Each one is a voluminous blog subject all to its own.
        Save ’em for another day.

        However I must start those two topics with
        “What Healthcare?
        “What Education?”


        • Your questions well serve the topics. Almost an executive summary. I will spare everyone the rant but I will add that teaching kids anything without hands-on physical experience and the great outdoors is stupid and makes for fact-smart, life-stupidity and quiet resentment that prevails in our society today. As for Health Care….well, it’s much the same…..we have science, we have chemicals, we have knowledge, we have well paid, monopolistic controllers who, themselves, are walking testaments to ill health but we do not have any real care anymore. I have to add: we had two public health nurses come out awhile back. They could not walk the 120 yards up the 20 degree slope to the community building. Had to get ’em a ride. Another time, we had Covid nurses who protested the walk and transferred the vax site to a resort twenty miles away with golf carts.


          • True.
            I sometimes wonder if Aliens really are among us and own all the international Fast Food chains…..
            Fattening us up for the Invasion Fleet….

            Cruise Ship passengers will be the 1st cattle to ascend in a Martian green tractor beam of light……..


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