Mud, mud…glorious mud

Truck-in-ditch is now truck-out-of-ditch. Four hours of mudslinging and chainsawing and Sal and I got the truck out. Drove it out. Mostly, kinda….

To be fair, Chris (a neighbour) was going by just as we were plucking up the courage to TRY driving it out and he slung a tow rope on, too. So, he drove, we drove and we all drove out and onto the road together very nicely. Would we have made it without Chris? I think so but, if I was wrong, we’d be back in mud-hole #1 again. Stuck like pigs.

Basically, the ditch was deep, gluey and the mudder of all muds. Every time I got in, I could not get out. I just kept sinking. So Sal ended up doing the jacking (Tinkerbelle does not sink like Shrek does) and I was doing the other stuff…chainsawing, dragging boards, rounds…you know….manly stuff.

But, again to be fair, ol’ Sal was lying in the mud and squeezing under the car to find the jack-points (or a strong part) under which to place the jacks. I’d bring her wood for the jack to have a ‘footing’ but every jacking slipped slowly down into the mud so we had to jack and jam (with planks and stuff) and then jack and jam further along…..repeat until you have a wooden road that is about 8″ higher than the mud in the ditch. Took awhile.

But by 3:00 pm (we started at 11:00 am) we were cleaning up, packing tools, ropes, chains, and wood planks home (by boat) and generally feeling a sense of accomplishment. The truck was parked in the community lot, no one got hurt. Everyone got muddy. And this is being written with a glass of plonk in one hand with a strong anticipation of dinner in the air.

Does it get any better?

14 thoughts on “Mud, mud…glorious mud

      • I know, and I am missing it. Not RVing 5 months this season, house sitting a month in View Royal and not being OTG is somewhat boring. I actually keep a list of things to do so as to get out every day. Cycling is currently 5 times a week then afternoon road trips to get Yvonne, us both, out. . Hydraulic jacks, boards, mud and rope actually sounds like one of the good challenges we regularly face OTG. And your steak smells very edible, rare no doubt. . Steve


  1. The sheer effort of you and yours accomplishments today is WOW! you are one lucky S.O.B. to have a mud defing talented strong partner,(im sure your contribution was equal) maybe I will hear the reason for the mishap some day. I managed to bulk finish another batch of wine, thats it but I’m at peace so thats very good! I still (after 2 days effort) have not freed the port prop fr9m the rope but getting very close(i hope). Be strong!


    • My contribution equal? Surely you jest? Truthfully, my effort was greater, my knowledge better and my timely advice was invaluable. Plus I carry and lift and chainsaw. Absolutely key. Sal? She seemed to be lying down a lot, actually. OK, I admit that it was in 8 inches of mud but, really, women pay big bucks at a spa to lie there in mud. I told her it was her Spa day. She’ll speak to me again…I am sure….someday….we’ll see.

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  2. Well, it is a 1990 AWD Previa from a bygone era but it was well made and has less than 200Ks on it. The bones are good. But it is a little low slung and ditch-swimming is not encouraged. I have a broken back shoe but that is nothing, really. Annoying. I’ll fix it. But we likely put on less than 200 kms a year. We have it primarily for book club and guests (sightseeing). The worst thing for it is that we do not use it as much as it requires. Still, when you need to tour, you need to tour.


  3. Great entertainment for us readers as we sit in our cozy homes with a glass of wine or …. So glad you got it out and the van is still running. It’s my transport of choice to Book Club. Miss you both.


    • Thank you, MC. Glad to be out. Best part:lots of opportunities to tease ol’ Sal. Next time you are in the old truck just blurt out now and then, “Watch out for the ditch!”


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