My bad habits….

……the kind that I cannot help but continue to practice. No, not scotch-drinking. I can stop and start scotch. I can stop and start sugar. I even went vegan a couple decades back to see if it would make me healthier – I ended up in hospital with a gallbladder attack. (The doctor in the ER asked me, :”You didn’t do something stupid like go vegan all of a sudden, did you?”). I got me some bad habits but most of ’em I got under control.

But not when it comes to ‘projects’. Man, I gotta get me some professional help when it comes to projects. Help me stop dreamin’ ’em up, listing ’em and most of all help me get ’em done. I am on the verge of being outta control on projects.

But there is more than just new projects. Way, way, way more. I won’t bore you with the list of things I have NOT done nor will I bore you with the supplies I have bought that still sit in their shipping boxes. Suffice to say, I have a few…..

But, wait, there’s even more of the great UNDONE! We are starting to get in the supplies for a new water line. I have measured and plan to order soon all the lumber for the new stairs and some deck repair. There are the finishing tasks on the new boat still to do….I am planning on building a room under the house to freeze-proof the plumbing…and then, of course, install a heating system….

Last year (maybe the one before!) I fixed up a spring box and with help, got it up the trail to the head of the stream for placement. But getting it there was a long task and more pieces needed to come and some site prep needed doin’….and, well, the spring box still sits by the stream bank waiting to be placed. That’s really bad.

I have one generator half apart……

The island vehicle could use some attention…..the boats will need bottom painting….the garden soon….maybe a third cistern…..

….I am currently repairing some kerosene heaters (cannibalizing three that do not work to make up two working ones)….but it is currently too cold to repair the heaters out in the shop…

None of the above refers to all the tidying, inventorying, organizing that also needs doing or the daily-life chores that keep popping up…like…well, daily!


Yesterday some Amazon packages came. That used to be good news. Now they present a storage problem, a cardboard disposal problem, a plan of action problem…..(help me)…..

One of the packages is rivnuts. I intended to re-affix my Pathfinder’s roof rack…you know….someday…when, like, I am over on the neighbouring island where it’s parked and I happen to have my tools with me and nothing else to do. Rivnuts are very cool. I got stainless ones because they are likely to sit around for a long time. I have so much else to do, ya know?

13 thoughts on “My bad habits….

  1. Yep.
    My manic depressive tendencies have me doing the same thing.
    Full speed ahead until I see another squirrel and change direction.

    Try and finish one.
    Then move to the next one.
    Tough but, if you keep loading up on “to do” lists….you’ll be buried.


  2. I fully understand your position. But to make things even worse….my “personal” to do list might well be as long as your to do list, but on top of that, I have the never ending to do list that my wife gives me. And every time I can take 1 hore of her list, she just smiles at me and adds at least 3 new ones, so her list becomes just longer the more I do
    Looking at it from the positive side, having a list probably means you have the skills, knowledge, tools and supplies to do them. That’s why Sal probably puts a lot of faith in you
    And you might need a Canadian and a Belgian angle/devil to help you out 😉

    And yougoing vegan, bad choice and that one really surprised me!


      • been there, done that. But my list is still long. But I understand your comment, since you don’t know my wife ;-). And to be honest, her list is also long!


    • At the time I was about 40 and pudging up. I was exactly 207 pounds. So, I decided to go veggie to lose weight. After five solid months of beans, lentils and more beans, I ended up with a gall bladder attack and in the ER. They, of course, weighed me. I was exactly 207 pounds. The doctor said that after the removal of my gall bladder I would surely be at least one pound lighter. Then he laughed and laughed. I decided to keep the organ and pass the stone the hard way. Six hours later (at home), the real price for going vegan was extracted.


  3. Thanks You!!, thought it was only me who starts 3 new projects before finishing two or even one. Here I am typing on the tablet while glancing out the window to the perfect view. Just did a quick add up, 4 major(over 3 days), 3 big, and 2 medium. Will not count the everyday stuff and yet here I sit.


      • NA,NA,NA ,I can’t hear you! We can’t be twinsies, as im much younger and (frankly) more refined handsome as opposed to your more beastly handsome !
        Just saying😊
        PS, My project to help defend Ukraine is coming together slowly, another 2 weeks! Its hard to convince people when you have no money, influence, reputation, and or knowledge.


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