How to kill a nation: Flushing wealth and killing critical thinking

(I am 75 and, in all those years, there has been no story bigger than Climate Change, the Ukraine/Russian War, the Trump years and, of course, Covid. History includes some whoppers but none in my lifetime. There have been a few of almost equal import but they -Vietnam, birth control pill, Polio vaccine, hippies, computers – came at us one at a time. Maybe the rise of China is the biggest of all but so far it is not the baddest. Today we have the unprecedented assault of four major negative influences in our life and they are all very, very bad. So, the following blog verges on a rant and then becomes one in all it’s full-blown glory)

Russia is swirling the drain. Their one-year war with Ukraine has cost them trillions ($9T) of dollars and well over 100,000 dead. The official number is 135,000. Those guys are defining a new slang term: dumpster fire-diving. As of today, Russia has lost 294 planes, 284 helicopters, 461 missile launchers, 18 ships and boats, 3245 tanks and the equivalent of all that again in heavy trucks, troop carriers, drones, artillery and the like. This is a country with a GDP that is not even quite the equal of Canada’s!……about $1.7T.

And we do not even HAVE 100,000 soldiers in our entire armed forces! Put another way: with 3.5 times the population, Russia produces less than what Canada produces and it is currently spending their already strained and limited resources like a desperate gambler at a cheap casino. They have literally blown five times their normal GDP in one year and normal GDP is now out of the question.

None of the above even factors in all the sanctions, restrictions, assets frozen and punitive actions taken against them in a non-military way by Europe/Nato countries nor does it count the 700,000 ‘fighting-age’ men who fled the country to avoid conscription.

This war-with-their-cousins has gutted their economy, drained their military, emptied the coffers and has sent almost a million working men away (by way of wounding, death and desertion). They have even managed to make themselves more vulnerable than ever before by prompting several otherwise neutral countries to join NATO, their perceived arch enemy.

Guys! That is real world-changing news.

Had the US or NATO launched a purposeful, planned war with Russia, they could not have achieved more disruption and destruction in one year – if they could have done even half! Putin has basically, single-handedly proven to be history’s most inept leader in almost every way but domestic bullying of the citizenry (and, of course, he is a thief on a much higher scale than Marcos or Duvalier). Major bully, voracious thief, rotten citizen and a very, very poor leader.

(….rant approaching….) I never thought I would say it but Putin is worse for his country than any leader before him in history and part of that is simply because of him having the assets and the people to squander….and then squandering them all in record time.

Russia is commiting suicide.

Lest anyone think NATO and the USA is unaware of this ongoing self-destruct ‘putton’, be advised, this war was a gift to them they accepted without qualms or conscience. They know it is a death knell for Russia and they are helping Ukraine just enough to keep it going. In effect, a family dispute is taking a major threat to NATO out of the way. And the cost to NATO is minimal. A few tanks, a few missiles, a few adjustments for heating fuel……and a nation-killing war is being waged and won without anyone ‘cept the cousins getting hurt.

“Dave, we are being helpers and humanitarians to Ukraine! Aren’t we?”

Yes/no we are/aren’t. Yes, but not so much that we make it end. Not so much that we provide a definitive advantage to Ukraine. Not as much as we should for the sake of humanity. We are just helping Ukraine deplete and defeat Russia but not too quickly. Timing is everything. The longer the better. The pace of our intervention, the amount of our assistance and even the type of weapons we give is all strategic. And strategically minimalized. ‘We need to serve our needs first’ is the policy. Ukraine can be sacrificed and likely will be.

NATO’s strategy is NOT so much to assist Ukraine to win but rather to have Russia beaten to a pulp. If both Ukraine and Russia were left in a smoldering heap of dead amongst the rubble and ruin, NATO would consider it a complete victory. No guilt whatsoever. If Ukraine survives, all the better to assist them (with loans and contractors) in expanding into NATO. And this cold-blooded strategy appears to be working.

(….rant has arrived...) This war may go down in history as the most Machiavellian conflict since, well, Machiavelli. The Russian Ukraine War is BIG news (however, it is less and less reported on) – especially from the perspective of history-making. This is nation-killing writ large.

Covid is also that kind of BIG news (hardly being reported on at all these days). Climate Change is really, really big, too (but we just get the weather reports)……

Oh, and one more thing….the Chinese balloon-thing is a nothing-burger. Countries have been floating balloons over each other forever. It’s nothing. It’s not even nothing…it is a distraction. It is, in effect, a type of lie. It is a ‘talking point’ for idiots. A single satellite pass provides more in depth ‘spy’ information than does a dozen balloons floating for a week.

“Unh, Dave! Why would you even say that right now and what makes you an international intelligence expert?”

Firstly, no expertise is required. All this is common knowledge (ever since Gary Powers and the U2 mission) – it is just that it doesn’t seem that many know it. Secondly, it is truly a talking point distraction. It also – oddly – covers up a lot of good Biden-related USA news (inflation coming down, more employment than in the past 50 years, environmental progress, infrastructure investment, industry advancement, improved international relations, etc.). Why is that…….

(Ta da! And now for the weird part of the RANT!)

The media is seemingly doing it to us all (or NOT doing it) – by lying on purpose or by omission and distraction. ON PURPOSE! They are not reporting on Russia to the extent that we should know. They ARE reporting on China (not a thing). The current balloon hysteria is just another part of the great disinformation underway.

There is an intentional, perverted, misleading of the public on so many things large and trivial and yet, even when it is obvious and important (Ukraine kicking Russia’s butt and Biden making domestic and international progress) they still keep lying/distracting us and it all still seems to work……but working for what?

What I have no clue about is why.….why lie, obfuscate, mislead and distract? Why emphasize a nothingness balloon and NOT explain and analyze on a real issue – Russia? Why is Kim Kardashian’s butt a topic in the news? Or Tom Brady retiring? Or Beyonce’s dress? Why does everything seem to be a lie or a distortion or a distraction?

Even more vexing is why are some very important things left out? Could it possibly be as simple as just keeping the News Cycle churning? Is lying a ‘filler’ – the way to keep the News industry economically healthy?

My rant distilled into a sentence? Even doing a lot of reading and even adding in some critical thinking… is impossible to know the truth about much of anything anymore and….I think that is – somehow and for some reason – on purpose.

10 thoughts on “How to kill a nation: Flushing wealth and killing critical thinking

  1. How refreshing….and deceptive. I’m drawn like a moth to a candle, to anything that supports MY view on a subject. Like preaching to the choir.
    I’m so happy to absorb the news that Putin is hurting! I tend to gloss over any indication that suggests a Russian success, but devour that which indicates an Ukrainian win. Is this normal?
    And the balloon thingy. It was obvious (to me) that any one of thousands of satellites, with the technology inferred, would be more effective than a ‘weather balloon’. Same as Kim Kardashian’s butt! There are many and much more appealing visions on the net, of younger and less abused butts.
    My interest is starting to wane, but thanks for the current posting! I thoroughly enjoyed the support to my inclinations!


    • You are right…I kinda went on and on to make the point. Boring. Apologies. But, at your age maintaining interest is like maintaining a memory of yesterday’s events or maintaining….never mind. And, of course, I will support your inclinations when you incline after a bit too much scotch, lean on me.
      All that said – it is amazing how absolutely self-destructive Putin/Russia is and I really think it is amongst the world’s greatest examples of shooting yourself and your cousin in the feet.


  2. I have read and then re read this post! Its so right on to my thoughts, its scary. I take back all the thoughts (not delivered) that may have damaged your opinion of, well everything. Spot on, we are at last after a decade of interaction, in sync. Thanks!
    PS, that’s why I don’t watch, hear and or care for, sports, actors, entertainers, and Republicans (have you read that last pile of S#%@ at their reply to Biden’s speech?


  3. Your blog is spot on, and confirms my own research and opinion. Which makes me think: it seems the seven of us are mostly on the “same page”. Wouldn’t it be nice, just for the sake of argument to have just 1 Trump/Putin supporting goofball commenting on this blog and bring a little more fire to the discussion. Or is this blog just attracting smart people like us?
    To add to the Ukrainian situation : yesterday I got an invitation from the Ukrainian Embassy in Brussles. They want to meet with me to discuss production and delivery of road tankers for fuel and LPG. It seems, slowly, the government has had enough of all the corruption of the Ukranian oligarchs stealing billions of european funds to rebuild the country. Will be an interesting discussion…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kev used to read the blog but his ‘different’ viewpoint was focused on Globalists, Soros, baby-eaters and the like…not so much an opinion as a belief. Kinda cult-ish and right-wing but very understandable if you knew Kev like I know Kev. John from Alberta was also often in ‘opposition’ but again, more as in climate denying, anti-woke, anti-Green stuff. John was polite and kinda fun but very Albertan, Texan, pro-gun kinda stuff. A Canadian Conservative. Many have politely corrected me on a fact or rebuked me for a perceived sexist, socialistic slant but that is more than fair. I probably am that way on some things. And some, of course, just read a few and move on to other blogs. Sal and I have both noticed that the majority of faithful blog and book readers are male. There must be something in my content or writing style that smacks of male-ness although I claim to be a new-age, sensitive, romantic, dish-washing sort of guy. Regarding our perceived collective intelligence…..? Yeah. I agree. But as smart as we seven are, we just wrote/read a blog that admits that we really are left knowing very little and not knowing the truth at all. We can be smart and ill-informed and I think the entire world might fit into that category…’cept the Maggots, of course. They’re just plain stupid.


      • I agree, we can read the whole day, watch the news, read lots of articles, but we just don’t know anymore if the data that is fed to us is correct. Maybe it has never been, but the last decade it seems to get worse. A lot of misinformation is being dumped on us, with the sole purpose to cover up the real things happening in the world.
        I still believe (see one of my comments on a previous blog), that there is some global steering on a very high scale, only to much the super wealthy even more powerful and wealthy


  4. My two cents.

    NO ONE in Russia wanted this “special military operation”/War.
    Even Putin’s closest advisors were shocked when he actually started the troops invasion into Ukraine.

    He is a vile, corrupt, paranoid, evil swine that will….inevitably… removed.

    Unfortunately, after many people on both sides have died or been physically, mentally, and financially destroyed
    The Russian people are, and will, pay a heavy price.
    The Ukrainian people ARE paying a heavy price.
    And if Putin and his equally corrupt lickspittles think that “all will be forgotten” after this orgy of bombing, looting, and killing is over….
    They are absolutely ….out of their greedy, corrupt, arrogant minds.
    If I have learned anything about Eastern European culture.
    They have created an enemy on their border that will hate them for the next 1000 years.


    • As much as I would like that scenerio, I point you to Germany and Japan, both despised after the war, yet 77 years later Germany is one of the best goodguys, and Japan stays out of world politics (mostly), but they too are part of the world’s order.


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