All wars endure. Especially this one.

The second in a very short series of provocative topics

We are animals first.  Our motivations, our fears, our basic instincts are all still very primal. We want our genes in the gene-pool, we want to survive and we all want full stomachs. Eat, sleep and screw is still job 1.

Our modern way of following that destiny is now so complicated and so sophisticated that it requires massive social cooperation.  We now need cities, institutions, corporations, NGOs and governments just to make the simple basics happen.  We need Facebook. We have complicated the simple.

So, we are a social species, one that generally works together when it works.  If it works at all.

And, of course, you know all this.

Social species tend towards specialization and we are no different.  In fact, possibly one of the most vulnerable aspects of our own modern life right now is that we may be too specialized in some ways. Not enough people can do enough general-skill-set things to basically survive on their own for more than even a few days and that makes us all weaker to a large extent.  The species is vulnerable to it.  But, I digress.

The point is that we have bred/evolved/specialized men, in particular, to be more manly and we have done the same to woman to be more womanly.  Sexually, anyway.  In our quest for specialization, we have managed to separate the sexes even further and enhance their differences rather than their commonality.  We have ‘differentiated’ them more than they were already and naturally because of nature’s own natural selection, basic evolution and genetic experimentation.  We have bred sheep, cattle, dogs and fowl to be ‘more’ than they were originally and we did the same to ourselves.  In other words, we have always been inclined to being different in the sexes but society and civilization have exaggerated it.

That differentiation served us well for a long time, actually. The male of the species was bred like a pit bull to be an aggressive fighter for a considerable time.  And we encouraged that for village and town defense.  We, the people, wanted them (our soldiers) bigger, meaner, smarter, more aggressive and vicious than those annoying ‘enemies’ we might have across the way.  We want the really tough guys on our side.  If they are aggressive and greedy, that’s not so bad either.  Especially if they raid the other village and bring back the bacon and goodies for their own village.  Go, tough guys!

We even mentally enhanced our males to be more ‘manly’ by way of propaganda movies starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis.  These guys are tough and invincible AND funny.  What’s not to like?  Go Bruce!

We have further enhanced them with sophisticated martial arts and physical skills training, drugs, extra-hormones, weaponry and by fear-mongering and ‘dissing’ the ‘enemy’.  We reward them when they get that way.  We then take those testosterone-freaks and train them in real death situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, local police forces, armed forces and various other but always-happening hot spots around the world.  Maybe just the local gym. And, if some of our young men are NOT going to a war, they might be encouraged, at least, to play in the mock wars of hockey, football and martial arts.  And we reward them extra for that!

Make no mistake, we encourage our males to ‘man up’.

Why?  Because much of the time we want them to be able to kill, dominate, take and protect.  We want them to be able to beat others up.  We want them to be brutal and decisive and we want them to win as much gold, bacon, babes, real estate and power as they can.  We like men who ‘take what they want’.  So long as they are doing it for us.

And women then want them to give all that wealth obtained by whatever means to them. Someone has to get it all…for the kids….for the species…right?

We have not left our women short in the field of enhancements, evolution, motivations and agendas, either.  They are good at what they do.  They do not have to kill and fight but they should at least be beautiful, seductive and manipulative.  Add silicon if needed. Always add make-up.  They should NOT work hard if it ruins their figure.  They should be physically powerful but so much more mentally powerful that they can control their men. They need to control and discipline their men to avoid trouble back at home.

The modern successful women has it all, a massive bank account, a monster house, a monster husband who brings home the goodies and then he shuts the hell up and watches sports while she gets a massage and manicure and invests the family estate in getting even more money accumulated.  It’s called ‘progress’.

And people wonder why that formula so often goes off the rails.

We all know that it is not a good, healthy, peaceful or sustainable formula.  But it is what we made it and we are playing it.

“So, what is your point, Dave?”

You can’t breed and encourage an animal to be a pit bull and not expect that he will fight and/or bite someone.  It’s now a built-in part of the beast.  You can’t encourage the male human animal by having the female being attracted to them for being so aggressive and not expect that some of the beast will come along for the ride.  Maybe show up now and then back at the condo? To do so is naive.

One of the reasons women are so angry at aggressive and ‘driven’ men is that they WANT that aggressive man to use that ‘power’ to protect them and fill their larder with goodies.  But they do not want to deal with the fact that, for many men, the women are sometimes seen as the ‘stuff and the goodies’.  Getting the babe is part of the reward system because we have also merchandised sex.

And that profession started a long time ago.

Face it, when you silicon and pout yourself up, you are merchandising yourself as a goody.  You are ‘part’ of the larder.  And, when you package yourself up as ‘marketable stuff’, then primal guy is gonna occasionally bite the wrong leg.

Bottom line: we are sending men and women mixed and ultimately self-destructive messages. It maybe worked in the past.  It does not work now.  Be good.  Be successful. Be primal.  Be polite.  And do as you are told is a fantasy expectation.

For reasons no longer applicable, we are still pushing men and women to being caricatures of real human beings and values.  Beauty and the beast.  And we will likely continue to do that because it is good for that new sociopathic species, it is good for business.   And men and women will continue to disappoint one another in real and human ways.  And that is sad because we do not want to be used by corporate guy and we all really want more than primal relationships with our partners.

In the meantime, sex crimes will continue. Sexual politics will continue.   The war of the sexes will continue.

The truly tragic part of it is that we don’t acknowledge the natural differences between the sexes and deal with them.  We don’t accept the basic animal urges as natural.  We don’t address any of that in a healthy way. We just fight about it.  Like the animals we still are.