The blog about the dinner party on the freighter didn’t resonate much.  Odd, that.  I liked it.  I liked the ‘setting’ and the topic.  One reader said, “I don’t like that touchy-feely stuff”.  That is the only stuff I really like these days.

The log gathering has improved thanks to our considerate postmistress.  Now she ties ’em up so we can go get ’em.  That is very cool.  Well, warming, actually.  But you get what I mean.

We are eating our way out of here.  We’ll leave here for a bit at Xmas (family) and the like so, rather than have food go to waste or use up propane to keep food from wasting, we kinda ‘plan’ to coincide the last few days here with the last few meals in storage.  Which makes for a dull last-week menu but it’s efficient.  There will still be ‘eggs-for-the-raven’ and some half-good veggies tossed, maybe a few pieces of bacon chucked as well (Raven and friends) but, generally speaking, we’ll leave a bare cupboard.  Dry food, canned food, bottled food will remain stored but, of course, anything fresh goes to passersby (mostly winged ones).  It’s part of the ritual of leaving OTG.

I am in a battle Royale with the tire people.  We’ll see how that goes.

We had a store up here years ago.  It’s old.  Historic in a run-down, early 30’s coast-style, frame-building kinda way.  Sits on failing, creosoted piles against a rotten and dangerous wooden wharf and pier.  The old dock has been removed. It looks pretty bad.  It is pretty bad.  But, damn it, it is local heritage in a significant way.  It is part of BC coastal history.  It has some appeal.  It’s worth saving.

So, we badgered the local government some and they may save the lease on it (it’s with the Provincial government).  Local rep, Jim, great again as usual.  If he succeeds, that will make the regional distrcit the owner.  But, they are not keen to spend money and time (more meetings required for this kind of nonsense than trade negotiations with China, Mexico and Russia combined).  So, they would like to get it only if they can give it away.  Think of it like a tar-baby.  No one wants to be stuck with it but no one can let it die.

A local group may spring up.  They will undertake restoration and onging upkeep and management.  Maybe.  Local means old people.  Old people need restoration and ongoing upkeep themselves.  So, we’ll see about how that goes.  One thing is clear: money will be needed.  And money will NOT be easily found.  So, we may have to put out an ‘appeal’.  Crowd-funding a heritage restoration that no one can get to?  I dunno……we’ll see how that goes, too.

I’m strangely optimistic.  But that’s because I am strange, mostly.  I think we’ll have to raise about $25,000 just to start.  And $100,000 would gurantee it gets done and done well.  Might take more. But that kinda money would mean we could ‘contract out’ the piling work rather than have old guys do it with hammers and ropes.  If any of my six or seven readers knows how to crowd-fund, can do so successfuly and would be willing to raise money for this, please let me know.  Like I said, I do not know for sure if anything will happen on this but I may as well see if there’s any outside interest.

Not much in the way of wildlife to mention.  The little wood ducks have been kinda fun.  Fifty or so seem to gather in front of our place a lot so as to ride out a storm or maybe just flock together…whatever….kinda odd, kinda fun.  Pretty cute.  They bob and assemble and hobnob as only birds of a feather can do.  And it just pours down on them, waves lifting and dropping them.  But they are the most common sighting right now.  Even the raven only comes twice a day.

Sal had to do yet another water-trail trek the other day.  She was ticked. I said it was her sixth trip up.  She claimed fifth.  Still, five trips up to get water to flow downhill defies the tenth law of physics: what goes up and down a lot is the definition of work.  So work gets done.  Or, in this case, does it?

“You just playing at it on those treks up the creek or is any real work getting done?”

“I am gonna kill you and no one would blame me!”