It blew!


Sal and I were reading last night and Fiddich was barking.  I tend to ignore him when he does that but it was incessant.  Wolves?  I went out and there he was facing the wind tower in the dark and woofing at it.  It was making a slight ‘swooshing’, fan-type sound.  It was working!  Wahoo!

Not that BC Hydro has to worry about this sort of thing catching on.  In fact, even tho the turbine was whining, it was not appreciably adding to our power stores but, then again, who wants to watch a battery fill up?  I went on with things more interesting than staring up at a tower in the dark.  Fiddich continued with his suspicions.  That’s the main difference between dogs and men; men have shorter attention spans.

Evenings here are like that.  Usually no ado about anything.  We have dinner and then watch a movie or read.  We don’t talk much unless someone calls us on the phone (which is not working) and then Sally has a great deal to yell from downstairs if I am answering it and, to be fair, I am prompted to shout loud contributions when she answers.

I talk to her, of course.  I am always suggesting conversational topics to which Sal usually replies sweetly, “You go ahead, sweetie.  I can hear you and read at the same time.”  You’d think that would deter me but it doesn’t.  We have really good monologues, Sal and I.

There is a tendency to disagree over the movies, tho.  I kind of ‘win’ on that score but mostly by default.  The local video store owner is an avid fan of the Bruce Willis, Stephen Segal, Sylvester Stalone genre and even tho we both appreciate a better standard of film, I am reasonably entertained so long as a few cars blow up.  So, it doesn’t matter to me what we watch so long as the bad guys die by the dozen, cars are littered over the landscape and Angelina Jolie is fleetingly glimpsed in the shower. Sally, bless her, wants more.

“Sweetie, there is no more.  It is either Bruce against the aliens, Bruce blowing up cars or Bruce cracking one-liners while he battles the aliens by blowing up the cars they are in. We could go with an old Nick Nolte where he just swears for 90 minutes?”

“I don’t think so.  As appealing as they are, I was kinda hoping for a quirky British heroin addiction movie or something equally as cheery from Eastern Europe.  Or maybe something where the puppies die, the kids have Lukemia and all the farmland is polluted by industry, ya know?  The women have to suffer.  Something real!  I`d really like something like a black and white documentary where all the girl children are sold into sexual bondage or something.”  

“Oh that!  That has been done to death.  Can’t get a documentary anymore without that kind of nonsense.  Manufactured Landscapes, Big Oil,  Born Into Brothels, Priest Recruitment movies!  How about a nice space alien adventure comedy with Eddie Murphy as the Martian commander.  It`s Pixar, you know, with the little hopping table lamp?  All done in animation?”

We compromised and got the Kill Bill series.

Truthfully, we read voraciously.  I tend to the non-fiction almost exclusively.  Sally to fiction (always about weird, crazy things like gender changing, women and children suffering, Harvey Milk, whatever is the latest pop psychology-based novel by a reformed addict from some kind of oppressed minority).  It’s all pretty grim as a rule but these are the choices of her book club.

I read political analysis, economic analysis, social and cultural studies (especially about China) and, sometimes something outrageous like, A Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs.  It’s all comedy, really.  No one has a clue.  The second latest waste of time was China Megatrends by the author of Megatrends, John Naisbitt.  What a doofus!

The last one was Where Men Win Glory by John Krakauer.  It is the Pat Tillman story.  The book is good.  The story even better.  But the revelations about the US Army and the Bush Administration are enough to make you wonder about that country and it’s military – if you hadn’t wondered enough before.

I’ll leave you with this gem.  Approximately 20% of the casualties suffered by the American armed services in WW2 were from friendly fire.  They shot themselves!  In Vietnam that number jumped to 30-something percent!  1 in 3 soldiers hurt in Vietnam were untouched by the enemy!  In the first Gulf war the number is an unbelievable 52%!  Iraq is currently running at 33%+ and Afghanistan is only one in seven. 15%.  For every seven soldiers killed or wounded in Afghanistan, one of them was killed or wounded by their own side.  And that is how Pat Tillman died.

It would seem that all one had to do to win a war with the US was to declare one and then hide.  They`ll do the rest!

And some of you wonder why we left.

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