Trivial pursuits

I am not a big fan of dogs. Not really.  Ours are pretty good but, like, who needs dogs!?  Still, every once in a while they do something I like.  Right now, I admit to being pleased with the ‘fetching thing’.  I am, however, a little worried about Sal.

Dogs have been fetching for some time.  That part isn’t new.  But this is different.  Because we live in a house built on the side of a precipice, the front balcony overhangs the sloping front yard by a considerable height.  Because I am fed up throwing disgustingly chewed, saliva ridden, stuffed toys for the dogs, Megan decided some time ago to push her own toy over the edge and then, after making sure that it fell and lay still, she’d then run to retrieve it.  Now that is a pretty good trick: a dog who throws and retrieves for itself!

Of course, being the lazy sods we are, we tried in vain to teach Fiddich the same trick.  He just didn’t get it (yes, pun intended).  He’d just look at the toy placed near the edge and wait for it to jump.  Finally, we gave up.  But then, because Meg spent a few extra seconds making sure her toy was dead-still after pushing it over the edge, Fiddich used that time to get ahead of her and he would end up doing the actual fetching.  Now we have Meg throwing and Fiddich retrieving.  Not bad.

They won’t do it unless we are there so we are not off scott-free.  We have to supervise.  But Sal loves the trick.  She loves to supervise, too.  She can sit there with a grin on her face for hours while the dogs play ‘fetch’.  And she plays ‘dog supervisor’.

I dunno……… you think we might have a problem here?

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