I am so tempted to rant.  I have so much political bile to spew.  I feel so strongly about the ‘Occupiers’ and the governments and the system and what role we play in all of it, I can barely restrain myself.  It’s all a giant festering boil in my un-vented spleen.

Ché and Fidel were philosophical pussies compared to how I feel. 

And, man, oh man.  Talk about the temptation to mobilize!  I have an army of 26 loyal followers.  Oh Lord, save us all!  I keep repeating to myself, “Power corrupts and keyboard power corrupts absolutely.  Stay calm.” 

(Just remember, my loyal subjects: they are dropping the gun registry.  ‘Nuff said.)   

I won’t succumb to the preacher/lecturer/philosopher nut-case that is inside me yearning to get out and establish a guerrilla camp for us all or at least a big-enough room and a public lectern.  We will not rise up as the irresistible force we can be when unleashed!  Not yet, anyway.  I am stuffing a sock in it.  I will spare you the invitation to join the rebel forces, Luke (at least until after our winter vacation). 

I am gonna try to restrain myself, anyway.  I am not ‘occupying Surge Narrows’.   I’ve already written a few pages of mass incitement rhetoric and thrown them away (we don’t have any crowds up here).  This is the muted blog.  And Sally put a stop to the mobilizing-the-guerrillas-plans really quickly.  “I am not cooking for 26 people!”. 

So, here is what I am thinking now:  The ‘Occupiers’ are the flavour of the day and that’s good.  Good enough to let it play out as it will without my squeaking in the background.  I am pretty sure they don’t need me.  They haven’t called.  Or left a message. 

And all governments are reeling (as they should) and so that, too, is good.  (Harper does not have enough stature to stand up, let alone reel). 

Mind you, if the ‘King’ should die (and he should), they will reappoint another king and we’ll all chant, “The king is dead.  Long live the King!”  So the damn system is still intact. 

And the system is still holding as well.  However tenuously, it is holding.  Even though the financial world is taking a licking, the basic economy is still grinding along.  Gas still flows.  People still eat.  China is still shipping junk.  This is not the revolution.  Not yet, anyway.

As Sun Tzu said, “Timing is everything!”

He and André Agassi also said, “Image is everything.”

So, who knows?  Image, timing, whatever.

Revolution is harder than it looks.  It is much easier to be revolting than it is to revolt, ya know?          

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