Is the game afoot? Or is it an ass?

Last month I opined that the system will adjust and carry on.  I figured ‘same ol’, same ol’ for a while longer.  Not quite enough pain yet, I figured.  And, for the most part, I’m stickin’ with that.  But I must confess that the ‘Occupy’ movement caught me by surprise.  Quite frankly, I thought the sheople would take their beating and keep on bleating for maybe as long as another generation.  My despair ran that deep.  But this ‘occupy’ thing is a smidge more than the usual level of bleating, I think.  If it keeps up, it will become a roar.

God, I hope so. 

Here’s the ‘weird’ thing: the ‘occupy’ movement was started by Canadians!  That’s right!  Our dyed-in-the-wool sheople are the ones who finally stood up.  Bloody amazing.  Seems the braintrust at Adbusters dreamed it up and decided to ‘try it on’ and the ‘Occupy’ movement went viral.  There were over 70 cities participating around the world as of last night. 

Of course, our media-in-a-body-cast CBC reported that 3 cities in Canada had something going on and left it at that to report on hockey and car accidents and Stuart MacLean.  No sense in doing any real reporting.  Not yet, anyway.  “We still have more Peter Gzosky tapes to re-run!”   

Wait until the grant comes in, eh?

Anyway, what could it all mean?……….. (I have to shed this CBC thingSorry.  They are soooooo bad but so is all the media.  I just had higher expectations of them is all.)

You’d think there’d be an answer wouldn’t you but there is no leader and the people in the street can’t articulate what they are railing against!? 

I can’t fathom that! 

You get in your car, drive downtown, meet up with a bunch o’ rebels and yell, “Like, we…..are…………not happy………………kinda……and like……………people power, eh?  Down with…………. capitalism…………… maybe……….. some parts, anyway…….. ya know?  And……………like, I hate those bank charges………….. and……like, whatever!”

What kind of revolution is that?  Revenge of the like, Inarticulate?

The cry is simple:  “Save the planet.  Save the people.  Down with Greed.  Down with lies.”

Optional add on:  Down with CBC and DFO!  

Mao suggested governing by constant revolution.  Basically he figured that as soon as things got established, the real good had been done so it was time to de-establish already.  

I tend to agree with that crazy, deceased Communist recluse philosopher who screwed up at almost every turn – on that issue anyway.




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