The pits


Cashless Society blog was brought to you by a rainy day.  I cannot indulge my grinding and fibreglassing habit in the rain so I tend towards thoughts inner and dark.  Can’t help myself.  Especially after reading Vulture’s Picnic by Greg Palast.

Read that book and redefine your meaning of conspiracy, evil and even Public Broadcasting.  Sheesh!

And, on a slightly related but irrelevant tangent: the robo-call scandal is done, I am afraid.  Dead in the water.  Over.  Kaput.  It has fallen off the media’s radar screen already and this with over 4 years left in the government’s mandate! By the time we can do anything about it, we’ll have forgotten everything.

Hands up all who remember Plutonic Power and Basi-Virk’s $6 million dollar legal bill?  Sid?  Is that you with your hand up back there?

I can’t do a rant today.  Sorry.  I know how disappointing that must be.  Where’s the passion?”  I did a light piece on receptionsists for balance but that is the best I can do. 

I will say this: I am 64 and I’ve been around more than just a few blocks.  I attended 13 different schools before I graduated because – well, my family was less stable than migrant farm workers, that’s why.  Honestly, Bedouin and Romanian gypsy’s are rooted by comparison.

I also worked with the addicted and the delinquent, the insane and the demented (not to mention some of the clients and patients we had there!). 

I have also worked with refugees and immigrants and I have traveled a lot.  You’d think I would know evil when I saw it.  Or, at the very least, I’d know bad.  You know?  The bad guys?

Well, it seems I don’t.  I’ve been naive.  Sheltered somehow.  I had no idea what bad was.  I have no idea what evil is.  To know that kind of thing you have to look deep into the history of BIG OIL.  They are not only dirty and slimey but they purposefully violate laws, kill people and cultures and destroy the environment.  UNNECESSARILY!  NOT by accident or carelessness but on purpose!  BIG OIL makes BIG TOBACCO look saintly.  Read Vulture’s Picnic.

Then let me know if you can muster any passion.


2 thoughts on “The pits

  1. There were some lesions to be learned in the 1970s with the oil embargoes but that potential learning curve apparently has been squandered. For a while some efforts aimed to produce more efficient cars: better mileage,reduced highway speeds, hybrids, diesel powered but Detroit is back to producing muscle cars and overpriced fuel efficient vehicles and highway speeds are up too. The aim appears to keep the consumption of oil based energy at pre 1970s levels with higher fuel taxes. Oil companies benefit from consumption as does the government with its high tax on fuel.


  2. We need oil right now. Of course we do. The whole system runs on it. But we have to ween ourselves off. We are as vulnerable as junkies to a drug dealer right now.


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