Worshipping false idols

Chainsaw repair: $400.00.  New Chainsaw: $429.00.  Hmmmm…………..?  ‘I should be able to do this.  It’s only small engine repair, right?  I can rebuild engines…can’t I?  How much are the parts?’ 


‘Hmmmmmm………..the system seems almost designed to make this a throwaway saw, doesn’t it?  Never mind.  I’ll take it home, take it apart and see what I can do.  In the meantime, please bring me in a new saw.  I’ll get it in a week or so.  Even if I manage to fix the old one, a real man should have two chainsaws, right?  One for each hand….?’

I handled that well, I think.  Mature.  Sensible.  But I was cryin’ on the inside.

I hate it when my words come back to haunt me.  I said in an earlier post that you have to know how to fix things and such challenges are inevitable and, voila’, I instantly have a chainsaw to fix.  There is a God and He has a wicked sense of humour!

Both Sally and I know that a year from now, I will have a plastic bucket o’ chainsaw parts complete with the replacement bits all stored under the workbench that somehow seems invisible to me.  Probably for all eternity.  And yet, I will continue to write off-the-grid philosophies like ‘Fixin’ Things’.  

That is embarrassing.

Maybe I should write less and learn more?

And you should take all my stuff with a grain of salt or, if you had any sense, a good single malt scotch.  I mean, who needs a grain of salt when your mentor on going feral turns out to be a poseur?

Once again I relearn the main lesson in life: do not aspire to high standards – lower the old ones!

I have nothing but good intentions and I try not to procrastinate ’cause the jobs really do just pile up if you do.  Ya gotta stay on top of the job heap.  Having said that, I am never on top of the job heap.  It is always on top of me.  Hard to maintain the pose when you are under a heap of chores.

I decided to ask for help.

W is a retired chainsaw repair guy.  Key word: ‘retired’.  It is not right to invade the privacy of a man with your chainsaw problems when he has formally renounced such work.  That would be disrespectful.  I called anyway.

“Hey, W!  How ya doin’?”


“Listen.  I know that you are retired and all and I respect that, I really do…………….”

“What’s broke?”

“Unh, my chainsaw.  No compression.  I wasn’t calling you to do it, tho.  Honest.  I was just callin’ to get a source for parts.  Really.  Honest.”

 “Yeah.  Right. Bring it around.  I’ll fix it.”

“Thank God!”

So, here’s the homespun wisdom for the day: No man is an island.  This is especially true for men who live on islands.  We are all ‘on-the-grid’ in some way and, it seems that I am on the ‘repair shop’ grid in more ways than I care to admit.

But I am working on it………..(I just gotta get out from under this pile of chores!)

1 thought on “Worshipping false idols

  1. Well you are so right about that. Time to hit the dump and pull out some parts. Had your problem with a gas weed eater $ one fifty for a part. Excuses me I need to gag.


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