Worshipping false idols

Chainsaw repair: $400.00.  New Chainsaw: $429.00.  Hmmmm…………..?  ‘I should be able to do this.  It’s only small engine repair, right?  I can rebuild engines…can’t I?  How much are the parts?’ 


‘Hmmmmmm………..the system seems almost designed to make this a throwaway saw, doesn’t it?  Never mind.  I’ll take it home, take it apart and see what I can do.  In the meantime, please bring me in a new saw.  I’ll get it in a week or so.  Even if I manage to fix the old one, a real man should have two chainsaws, right?  One for each hand….?’

I handled that well, I think.  Mature.  Sensible.  But I was cryin’ on the inside.

I hate it when my words come back to haunt me.  I said in an earlier post that you have to know how to fix things and such challenges are inevitable and, voila’, I instantly have a chainsaw to fix.  There is a God and He has a wicked sense of humour!

Both Sally and I know that a year from now, I will have a plastic bucket o’ chainsaw parts complete with the replacement bits all stored under the workbench that somehow seems invisible to me.  Probably for all eternity.  And yet, I will continue to write off-the-grid philosophies like ‘Fixin’ Things’.  

That is embarrassing.

Maybe I should write less and learn more?

And you should take all my stuff with a grain of salt or, if you had any sense, a good single malt scotch.  I mean, who needs a grain of salt when your mentor on going feral turns out to be a poseur?

Once again I relearn the main lesson in life: do not aspire to high standards – lower the old ones!

I have nothing but good intentions and I try not to procrastinate ’cause the jobs really do just pile up if you do.  Ya gotta stay on top of the job heap.  Having said that, I am never on top of the job heap.  It is always on top of me.  Hard to maintain the pose when you are under a heap of chores.

I decided to ask for help.

W is a retired chainsaw repair guy.  Key word: ‘retired’.  It is not right to invade the privacy of a man with your chainsaw problems when he has formally renounced such work.  That would be disrespectful.  I called anyway.

“Hey, W!  How ya doin’?”


“Listen.  I know that you are retired and all and I respect that, I really do…………….”

“What’s broke?”

“Unh, my chainsaw.  No compression.  I wasn’t calling you to do it, tho.  Honest.  I was just callin’ to get a source for parts.  Really.  Honest.”

 “Yeah.  Right. Bring it around.  I’ll fix it.”

“Thank God!”

So, here’s the homespun wisdom for the day: No man is an island.  This is especially true for men who live on islands.  We are all ‘on-the-grid’ in some way and, it seems that I am on the ‘repair shop’ grid in more ways than I care to admit.

But I am working on it………..(I just gotta get out from under this pile of chores!)

One thought on “Worshipping false idols

  1. Well you are so right about that. Time to hit the dump and pull out some parts. Had your problem with a gas weed eater $ one fifty for a part. Excuses me I need to gag.


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