Losing a neighbour, gaining a neighbourhood


Still looking for a boat.  Deal fell through.  The seller decided to gift the boat to their kids instead.  Close, but no.  Such is life.  Weird.  Feeling the loss of something you never had nor ever even saw………?  So, once again on to the Craigslist Wars.  Sheesh!

The seemingly unattainable goal: 16 – 18 feet centre console powercat or welded aluminum with a 4-stroke for a reasonable price……………..or, better put: a low price.

Bit of excitement yesterday.  Seems a fishfarm float broke free and was heading down current.  My neighbour called, “Hey, Dave, there’s a fishfarm assembly floating free out in the channel.  That’s not right.  Shouldn’t I do something?”

“Yeah.  Go save it.  Tie it up wherever you can.  I’ll call Marine Harvest.  If it is not theirs, they’ll know whose it is!  You should be entitled to a salvage fee or something.”

They have an automatic phone tree.  Press one, etc.  No one in.  No answer.  Phone three times.  Get a guy.  “Assembly posing threat to navigation.  Might wish to secure that thing.  Neighbour has it in tow.”

They come out in a huge and beautiful aluminum water taxi-type vessel and pick us up and we take them to where it is temporarily lashed up.  We crack jokes, get along, help each other  Tie it up better.  They take us home.

“By the way, we’re leaving the channel.  Too much algae bloom.  Takin’ all the floats out.  Forever.  You might like that….?”

I didn’t answer right away.  I was too busy dancing and high-fiving“Wahoo!  This is great news.  I mean, you guys have been good community contributors and every staff person has been polite, considerate and the very spokesmodel of public relations but…..sorry…………..we believe Alex Morton and…………well, we think fish farms should be self-contained.  So this is great news!  Fabulous.  I kinda like you guys and all but, Damn!  Glad you are leaving.  Really glad.”

“Well, you know, there are two sides to this………….

I interrupted.  “Yeah.  And you represent the dark side of the Force, don’t you Luke?” He laughed and the politics of fish farming ended right there.

The truth is (as I believe it) fish farms, as they are currently run and where they are currently placed, are detrimental to wild salmon.  Extremely so.  And, given the corruption and incompetence of the Federal Dept. of Fisheries, these two actors combine to decimate natural salmon stocks.

Frankly, the DFO should be taken out and shot and the fish farms relocated to their then empty offices in Ottawa. Wouldn’t even notice the change, really.  Fish and DFO have the same IQ, don’t feel pain and both tend to stink up the place.

But that doesn’t mean that Mike and Jamie and Sarah and Mary Ellen are bad people.  They are simply workers who may have imbibed the Kool-Aid a bit too much.  But still people.  And, to a person, they have tried to be ‘nice’ to the community.  They helped us put down the float at the end of the road.  They are offering some of their old equipment to us.  They respond politely and quickly to any complaints (usually noise) and they are generally good people to deal with.  I have liked every one of the individuals I have met.

But I am glad they are leaving.  And I am not alone. Too bad.  It would be much better to have them here but self-contained.  Why is that so hard?

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