Back at the Q-hut.  Tís the season.  Finally.  Trying to put it all together to become the first major industrial power in the area.  Which should be easy.  The only other employer is the one-teacher school and the one person, part-time post office.

Well, OK, ol’ Sal can really crank out the bakin’ when she gets into it.  But that is sporadic at best (and my neighbours eat all the profits).

All we really have to do is make a few boxes or benches or something and we should be eligible for an economic development grant, a no-interest forgivable loan and maybe a cultural heritage grant (the Q-hut is pretty old).   Of course so are all the participants so we may even apply for a senior’s activity grant……….hmmmmm?

May even get a grant to hire the grant-writer!

Oh, I am only kidding!  None of us out here have the patience for that sort of thing.  Not much, anyway.  We’ll just do what we do and let the woodchips fall where they may.  Right now there is enough satisfaction in just ‘doin’ it and seeing it get done.

Man, have we gone simple, or what?!  And I mean simple as in uncomplicated, not stupid.  We are simplifying, we are.  Like Thoreau said, “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”

“Wow, Dave!  A bit pensive aren’t you?  Gonna wax philosophical again?”

Nah.  I’ll spare you.  I was tempted, tho.  Been watching F-18 fighter jets fly overhead the last few days.  Been wondering why.  Guess there is a reason.  Not a good one, I am sure, but a reason-of-sorts.  I guess.  Whatever it is, it is complicated.  I am also sure of that.  And we don’t do complicated out here.  Not anymore.  Jus’ keepin’ it simple for as long as we can. 

And our heads down!




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