Up the creek

Decided to paint a paddle today.  Goofy, eh?  When I have had enough with the lifting and carrying and general ‘work’ stuff, I usually read or write something.  Maybe drink some wine a bit earlier, ya know?  But, once in awhile, I go paint a paddle.

Ya never know when you are going to need a paddle.

It’s an art form.  ‘Folk art’, kinda.  Actually, it is not really art at all.  It is paint therapy.  Art really should be original.  Mine isn’t.  Mine is decor, really.

People have been painting paddles and ‘junk’ for years.  It’s considered cottagy.  It is almost de rigeur to funk up the place, if you know what I mean.  So, we do that. I paint paddles.  It’s colourful, fun in a ‘kindergarten’ kinda way and it tends to make me feel better.  You see, I need a little cheering up.

My useless, idiotic, corrupt imbecile of an MP is John Duncan, probably the simplest, greediest, most nauseating sycophant to ever walk the floor of parliament and, yes, you guessed it – he recently outdid even his usual cretinous behaviour.  His limousine driver, it seems, got paid $22,000 last year.  That was not his pay.  His unionized public service pay, I am guessing is in the $60K range with government benefits.  No, the $22,000 was overtime.  That’s right, John Duncan’s limousine driver made more in overtime than most people out here make all year!  (and Parliament is only in session in Canada approximately -140 days of the 365!!!). 

He’s our area’s MP.

He is also a member of the “Restaurant Caucus” a group of MPs who have interests in the restaurant industry.  And, it seems, that is part of the reason his driver had so much overtime – waiting for him while he dined! (That poor driver must have virtually slept in the car waiting for John.  How long are his meals, anyway?)

Duncan’s riding was also influenced by the malicious, fraudulent robocalls initiated by “Pierre Poutine”.  And he won.  Of course.

Finally, Duncan helped draft the Conservative Party’s Northern policy on oil and gas.  That’s right.  He is in on the leaking edge of the Enbridge scheme to pump oil to the coast.

You can see why I need a little cheering up.  We are already up a pretty stinky creek and I am afraid to be caught without a paddle.  In fact, since we are all in this mess together, I may just go into the business!

(Warning: paddles are not effective in heavy crude). 


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