Learning to market my blog


KISS was the title of the-day-before-yesterday’s post.  I got 300 more hits than I usually do.  The highest look-up words for that day – according to Google – were Time Magazine Cover.  Reason: Time featured a woman breast-feeding her three year old son on the cover. The lesson is clear.  My blog titles have to be more lurid to get readers.

“But, Dave, what happens when your new readers discover that there are no nudie shots and the context is about seniors living off the grid chopping wood?”

“Well, first off, I am not above stripping down myself and posing in only logging boots with a chainsaw covering my nether parts.  Give ’em what they came for, eh?”

“That might not do it in the long run, Dave, though I admit that I will pass that particular image along to more than a few friends, myself!”

“Yeah, I figure to put the odd nuanced word in to the titles, too, from now on.  You know, like Living Dirty, In and Out or maybe Au Naturel Living with Animals or Tying Things up With Ropes in Sheds.  That will get me a few whackos, I am sure.  If that doesn’t work, I can go extreme with Squirrel Love or Coming With Tools or Sado-masochism With a Chainsaw!“. 

“Well, you certainly have the credentials for that last title!”

“Its how the corporations sell their messages.  They call it ‘branding’.  I can do that.  I’ll probably have to rename the blog, tho. Seniors Doing It in the Woods, perhaps or Getting Off (the grid)”.  It’s image, isn’t it?

“Why not just try writing better?”

“Nah, that won’t work”.


2 thoughts on “Learning to market my blog

  1. Right again tags do matter. Throw in some sly innuendo about the wood shed or the cute little wench you saw or getting your buzz on in your boat. Vicarious works. Think pendulous logs. Think pie with cream.


  2. Well, you might want to start calling your winches “wenches”. As in “Gotta go fire up the Lister Wench!” (I’m always calling it that, don’t know why) 😉


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