Blowing about 25 right now.  Has been blowin’ in the 15 to 30 range for the past three days.  To say it is ‘brisk’ is an understatement.  But I kinda like it that way.  Cool, clean, bright.  It’s a lovely day for me to get on with a few chores.  And so I will.

What I really I mean: I’ll get to work as soon as I have a few cups of tea, some breakfast and a bit of computer time on the ‘blog’ first.  I should get out there in a couple of hours.  Maybe.  There’s no rush.

I’ll lube up the rebuilt winch and reassemble it, mount it on the winchbed and maybe even pull up the last two tardy logs left from a couple of weeks ago.  Probably break for tea somewhere in there.

Then I’ll take apart my little gas-powered winch – the Pull-toy – and replace a gas line that is currently leaking.  Maybe.  If I do, I will definitely break for lunch right after.

Outboard is ‘missing’ a bit in this choppy weather and so that suggests draining the water filter and replacing the cartridge.  I just may get to that…….

And then I will drain the ‘bad gas’ from the now-repaired chainsaw and put in some new stuff, fire it up, cut a few things and then go in for bandages and more tea.

Depending on blood loss, I may just call it a day right then.  Maybe feed the raven, feed the dogs, pour Sal some wine and maybe stare at a paddle or two in need of some paint.  We’ll see.  Can you find the stress?

Me neither.  There isn’t any.

Not bad.

Mind you, I know stress is a relative thing.  One can get stressed out living the life of Riley and others can do patrols in Afghanistan and keep it together.  It’s attitude mostly.  I know that.  But NOT having the Taliban trying to blow me up is a good start to having a better attitude and feeling relaxed as far as I am concerned.  And hangin’ in this area is another positive step.  Highly recommended.

A nap can also be beneficial.  Hmmmmmmm…………

…..I’ll have to get back to you on this…………………………………………

and…………….later that afternoon……………………………

As it turned out, the day was wonderful!  Old friend dropped by and we ‘did tea’ for awhile.  I really used to like that guy.

He told me that I should lose a little weight.

After we buried the body…………..

………..we also got to some chores.  I did the chainsaw work and escaped unscathed.  No blood.  Not mine, anyway.

I had to put in a new fuel line for the Pull-toy (chainsaw winch) and that required taking the whole thing apart – right down to the bare pieces.  Sheesh.  That took awhile.  But, it got done.  Put back together.  No extra pieces (a first!).

And I also got to the log winch.  That took forever!  And, of course, I have a couple of extra pieces (my reputation back intact).  Still, it all works and I now know it very well – practically in the biblical sense.  That winch and I became one!

Dogs fed, dinner is on, Sal’s in the kitchen, got the wine………….just wrapping up the day…………”..it just doesn’t get any.….”……..well, you know……..







1 thought on “*…yawn…*

  1. When I wake up early in the morning

    Lift my head, I’m still yawning
    When I’m in the middle of a dream
    Stay in bed, float up stream (float up stream)

    Please, don’t wake me, no, don’t shake me
    Leave me where I am – I’m only sleeping

    Everybody seems to think I’m lazy
    I don’t mind, I think they’re crazy
    Running everywhere at such a speed
    Till they find there’s no need (there’s no need)

    Please, don’t spoil my day, I’m miles away
    And after all I’m only sleeping


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