May 18th

There is a kind of magic that happens out here.  It is hard to explain.  It seems whenever we need a little help, it just appears.  It’s weird.

Yesterday we needed to move some equipment/furniture/stuff to the Q-hut (the last leg of the last delivery from the woodwork shop purchase).  We took the boat -filled to the brim – to the dock and unloaded it.  Afterwards we got in the boat and headed home.

That part did not go well.  The engine ‘missed’.  And it continued in that hesitant staccato noise that missing engines make all the way home.  It was horrible.  And, of course, I was imagining the worst.

You see, I had earlier changed the filter and the boat ran fine on the first half of the day.  I thought I had ‘solved’ the problem (you know, the problem that I had described a couple of posts ago?).

Seems I was wrong.

Frankly, I had very few tricks left up my sleeve after that first one.  If the fuel/filter wasn’t the problem, (and it wasn’t.  When I emptied it, the fuel in the filter was perfect) then what accounted for the ‘miss’?  I dreaded the thought that it might be electronics.

We stumbled and hiccuped into the dock and were just about to tie up when a familiar green boat sidled alongside.  “Hey, Dave!  Hey, Sal!  How ya doin’?”

“Hi, D!  You just snuck up on us.  Didn’t even see ya comin’!  I’m good but my motor is missing.  No, you fool, I know it is right in front of me but it is not runnin’ right.”

“Oh.  OK.  Let’s drain the carbs.  Always drain the carbs first.  It is often that.  And if that is not it, then we’ll take the cover off and cover each of the carbs with our hands to see which one is not working.  Or I could go to my place and get my carb synchronizer and we can then recalibrate them.”

“Great.  But I don’t have my tools.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Swiss Army knife, opened it up to the ‘screwdriver’ blade and said, “There you go.  Let’s do the carbs now!” And so we did.

And it seemed to run fine!

“You coming up for a beer or something?”

“Nope.  Just came to say hello.  I’m off home to make dinner.  See ya!”

So – get this – there we are in the middle of pretty much nowhere.  All alone for all we know.  No one in sight.  And the carbs act up.  We limp home and just as we get there, a ghost-angel-outdoorsy-mechanic-type-guy just ‘appears’, diagnoses the problem, fixes it and leaves.  And, if we needed carb synchronizers, we would have had them.

Whatever the Hell carb synchronizers are………..

It’s magic, I’m tellin’ ya.  And it is a magic we seem to encounter every time.  Bloody amazin’ it is.

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